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  1. Oldmxnut

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    Thinking about heading your way for the 70th anniversary drive on Sat in early june to lennox head. (?).. I think saw something about in one of the other threads. Maybe catch up then.
  2. Oldmxnut

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    I wont try to repeat what others have shared but here a few initial driving impressions / observations that came to mind, on the first drive yesterday: (interrupted by a cop 20 mins into the drive.... didn't take long !!) - Much more driver friendly around town then I expected. Not to be confused with a daily driver, but still the torque at lower revs made it relatively easy along with very light clutch (too light ?) and clean definitive notch gears (easier then 997 GT3 and Carrera 50th are my reference points) - Im holding to the max 4000 rpm rule for first 1000km, but still I found a casual drive running gears and engine revs between 2-4,500 ish was quite enjoyable. Didn't feel if it was lugging at all. - Gears 2,3,4 up and down slide beautifully, gears 4 to 5 will be where the money shot is I'm going to say when your on a track pushing hard. Requires a definite forward and too the right push to slide into 5 without dropping back into 3 by mistake. - I ticked Bose sound system... will put that down as a wasted $ option. With the amount of engine and road noise makes no sense. So I just turned it off completely as I just found it was competing and needed to be quite loud to have any clarity. - On the engine, again running 3-4 rpm its quite acceptable and pleasant to car guys... passenger may get a little tied of it on longer runs.. I wouldn't say it drones. If anything, with the exhaust on, any hint of drone is removed. (although louder). Yet to experience Plus 5... so all this may change. - Its been mentioned before, but this car does not feel like a hardened track machine suspension wise. Quite supple and again sport settings are the go to choice. In fact, along with the lazy mans rev matching and flat shifting electronics, i think the sport and exhaust button on will be 90% of my driving by choice irrespective of where Im driving. - already scrapped the front fender on a speed bump. Learnt my lesson and used the nose lift button on the next speed bump. - I haven't got into the centre control console much but the navigation module was disappointing. No reason really to have old nav and tech these days when really all it is software. - Easy to forget your in a 500hp RWD car... be careful on the round-a-bouts. This was in the dry and still felt back end start to slide... - Did I mention painted aircon slats... Love these. .. any way back to driving. - Buckets are super comfortable for me. (6,2" and 86kg) Getting in and out is a practiced art form, master it and no worries.. forget your moves and you will fall out sideways... - Steering wheel is smaller. Noticeable for me.. Just how I like the position of the seat, with steering wheel up high and being tall, my knees would be to the side of the older model steering wheels and you would effectively touch your knees as you turned. This wheel allows more space. Small thing, but for me it was noticeable and a bonus. Ps leather on steering wheel feels like plastic. Hopefully it softens up a little. - you hear all the stones and gravel noises from the underside. You also hear all the mechanicals. - PCCB brakes didn't squeal... once on the outskirts of city, pushed on them hard and did a bit of beading in. Did hear a little bit of squeal on the odd occasion but its not regular or bystander head turning noisy.. - PCCBs stop on a dime. They will need to as this thing hauls... and hauls. And the fact I know there is still another 5K rpm makes that statement even more relevant. My demerit points score has been pretty good recently. I think I'm going to need all the points I have driving this around. - Didn't do a lot of heal and toe as mainly on sport for this initial drive, but when I did, pedals felt like in the right position. Im a size 12 ... - Chalk/crayon is a colour you seriously cannot photograph correctly as it changes in every light. But I really like it. The greys and even the beige hint is really unique. A last minute change to gloss black wheels I think also work well against the colour. Thats about it for a couple hour drive on day 1.. I appreciate I'm a bit lucky to be able to get hold of one but genuinely this car stacks up with the all the raving reviews. It may or may not be the last NA / manual, but doesnt really matter, in the coming days of electric cars, you would have to think there won't be many more like it. Cant wait until an open track and 9000 rpm to play with... oh and out of interest, you notice that people don't notice... The couple of glances and the guy at the petrol station knew exactly what the car was and appreciated it for what is was. This is a sexy body in an A line skirt rather then a tight mini...
  3. Oldmxnut

    The A62435 Car Build

    A few more pictures from first drive..
  4. Oldmxnut

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    Hi sorry didn't see in time. Wont be able to make it in the morning but keep in touch. Tee up a mountain drive sometime. Im northside.
  5. Oldmxnut

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    Ok. so im a little excited for the weekend now...
  6. Oldmxnut

    Home built Hot Rod

    Haven't dropped in for a while. I should have. Beautiful and detailed work continues to impress. PS, Perhaps I should have gone the purple tartan after all !.
  7. Oldmxnut

    Newbie Porsche Guy

    Welcome and don't be shy with a few more pictures. You won't be disappointed with your choice.
  8. Oldmxnut

    The A62435 Car Build

    Wheels are back !!!!!!!!!!! Now I am getting excited. Pick up tomorrow lunch time. Had to reschedule the XPEL and decals, so those have been pushed to Monday week. In the mean time.....
  9. Oldmxnut

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    ...lucky sub 4K rpm still feels and sounds good. Sleazius, have you taken yours on a decent track day as yet ? Out of interest i think Porsche are running one in Sydney on 4/5 June ? $975 for the day (?) I noticed as Im booked for a couple of days late November at Phillips Island as Im keen to have another run on PI again. Such a great track. Just need to work out if I drive down or transport down form brisbane..
  10. Oldmxnut

    Driving my new 997 GTS from Melb to Syd

    Very nice choice of car. Looks like its been well cared for as well for the few pics.
  11. Expect a few hundred euro. But I think he changes his prices around quite a bit depending on how many of the same(or similar) he is doing at the time.
  12. I got my GT3 touring done a month back. Had got in line last November, (4 months ?) Recommend his work... Got it framed locally. Also nice touch on the back of the picture, is a metallic Vin number card which he puts in your cars Vin and specific details.
  13. Oldmxnut

    Magnus Walker in Brisbane!

    My touring was there sitting up on blocks with no wheels in the corner sulking (still waiting for my wheels to get back, so can put on and drive out)..... I didn't get down as in Melb but agree, wasn't much public notice.
  14. Oldmxnut

    The A62435 Car Build

    Finished Product. Work by Warran at Lee Brothers Auto Trimmers in Albion Brisbane. Noted for their high end work, they didn't disappoint. Wheels have had some issues apparently. Still waiting to complete.