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  1. Hi Gents, been missing in action for a while. But looking forward to a new year. Yes I did list my touring on car sales the other week but had minimal enquiry with price potentially a little too high, so dropped it off for a while. As someone mentioned on another thread.. no resale value in options and I have few ! :). In the meantime still enjoying the ride.
  2. Hi All, With some recent personal confronting news, I have had to make the hard decision to sell my touring., as I consider the next phase of life. I don't want to flip it and not even that keen on advertising it. To make things a little easier, I would like to see it go to a fellow enthusiast. If you or you know someone that would be interested and serious to acquire it then please inbox me. Cleary nothing wrong with the car and in my opinion the most unique touring in the country. Before you ask I am looking for a fair premium above RRP obviously but conversely not a silly number either. The right buyer will know its worth to them personally. Please no tire kickers. Sad to say, the enjoyment and pleasure it seems was to be short lived.
  3. Some action shots... driving in its natural habitat.... thank goodness for Xpel !!!
  4. Nice one :). Enjoy in good health. Ive done 2-3K now and like a good wine getting better with age.. Out of interest did the chrome and silver wheels as an option on the black tempt you or the all black stealth was the go to choice from day one ? What seats out of interest ?
  5. Agree. Makes sense as its a common problem, being a rider sometimes as well. Although where he got me had no reason to be double lines as it was a short small S in a straight road of which you could see both sides of the road. He then popped out from behind the tree as I imagine many motorists would cut this point. In any case, I was in wrong so is what it is. Thanks :).. the original wife wasn't happy with the Porsche so found a GF that was..? ps. No it wasn't as crass as that but funny how it worked out...
  6. Had to share.. her first drive on Saturday. Out and around somerset dam north of brisbane. . Beautiful day other then fact we picked up a ticket for crossing double lines through a S bend up the mountain. A bit sneaky of the local fellow given the location (no danger at all with the line of sight ) but better then another speeding ticket.
  7. Nice lap(s)... Noticed your holding a tighter line with the new one. Chassis, tyres and everything else would make up a chunk of that time, but still a 1:44 is a serious lap. Last road car around there for me was a 1:48 in an Audi R8 (awd). Booked in for the days in November so will be interesting to compare against the Audi.
  8. Hi, Assume a touring already in or incoming ? Care to share more ? Stripes where from exclusive wraps, of the design I gave them, so they could reprint I assume. They are the same as the turbo exclusive or the 997 sports classic if that helps. Agree, goes shit as well.. in fact its on carsales at 50% of RRP right now Thanks guys. Always felt if your spending that sort of money, no point if its not how you like it.
  9. Well there you have it. Final build on the car. Couple of years in the making but will say I'm really happy with it. Beautiful car to drive. Really enjoying it. Out of interest, for those considering Chalk on future cars, Ive shared a few picture of chalk / Crayon in the sun and in the shade. Not only in pictures, but it takes on quite a range of grey hues in real life. Well hope you have enjoyed the build history and random info as much as I did in building it. See you on the road or at a targa sometime.? Shout out to the guys that helped and worth looking up: Jason at PCB. NS2 Media Lee Brother Upholsters Exclusive Wraps Detailing Studio Coorparoo Paint and Panel
  10. Thanks Gents, I like 1 initially as it was grey / brown and chalk has similar attributes. Has a brown hue in some light although mostly looks like grey. But then the metallic of 1 didn't sit right with the non metallic chalk in my mind, hence looking at some flat greys. Other thing is 2 is a matte version. Subsequent thought is go with 2, then go gloss. Given the vinyls on 1 have been purchased (online store) I think I'll install them initially. If no good, can always take them off and try again I suppose. Matte black was another option but gets to a point having too much going on with a strong contrast.
  11. Gents, I need some opinion on stripe and decal colour... 1, 2 or 3 in various light.
  12. Seriously I've missed the basic que's on the PCM.. Was on "nav" looking for options , when "map" was next button across. Classic example of read the user manual !!
  13. Interesting notes on the PCM. Perhaps my solution is to spend more time with it. The touch is really nice, but the Nav was frustrating me. Maybe further settings I need to work out but I couldn't enlarge the map for example or make full screen. Ive come from steels previously. First time with PCCB but your not the first to note the clearance issue so will need to look out obviously. Went for another run today post weekend hoping few less people around. Stretched a bit beyond 4k rpm. Im still surprised at the amount of noise and feedback. Tried music again but no thats not going to work at anytime. Radio delete more appropriate other then fact that also would have removed the reversing camera. Must say the camera is a welcome update. Pushed a bit more into corners also. Chassis provides lots of driver feedback, via tyre to chassis to arse feedback.. steering wheel directness etc. Just feels taunt and immediately repronsive to any input. Im pretty keen to see how it feels on a closed track when you can find the edge of traction safely.
  14. How are you finding the GT3 Redracn ? Any pictures ?

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