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  1. Aftermarket roll cage and semi slicks indicates track use, not always a bad thing, unless "a lot" of track use. It has high kms too. Lower km touring in white also at Autohaus, looks to be in better condition. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-2008/OAG-AD-16210677/?Cr=2
  2. Yeah def a tough market to buy into knowing the rapid increase in values in recent years. Finding value and a good car not as easy as it was..I'm really wondering how much decreasing asset values, real estate and the like will soften prices in the aircooled market in the coming months, years. I don't really want to catch a falling knife atm..
  3. Agree, I bought my first SC like that, deposit down on the first phone call to make sure no one else could snake me, on an Aus delivered car for 64k! What a thrill! So yeah the fun has def worn off watching a nice SC listed several months ago at 169k, now 139k and still 30-40k too much. Don't want to lose 10k the first time I fill it up ?
  4. Sounds like a good plan ..I would like to see the ask price reduced to 119k into the realistic range to start a negotiation. I'll report back if I have any news..
  5. Thanks guys, I think I'll play the waiting game on this one, he might not appreciate me coming in and offering 100k, which in my opinion is what a great SC like this is worth in an increasingly softening market..
  6. Hey all, excuse me if this one has been discussed prior. An exceptional SC, but priced too high. I'm keen to go and have a look as it seems they may becoming keen to sell after a price reduction and it sitting there for so long. Does anyone know any history of the car, if there is anything wrong with it? https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-1981/OAG-AD-14998955/?Cr=11
  7. Just to chime as I've been looking to buy a 964 for quite some time, an Aus deliverd C4 in similar condition sold for 80k less than 12 months ago. It was the Red one in Albury. There were also 2 grey 964 imports on car sales in the last 6 months quite nice cars, I believe from memory advertised 80k - 90k, maybe sold for less? I'd be discounting at least 30% for an import vs aus delivered, and some of the Aus delivered cars need some discounting to become reasonably priced cars.
  8. Just noticed the 93 manual C2 in Grey from the ACT has disappeared from CS after sitting there at 149k for a year or two. Dies anyone know if it sold?
  9. Hey Bear, I was going to go a 991 for an alrounder and I almost pulled the trigger by ordering a Manual Carrera “T”. After driving the 991’s, for me they lack the excitement factor, would go as far to say more a Touring car than a really fun drivers car. I’m currently thinking of upgrading my Audi A6 Allroad for an RS6 for the daily, and sourcing a Manual 964 Coupe for the weekend stuff.
  10. Ha yes Symsy I just couldn’t leave you all hanging in suspense...def not the end of my Porsche journey.
  11. I sold my 08 Silver GT3 the week before last for 195k. The phones were silent at 229k and 219k, so I took it off CS. But when I put it back on CS at 205k the phone started ringing and I took a deposit the first day. Another guy who rang me just after I sold it was willing to give me a deposit and was going to buy the black one, so may have proceeded with buying it. Mine was a fine example and from my experience the only buyers for 997.1 GT3’s (at the moment) are under 200k.

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