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  1. McFadden

    Ugrading porsche sound

    I have a blown Bose amp that I have not found an easy replacement of. It is a most fibre optic system I am told . Anyway, I was considering replacing the head unit with upgraded sound and technology, to an 8 " alpine unit with new alpine 5ch PDR Amp. Any thoughts on the best system out there. Ideally I want the largest screen out there that will fit in the standard Porsche opening (8") I think. I will keep all the standard kit should I ever sell ( unlikely ) Recommendations / thoughts appreciated. My car is a 2005 Turbo S .
  2. McFadden

    [BYRON] Cars & Coffee September 13

    Well done Chris, Great venue, some lovely cars. Enjoyed the journey back north too. Nice to to feed them ponies.?
  3. McFadden

    [BYRON] Cars & Coffee September 13

    New member from Noosa. currently on an anniversary night in the Gold Coast so might take a spin down to Byron in the morning. excuse my 911, she is a daily driver and not a garage queen. a 996 turbo s convertible in Atlas grey.

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