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  1. I have a blown Bose amp that I have not found an easy replacement of. It is a most fibre optic system I am told . Anyway, I was considering replacing the head unit with upgraded sound and technology, to an 8 " alpine unit with new alpine 5ch PDR Amp. Any thoughts on the best system out there. Ideally I want the largest screen out there that will fit in the standard Porsche opening (8") I think. I will keep all the standard kit should I ever sell ( unlikely ) Recommendations / thoughts appreciated. My car is a 2005 Turbo S .
  2. Well done Chris, Great venue, some lovely cars. Enjoyed the journey back north too. Nice to to feed them ponies.?
  3. New member from Noosa. currently on an anniversary night in the Gold Coast so might take a spin down to Byron in the morning. excuse my 911, she is a daily driver and not a garage queen. a 996 turbo s convertible in Atlas grey.

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