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  1. No need - I think it's well-known view, but not usually applied to RSs etc. - the MFI offers a certain glow to those cars which overshadows the shortcomings of Mg engine cases etc. I just think it is interesting to have seen the commentary change over the past 20+ years or so that I have been in this hobby (first Porsche was a 924 Turbo at 21). Perhaps a little revisionist history is in play, as the aircooled cars become more desirable and in vogue (therefore more expensive), thanks to the new blood entering the market and (of course) the self-promotional capabilities of various outlaws. Just a personal observation - nothing against 2.7s personally and I like the narrow body G series look too.
  2. Yes I had understood it was mainly an issue with the thermal reactor US market 2.7 - still the 2.7 has always been the red headed step child (no offence to the gingers). I forget - are the cases Mg or Al?
  3. Amazing how the historical issues with the 2.7 are apparently no impediment nowadays.
  4. Absolutely - they are an eyesore and are a challenge to remove without damaging the anodising. Not impossible though - patience, a wide flat blade in a cloth or a wooden/platic implement, some metho and TLC will do the trick. The black centres and the anodising will come up a treat with some Vaseline though - you'll be surprised - they will look like new.
  5. Well done - next to get those wheel weights off the anodising and put some Vaseline on the wheels like the manual says! Hope the PPI checks out - SCs are great. PK
  6. Oh FFS $62k for an auto - really!? Nice epoxy floor in the garage though - just finished painting mine with Jetdry (an acceptable finish, considering the less than perfect slab, but this is the interim garage reno, after all!).
  7. OK, well maybe I have high expectations of other people, but in my view a seller is a douche for not keeping his word. I also take a dim view of the list / withdraw / relist routine - usually at an increased price. Frankly, when I see that I hope the car sits (and happily it often does!). Lastly, what is with people not wanting to deal with interstate buyers - if the person is willing to put on a deposit and do everything else reasonably necessary to proceed with the sale, why would one care where they live!? Sometimes people really shit me haha. Glad I am o/s and was not involved, as it all sounds disappointing. Onward!
  8. Wish it was - too late off the mark for that one! Someone got an absolute bargain - looks like a nice straight original car. Maybe we will see it listed by a dealer or flipper again in the near future!?
  9. Well that is not your average SC is it. Gold plated tools - a winning combination of taste and practicality. Noice.
  10. I agree that Carsales pricing is often nonsense but am curious about the rationale for your market forecast. Personally, I'd prefer that these cars weren't thought of as investments in any event, but if so, a sample of one probably isn't emprical evidence...
  11. Ole may be waiting a while for his 997 cabriolet at this rate. I always wonder about the 'these cars are appreciating' blah blah sales pitch. If it's such a good investment, why sell!?
  12. I'm really not sure what people expect when they place an advertisement like that - doesn't leave a great impression of the vendor. Since when did it become the norm to play around with the price once the car is advertised anyway!?
  13. This should be interesting - how about some build pictures? My interest could be piqued, depending on quantum, of course! PK
  14. Got to love the ad copy...AAA Investment! http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=SSE-AD-4954242&Cr=4 Does anybody really think like this?
  15. So...after some slightly frigid touring in the countryside the other week with my girlfriend in the cabriolet and a little more than optimal whingeing, I'm in the market for a Cayenne Turbo (among other things) as a country runabout, admittedly at the cheaper end of the spectrum (so, first generation). I want something for raiding vineyards, taking the dog and gear to the farm and general tooling about. Hence, a couple of calls with the owner of this: http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=SSE-AD-3932288&Cr=1 Caveat emptor! I first spoke with the owner a couple of days ago. I originally said I'd call tonight and make plans to see the car tomorrow. On reflection, having been burnt more than a few times by misdescribed cars in far-flung locations (the last one being the somewhat shifty proprietor of a Mexican SC), I made a proposal to him: rather than my driving from Sydney to Yass on a wing and a prayer, I asked the owner to take some more pictures of the car tomorrow (Sunday) and, assuming all looked good, I would make arrangements for a PPI nest week, being that he take the car to Porsche Centre Canberra for a PPI. After that, we could negotiate a deal (noting I am somewhat invested by this point and would have demonstrated my bona fides by investing in the PPI). Given he has had this car for sale for months and months and I am a genuine buyer, I thought this sounded reasonable and probably even attractive. It seems not! My request for some more pictures was apparently too demanding. For some reason (one can guess!?) an independent inspection was apparently a bridge too far (he is only an hour from Canberra) - he won't take the time to take the car there - 'a waste of his time'. I put it out there that if that was an issue, perhaps he would be happy for me to do so (deposit payment assumed on my part) - this was also apparently offensive (I can understand this reluctance, though, however it isn't unheard of). Ultimately I formed the view I would rather not do business with this character, under any circumstances. The fact is that the kind of person who leaves panel damage on a vehicle like this probably hasn't looked after it the way it should be - to quote Ferris Bueller, 'A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn't deserve such a fine automobile'. All indicators pointed to that from my first discussion, in retrospect. So, I went with my gut and unceremoniously pulled the pin. I also explained why in a text after our call, so the guy has it in black and white as to why his car remains on the market. Apparently, the 'low ballers' he complained about in our first call aren't the impediment to a sale - he is! That was a red flag too. Just had to get that off my chest, as I find sellers like this a little bit infuriating. How do they manage the other parts of their lives if they can't get this simple stuff right!? PK
  16. I don't know who was selling it when last listed, or, indeed, whether it actually sold - it seemed to disappear rather quickly for a $120k ask!?
  17. This just popped up - for sale by the same owner as the silver 911SC I commented on recently...tread carefully, ask lots of questions and ask to see all the documentation before taking the journey to inspect in person, is my advice. I saw this car on my last visit and it looks a bit tired. Clearly I am jaded from my experience! http://www.carpoint.com.au/all-cars/private/details/SSE-AD-4692480?WT.seg_4=cpAutoAlert;PCAA&utm_campaign=bau&utm_medium=email&utm_source=transact&utm_content=autoalert&wt.z_driver=Email_SearchAlert
  18. I'm pretty sure this isn't the same car, but having said that, with a good detail who knows!? The car I inspected had a variety of paint on different panels and a non-dosclosed engine swap - a prudent buyer would make sure to check the numbers in the books with the block. Needless to say it was a fair bit cheaper...like 1/2.
  19. Tread carefully with this one. I inspected it some months ago when it was quite a lot cheaper - still waiting for the vendor to contact me in relation to some of the history I asked him to verify. The owner's manual is missing an important page. Drives like a car more tired than that mileage would indicate. Some other amusing features I'd be glad to share offline.

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