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  1. My only concern with back to stock is will the paint have faded differently? The pieces taken off wont have had the same UV exposure so might not fully match the rest of the car?
  2. No comment on pricing as I don’t have a clue on 997.1s but the RS badging and GT3 front end look very NQR. Didn’t this have a wing on it at some point also? I think fully returned to stock it would have a much better chance of selling.
  3. Thanks - you should have bought it! 🙂 Thanks Chris. I just lost stamp duty on the sale, which I think is a good outcome for both me and the buyer. The sales process was a lot longer than I was expecting / hoping though. I guess the overall market for people willing to spend 400k on a second hand car is not necessarily that large. I saw your post on rennlist about selling your two GT3s, from memory they are not that easy to sell in Europe at the moment?
  4. So I picked up a lovely 997.2 C4S today, and the clear paint protection film the protects the rear guards has yellowed slightly (its a white car, so does stand out a little). Does anyone have any experience with replacing these films? I am fearful that peeling these off may take some paint also? Are these standard Porsche parts you can order, or do people just order online or source elsewhere? Appreciate any feedback.
  5. Ok, so car was sold today, so am glad to have wrapped the process up. I wasnt driving it so that it could be a "new" car to the next owner, so happy to have everything concluded. I did not manage a swap in the end, but did pick up a 997.2 C4S which I drove home tonight. Remarkably clean for a 9 year old car. So far first impressions are good. I had originally in mind to go for a 991.1 GTS, but the only available cars either had the wrong colour (Rhodium silver), or had the aero kit with the wing which for me ruins the best angle of the car (and looks a bit "rice" on a non GT car). Happy to be in the 997 with hydraulic steering and this may seem strange but I really like the fact that it has an actual hand brake. Will be taking it down to baby bunting shortly to get some child seats fitted!
  6. Just saw your car on carsales today. Sorry to hear you have bad news. My car just sold today, so happy to share with you how the sales process went if you want to send me a PM.
  7. Lol - I had someone contact me through carsales who already had a Touring and he just wanted to know how the hell I managed to get PTS when he was flat out denied. Its a bizarrely opaque process, and I think the fact that I had a deposit down for a Touring before anyone in Porsche Australia even knew there was going to be a Touring helped in that regard. I was sending the dealer spyshots and telling him that this was the new Touring and he had no idea what it was. I have Rennlist to thank for helping me through the PTS process - and Chris (WGA) in particular to thank for me getting in early on the Touring action. Its fair to say that in many ways Porsche still feels like a family business that has grown bigger than its structure can effectively manage when you see the nonsense that goes on with regard to PTS, Exclusive Options (where two of the same requests for the same customisation have different answers), and the whole allocation process. On another topic, I hadn't really thought of offering the GTS swap option on Carsales, but see no reason not to do that there also, so will update the ad.
  8. If you are prepared to offer my house price for my car then I think we can do a deal... ? Send me a PM!
  9. Haha! Not sure that is going to work. ? Thanks for the feedback. This. PTS for example was 20k by itself. Porsche is essentially an options company that happens to sell cars. ?
  10. Rhodium silver is the colour I dont like. It has this blueish tint to it that really turns me off. GT silver is a much warmer colour, and if it was that colour I would jump on it. I test drove that red GTS (991.2) they had at PCH, lets just say I was a little underwhelmed. I'm much more interested in an NA engine than any of the turbo offerings. Maybe the turbos will be better in the 992 models? Thanks all on the feedback on wraps. I might try and see some wrap jobs in person. Something about the 'fakeness' of a wrap bugs me a little. I will likely need to keep looking for a car with a colour that works for me.
  11. Thanks - I have spoken to both PCM and Brighton about what I am after, no joy as yet. Will keep looking. Price is exactly RRP. Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. I really spent a lot of time speccing this car to exactly what I wanted. Even though I had to construct what it would look like in my head, I had a really good feeling on how it would all look together. None of that makes it any easier to sell, but I'm just being realistic, it will sit undriven for 99% of the time, and I will be driving the boring family car to get around. Life it too short to be not doing exactly what you want to be doing at any given time, and I want to be driving a fun car!
  12. Ok thanks all. For those suggesting a wrap, can you get whatever color you want, or are you restricted to whatever colors come off the shelf? I would be after an Oak Green Metallic wrap - could I order such a thing?
  13. Hi there. Assuming I found my perfect modern Porsche but it was in a colour I didnt really like. Does anyone know the following: - Can you get it resprayed in a different colour and have it look factory good (or better) - How much would such a job cost? - In Melbourne, who would be a good company to go to for such a thing? - Assuming the new colour was not an outlandish colour, what do people think this would do to resale value? Would it tank based on not having the colour from the VIN? Appreciate any help.

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