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  1. Has it been sold? Looks to be ideal - dont let the low kms put you off - mines got 38000 on it. I spent roughly 6000 getting new clutch ims and waterpump replaced. This ones had a major service - 4 new tyres and brakes done. There's plenty crop up on car sales that sound awesome and are much cheaper but when you go to see them you realise there's plenty wrong with most of them. Buy the best one you can find - the odd 5 grand here or there isn't going to make much difference in the long run..... oh and if you want a manual definitely don't settle for anything else -
  2. Well it turns out it was mainly a battery problem! Had the battery tested previously and was told it was ok so feel a bit of a goose. Anyway got the motor that closes the hatch cleaned and the cable crimped to reduce resistance. Back on the road now and running perfectly again. Happy days
  3. Hi Jim , I was in the same boat! Bought my first one in November and loving every minute of it (despite a few niggling issues which you can see in the water cooled threads). Make sure you get the ims bearing upgraded for peace of mind and just bite the bullet and buy one. Amazing how these cars drive seeing as how old they are. This is my 2002 Targa manual with just 38000 kms on it.
  4. Thanks guys - have it booked in at Hamiltons Friday so I'll let you know what the diagnosis is. Im now having trouble with the targa hatch not closing (not the glass sliding roof but the back window hatch - maybe connected to not having enough power. Anyway I was expecting a few teething troubles with an old car thats hardly been driven - it still makes me smile every time I look at it. Heres a pic
  5. Thanks P-Kay - its refusing to start at all now when warm - sounds like a fairly common problem and hopefully not too expensive to fix
  6. I have a problem starting my 996 manual when the engine is warm. I got back from a 2 week holiday and it started fine(although engine turnover was a little slow) Then a couple of days later after a few short runs the car wouldn't turn over at all. Meter said 12v on the dash. Roadside assist came out and jumped started me and tested the battery and alternator and said they were fine. I went for a bit of a drive and voltage went up to 13+ on the dash. Looking on line it seems like some people have had similar issues and it comes down to an alternator cable or maybe an earth problem. Has anyone here had this problem or heard of it please?
  7. I paid low 50's for an immaculate 2002 manual targa with very low kms a month ago.The previous owner had no idea about the ims bearing issues. I got the upgrade done at Hamiltons along with a new clutch and water pump and a few other bits n pieces. It's my first Porsche and I absolutely love it , never fails to put a smile on my face.
  8. So a bit of an update ... went for the upgrade ims bearing - new clutch - new water pump - major service including spark plugs and break fluid and new tensioners and pulleys. Picked it up today from Hamiltons , the car looks like its two years old and couldnt be happier. Next going to put the aux input cable in and in the future maybe a louder exhaust but in the meantime going to add some kms !!!!
  9. Is it a good idea to replace the water pump?
  10. Thanks guys. Service book isn't bad but been a while since the last one. So i'll get a major service and ims upgrade done and maybe leave it at that for now. Unless theres other things that should be done as the car obviously doesn't move very much -- and I'll check out pelicanparts today . cheers

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