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  1. Thanks Edgy! Appreciated.
  2. Thanks Mate! Will keep that in mind. Appreciate it. It's still available just that there is no online ad. Am thinking of a PPI but as you said, its in country vic.
  3. Thanks @Higgo for the reply, owner took down the advert as he is in two minds about selling. Porsche is in Maldon.
  4. Hi Guys, am looking to go into porsche ownership again. Saw one base 986 up for sale in Mel, looks great in pics, but not sure about how it presents in person. Have a big favour to ask. Any members able to have a look at it for me? Don't want to fly down to Mel again only to return empty handed like the last time. Owner tells me he has: 1. Changed the water pump and aux belt 2. Changed the brake and clutch fluid 3. Changed the spark plugs 4. Changed the coolant Has the receipts for the above work. Thanks guys.
  5. Thanks Raven, You have a very sharp eye. Its Blue Turquoise.
  6. It’s on a 986 boxster. Looks like the stock wheels but with a twist yeah?
  7. Hi Guys, I’ve got a hard time identifying these set of wheels? Anyone know if these were stock? Seems unique to have the lip and Riverts in them?
  8. Hi Niko, Thanks for the follow up. Guess I am still hunting for my perfect porsche though. The deal didn't go through.
  9. Hi guys! Thank you so much for your advise. I too felt it a bit odd. So I have just landed in Melbourne!! Yes! I am here to physically see it first. Thanks for your advises. Will be very careful.
  10. Thanks SteveF and eoghanroe, Unfortunately I wouldn't be, will be getting a door to door service or a truck to transport it back as it will take 3 days by myself. Thanks.
  11. Wow! Its amazing! Possible to PM link to the product?
  12. Thanks guys! Very supportive forum! Anyways, is it only the Boxster S that has the white instrument panel?
  13. Yup. Owner update the ad so fast! Guess who bought it? Sorry, couldn't wait.. Been looking for a while. Colour: Check Engine capacity: Check Transmission = Manual: Check Placed a deposit first, now to get some checks done. The owner doesn't have time to drive the boxster to a workshop for PPI checks... Any guys near Hampton, Vic to help me see see please?

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