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  1. I saw this car when it was at RSR last year and it is a lovely car. It is not a CS but has the reclining seats which is perfect to access the rear for storage on a weekend away. RSR always had credible cars so if you are interested I would go for it.
  2. Sounds good. In. @Pork Chops do you want to give the 993 a run?
  3. I am in. Will be great to get the cover off the 993 and give it a run.
  4. I am in. If we did it before April, would you bring the Kia?
  5. Love the colour, we were tossing up between Umber and White when we bought our Cayenne. When do you get it?
  6. Lucky save. Looks good, however as the 911 is very rear heavy I would probably put rear wheels closer to the trailer axle. You can see the trailer is pushing down hard on the back suspension of the Kia and therefore lifting the front of the Kia. Probably fine for town but you might find a bit of understeer at higher speeds. Theoretically the trailer should not put any vertical force on the tow ball and upset the tow car.
  7. Whilst Pork Chops has lamented every colour under the sun for the hotrod, I do agree with his clarity of thought on this one. Not that I am biased.
  8. I am not sure if I am on the right thread. It seems you are actually doing something and getting your hands dirty. I thought you swore an oath to just talk Sh!t. I am impressed.
  9. hi @dragon02 the belt above has the 2" shoulder straps, however the original GT3 belts had 3" . See attached from Carnewal . http://www.carnewal.com/products/P96/p96192/Schroth-Clubsport-6-Point-Harness-for-P96GT3-Seat
  10. My daily driver is a 993S in manual. I have had for the last 12 years, driving to city, airport, school. Also has taken kids car seats in the back. So very versatile (boot size not great). Mine has a great service record and always looked after. No issues and has hardly cost anything re maintenance over the last 12 years. I would agree that a 1km trip probably not advisable regularly (for any car though) and would totally recommend on buying the right car with the right history.
  11. Hi Dragon. I purchased 2 new replacement harnesses from carnewal. He can get the exact ones direct from Scroth and always easy to deal with. They are also very easy to fit. Reach out if you need any assistance. Cheers tim.
  12. Congratulations. You will love it. Ignore the kms and just enjoy it. You will find driving it addictive.

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