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  1. Word on the street is Singer is on line and Ruf soon to be. Northern hemisphere summer is also coming up so if you want one you might consider ordering promptly as you might be surprised how low production capacity is. My 3rd system is due for despatch shortly and I'm going to do a write up on the install and finished product as I'll be there on the tools this time. Works great in my yellow car. Better than the bloody engine anyhows....
  2. Seen those wheels before on a mad sik Commy. 6 pipes? Talk about trying too hard.
  3. The Brighton event is unfortunately cancelled due to power pole replacement work in the very space we'd be parking in, starting today, and without notice. Rather than miss out I've decided to make an alternative venue which is Kingston St, Central Park, East Malvern. It's not the same event as PCB are not 'hosting' it but my philosophy is something is better than nothing and for those looking forward to it we may as well meet up for a chat and tyre kick. Full details are on the CPA FB page. The organiser of the PCB event I'm sure will be in touch regarding when the original event will be re-scheduled for. https://www.facebook.com/events/2089103277863822/ Hope you see youse tomorrow.
  4. First up AC and power steering are 2 things you can improve or add to an older AC car that transform how useable they are. I highly recommend both and good for you and the Mrs and relations generally. I cannot compare the CR system with either factory or other aftermarket ones but I can say I'm very happy with the CR product which works very well. For my money I've no appetite to go installing trad systems with lines running front to back, multiple condensers tucked all over the place, evaporators in the passenger footwell, and an old knackered blower in the frunk. Not to mention the ugliness and weight of the trad compressor in the engine bay. I've just ripped out all this stuff out from my Rally Cab and have a 3rd CR AC system ordered to replace it. CR also have a hypo high output alternator which would probably significantly improve the performance of their AC system as their system only draws the power it can, but I've not bought that yet. If you're in doubt then consider that this system is used in the Singer DLS and by Ruf, among others. Install time is estimated at 8 hours once the installer is experienced but I'd suggest you talk to the installer before budgeting that amount as they may disagree! Lastly I like the idea of having some cool clever cutting edge stuff in my car. Porsche people can be stiflingly conservative sometimes, so anything to break the mould.... A bit of 996 love! I agree with the point that no matter how good any retrofit AC system is on an older car it's still no match for modernity. But not everyone loves a 996 like you and me PK!
  5. Probably worth acknowledging Rohan Little and his team at Skunkwerks who were no doubt an integral part of the event being that it’s their place.
  6. ^ so glad to hear re the Fuchs. Was looking at the photos and saying ‘dang!’, but then the wheels... Image or Augment might do you some custom sized BBS ish wheels that’d go beautifully. In gold ?
  7. Steering wheel is an arrestable offence but other than that I love it! If I was in the market for such a car I’d leap at it. UK cars are no issue so long as no rust and you’ve been clear about that. You must be sad to see it go. GLWS
  8. Wouldn't you like to know ?? Come to think of it I'd like to know too...?
  9. @turboT there are a few more updates since this post. Car is wired and the mechanicals are underway. Paint will be in about 5-6 weeks. All further updates will be here https://www.facebook.com/groups/cpa911/
  10. I’m told that from where I am, to get near 300 crank hp would require bigger cams and head work. Remember that’s from a 3.2 and how close to 300 is a guess until it goes on the dyno. I’ll do it, but not now as I’m still digesting the bill for getting this far. My car is plenty fast. Does good skids. Has a wall of torque but runs out of breath at the top end. Everything. Everything must be working in your favour to get 100hp/litre and possibly it won’t be as nice as a car with less power that is more tractable. Good luck George.

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