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  1. Already got one thanks. And I’m not necessarily an advocate of low klms but when general expectations are for lows klms you need to be getting a discount off market price. Doesn’t mean the car is a bad one. It’s like a LHD converted car. Cheap to get into and out of. In the mean time it’s just as good a car...
  2. Yes you can. But not to me 😀. It’s a ripper car tho...Now residing in Vic. Stop sooking man! You got plenty of hotrods to play with. Anyhow you know my philosophy on cars and my GT3 will only ever be driven but as others have pointed out they’re not a car you typically use a lot so most will have lowish klms which sets expectations, and cars with reasonable ‘high’ mileage, are deemed to have ‘high mileage’. But yeah speculators that drive prices up on great driving sports cars are a PITA. Normalised interest rates would fix a lot of that BS.
  3. Gonna be a little naughty here and say the Zanzibar car sold for quite a bit less than asking...
  4. Well it’s not, and it’s not 😀. So you think $100k is good buying? Any advances on that?
  5. Who would dare buy it? Great that it's been used and it's probably better off for it. But who in the 996GT3 buying world would take a car with those klms? It's not rational, but my guess is that's where folks will end up. If it was $50k you'd snap it up. $75k, still snap it up. $100k, I'd start looking into alternatives and would need to want a mk 1 silver pretty badly to consider it. Reckon it's a circa $100k car. Thoughts? How long until klms don't matter on these cars?
  6. Mesh BBS with body colour matching centres.
  7. In America they're called vanity plates. Car looks good tho. Like the hubcaps look.
  8. As the current owner of (the now turbocharged) RallyCab I can vouch for the freedom and fun that comes with a raised ride height. I've got a rural property and out there a car that can go fast over bumps is infinitely more fun. I'm just not sure about those tyres. How will they go on the road which is where the car will be 99% of the time despite what you may espouse now! I'm going big sidewall Avons for the ride height lift and that phat sidewall look. I'm calling it the Turbo Tarmac RallyCab. But each to their own and fashion and fads aside they will always be a fun car, so good on you, as that's what matters. p.s. is this the car Cascone is doing?
  9. You got a memory like an elephant 😄. Tax man came and stole a big slice recently 😞
  10. That's a lot about what you think, considering it's going to be for your other half :). What does she think? If she doesn't value the extra stuff in the Skoda better to save your pennies. Forget the Hyundai if the car is needed about now. Which it is by the sounds of things. It's a shopping trolley so don't agonise too much and I think you've done your due diligence. Don't forget the 7 year warranty with the Kia...
  11. We love our Kia Carnival. My mate works at Duttons and is in and out of the best cars all day long and reckons their run-about i30 is a rippa. I'd check out Hyundai too. Both companies have pleasingly evolved design thinking these days and long warranties, good build quality and are reliable.

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