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  1. Interesting that the 'it's not original' nazis don't apear to be in this thread. Or are these cars attaining a status where they could be pink with polka dots and that'd still be OK? Just for the record I personally don't give a shit.
  2. I’m 49 but was 39 when I got mine. Kinda feels good I've had it all this time. I’ve tracked mine quite a few times too so I’m firmly in the honourable owners club 😜.
  3. Yeah I get that. A mega rich guy is going to care less about it. But depreciation is a part of owning any car and frankly deciding on affordability based on zero or negative depreciation is a rare luxury and an absolute bonus. My main point is they're beautiful sports cars that were designed to be driven hard and enjoyed. But far too often the focus is value and collecting which IMHO is a malaise.
  4. I’ve got one. Literally the back of my shed. Bought it but never used it. I believe it’s a metal base, glass ducktail, modified in the US. Can’t remember what I paid but you’re welcome to it for the same. DM if interested. It’s painted Minerva Blue. Cheers.
  5. Sensible. Every word of it. Many points you have raised describes what I believe to be a real malaise in Porsche ownership. Too many people conentrating on things that shouldn't matter, but do, because we've become obsessed with collectability and value. I for one will symathetically thrash the balls off mine and in 10 years time it will have patina and provinance of the best type. The kind I gave it. And my 'joy' bank account will be overflowing.
  6. PCM ended up agreeing to replace the transfer case. Wasn’t the easiest process...but anyhow, it got done. My wife tells me the worst of the problem is now gone. My Pirellis P Zeros are all due for replacement. I understand there are Michelin and Conti options that are OE. Any recommendations for those that have swapped tyres on their Macan? This is a soccer Mum car so wear, refinement and minimising the shudder (what’s left of it) are the priorities. We got 35k Klms from the first set of Pirellis.
  7. ??!! It's an absolute monty for an LS conversion. Actually it isn't as it's not an S.
  8. Interesting. So they replaced the transfer case under warranty? What were the symptoms and did the new transfer case entirely fix the problem?
  9. I've posted this on a FB group so sorry if it's a double up to you. I'm interested in hearing from Macan GTS owners. I've got a 2018 model and the front wheels hop and skip at low speed turns with a bit of lock. e.g. when you do u-turns or pull out of your drive. It's on the orignal tyres which have around 35k klms on them and they need replacing, and the car hasn't been aligned since it was delivered. The dealer's comment is that it might get better with new tyres (which it will get shortly), but that it's an inherent characteristic of the car, and I am to understand it's normal, and that it won't go away. It's hard to remember exactly but I reckon it's been there in some way all the time but is very pronounced at this stage. Has anyone else experienced what I'm describing and if so what did you do? Accept it? Change tyres? Something else? Thanks in advance. Pic of delivery day is below.
  10. You're so disagreeable I'm inclined to agree with everything you say.
  11. 993 is a 4 speed and was the reason I sold my 993. I’ve got a 996 TT tipper and the gearbox is brilliant by comparison. The 996 / 7 tipper is a 5 speed and for my money works really well.
  12. Unless my wife springs a surprise holiday on me, confirming I'll be on the track with my 996.2 GT3. Representin'.

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