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  1. That car sat for ages in the mid $40s, then suddenly jumped up $10k! Not sure why.... I’m guessing if you’re really a genuine buyer you could convince the guy to drive it, although I could be wrong! I wonder if he’s just trying to put off time wasters with the no test drive thing
  2. Sorry, I was just being silly....
  3. No, there’s a blue 996.1 manual with 160k on the clock. It’s on Stalkbook
  4. You know the market is quiet if a $43k 996 manual coupe doesn’t get snapped up quickly!
  5. I think the figure of $240k is more about the ks and number originally sold in Australia, rather than the fact it’s 2WD...PCM would argue you can’t price compare a car with 40,000ks to one with 179,000ks
  6. Just make sure you get it thoroughly checked if you go ahead with it
  7. https://www.farmmachinerysales.com.au/items/details/lamborghini-775f-plus-775-f-cabin-tractor/OAG-AD-17303545/?Cr=0
  8. JLD

    My new RS

    Do you need someone to look after it while you're away? I'd store it for free!
  9. 2 for sale in Melbourne @ $650,000 +ORC with next to no ks on them... so sad
  10. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1989-Porsche-928-S4-Auto/SSE-AD-6224610 what bubble? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  11. The problem is that equates to $23kaud for a LHD 996 before you ship it here and pay all the associated costs. There are plenty of 996s in the US at this price point....

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