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  1. JLD

    WTB: Carrera MFI 2.7

    Maybe someone has the contact details for the one in Adelaide? The green targa...
  2. I guess for me if the chassis is badly bent or if it was submerged in water I’d be scared, if it was written off because someone keyed it then I wouldn’t care
  3. I guess...! As long as it was cosmetic damage then it doesn’t matter
  4. You could also think outside the box and look at a Mercedes Viano. They are absolutely brilliant. 3.0 V6 turbo diesel that is bulletproof, plenty of space, drives like a car, has plenty of power. I have one and everyone comments on how comfortable it is. Front and rear sunroof, heated leather seats, cruise, navigation, parking sensors and rear camera, etc etc etc I use mine for work purposes, so most of the rear seats are out (currently a four seater) but takes minutes to convert it back to an 8 seater. As a 5 seater, you can put bicycles in the back without dismantling them! oh, and Melbourne to Sydney on one tank is pretty good!
  5. That one has been for sale for a couple of years. It was priced at $39,995 until a couple of months ago it inexplicably went up $10k!
  6. JLD

    WTB 911 SC or 911 3.2

    What’s your budget?

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