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  1. The 959 is my dream car, the car I had on my wall as a boy in the 80s. I think they're amazing 😍
  2. Someone needs to go back in time, find the person who gave the go ahead and slap them in the face until they apologise and promise never to let that steering wheel ever happen, then come back to the present and tell us all it was just a bad dream
  3. You let er indoors near your computer??
  4. JLD

    997 Targa 4

    That's the colour, but not an S and not Lobster Claws sadly....
  5. Now THIS is confusing 🤪 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1972-porsche-911-e-manual/SSE-AD-6826058/?Cr=9
  6. JLD

    997 Targa 4

    No, darker blue than that...
  7. 'This investment grade Porsche 911 is priced at $220,000.' Investment grade for the seller perhaps..
  8. JLD

    997 Targa 4

    Yeah, I don’t think they were trying to take advantage as they did point out it was low and recommended he not take their offer. I told him to promise me he wouldn’t trade in the car!
  9. JLD

    997 Targa 4

    I have a rough price the seller and I discussed, so I wanted to ascertain whether he would be ripping me off, I would be ripping him off, or if it was about right.. The trade in offer from Porsche was ridiculous btw, they’ve offered $50k but told him he should sell privately because it’s worth more. So at least they were honest!

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