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  1. JLD

    993 manual and price

    Maybe post an ad in the Wanted section instead
  2. I had a couple of 80s Alfas. You know all about rust if you've ever had an 80s Alfa. Loved them though! I met someone who had a contract to put carpets in the new Alfas when they arrived in Australia. This was back in the 80s. He would pull up the rubber flooring and replace this with carpets on brand new cars before they got to the showrooms. He would encounter rusty floorpans including some with holes! And he was told by the importer to ignore and cover it with carpet!
  3. So, the interesting thing I'm encountering is scepticism. People for some reason don't believe the ks on my car are genuine despite the condition and service history!
  4. Yep, fair call! $40k for a manual 996 is likely the cheapest. Has it been a cheap or expensive exercise? I’d love more details about ownership so far and whether it’s been a positive or negative experience
  5. I love that red 996, hot looking car. Get it checked and if it is ok then buy it. Or I might 😂 Bear in mind it’s a C4
  6. A question for you, you say you bought the cheapest 996 in the country... how much was it?
  7. I thought this was the case... I wonder how Duttons and Lorbek get around this?
  8. No Porsche included, selling to fund one! The engine bay was yesterday, the dash today, the exterior still looks as good. Below are some Pics from today Thanks! It is a great car, and the E53 is the properly built, reliable X5. The next model (E70) was apparently a bit troublesome. I just don’t have a need for it so time to move it on
  9. That’s what I think too! It’s basically a new X5 for under $15k Now on Carsales as well: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-BMW-X5-E53-Auto-4x4-MY04/SSE-AD-6533546
  10. I’m selling my 2004 BMW X5. It’s a 3.0 petrol with 43,500ks on the clock. It is the Sport edition with panoramic roof, Bluetooth, nav, etc Asking $14950 and I’m in Melbourne. Plates don’t come with it, these will be changed at sale time. One blemish is a scratch on the passenger front door.
  11. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-Porsche-968-CS-Manual/SSE-AD-6511359 surely this won’t last long....

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