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  1. I’m surprised you went after that despite the struggles you were having with getting it inspected…
  2. Did you see this? https://www.pickles.com.au/cars/item/-/details/CP-12-70--Built-01-70--Datsun--1600--Sedan--5-Seats--4-Doors/1090044240
  3. Mezger in a proper supercar with a manual gearbox for under $150k! Cmon, you know it’s the goods.
  4. Looks cheap compared to the $125k C4S listings!
  5. Everyone pummels the sale prices here so they can get their buy price down, but when they’re selling the prices are ridiculous!
  6. 🤔 no disabled parking permit https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual-my02/SSE-AD-7346125
  7. I can't believe this hasn't sold! Has anyone seen it?
  8. That $22k 987 is good buying if it checks out ok. Craigieburn though 😳
  9. Still better than the C4S 🤷‍♂️😁
  10. My favourite line: Please no time wasters or low ballers as this car has had a significant of money invested into it. So I have to pay for you overcapitalising?
  11. all good. I just assumed he'd dropped the price because it has a higher price in the ad text... Has anyone called?

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