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  1. What a great looking car, and a terrific colour as well.....congratulations! You are the envy of many (including, dare I say it, some 911 owners.....)
  2. Hi mhh I have one of the two black 991 RS's coming to Melbourne...out of a total of, I believe, approx 11. As Chris said, it was a struggle, and Porsche opened a short window of opportunity towards end June, then shut it again. The whole issue of colour choice, and lack of it, has been amateurish, IMO, and does not befit a company such as Porsche. And to add insult to injury, I am having to stump up 10k extra for the privilege. For black? Are they insane? In the U.S. they pay US 5500, so yet again Australians get taken. But it is what it is, and we continue to buy the damn things. Hope you enjoy your RS when it arrives, Take care, David
  3. Hi Kerry....is it best to give you c/card details or send a cheque?
  4. davidd

    Michael Schumacher

    This is so ironic and sad...just hope he pulls through with no lasting damage. Recall other famous ski accidents were Bono and Natasha Richardson, Liam Neesons late wife. David in London
  5. To all of you....what a great night! Hugh, you are a true champ...Old Captain Slow (me) just needs 3 laps handicap start next time. Fat Bobs is a good find Kerry....the best burger in a while. Have a great and safe Xmas and New Year... David D
  6. Hi Kerry....sorry for late reply....can I join you for both? David
  7. Some really good comments above...unlike other overseas forums where they seem to strongly against PDK. I have never driven a PDK, and look forward to having a go in the new generation version in the 991 gt3.....just to get the feel of it. It seems that some testers have been using the gear shift rather than the paddles as the lever is now intuitive and a bit of a compromise relating back to the 3 pedal system. My dd has a really quick and effective double clutch, but I must admit that, most of my driving being around and in the city, I leave it in auto and let it work. But am struggling a bit with the thought of doing that in a Porsche after 29 years of manual ownership........... However time moves on and even I, at 66, am sitting composing this on an IPad and using voice recognition with my hands free etc etc. so Baby Boomers can move on! Keep the subject going, it's great, and a very important change for the best car company in the world... DD
  8. Hi Bruce...happy to help out with the old black car and the newer one................Sundays good for me, but will need to be after May 1 as I am away most of the time till then. David
  9. good luck Theo, Niko and David...
  10. James88....I will be posting some pics taken by Tom722 shortly....in fact will ask Tom to do so as he is preparing them. Also happy to show you the cars anytime...call me on 0408133953
  11. thanks Uncle, James88 and Cyberpunky.....its nice to be in this community where we appreciate things normal earthlings would'nt...
  12. What I did this week was....put on a set of 19" Autoart wheels (basically copies of my old Cargraphic rims, also had the centres sprayed dolphin grey) and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. These are supposedly the new 'hot' road tyre, according to Tirerack reviewers in the US. Went a bit wider in front from 9 to 9.5in, and 245/35 to 265/30, the same size I had on my 07 RS with Cargraphic wheels. Rolling radius changed slightly, but not enough to upset electronics. Rears stay at 12in and 325/30 (!). Looks amazing, will post pics tomorrow with Chris's help. No fouling, due to the factory fenders which are wider than normal. Feels excellent on road, seems a bit softer than the Pirelli Trofeo's which are more suited to the track? Havent given them a good run yet, will do Mornington drive tomorrow. BTW had to alter front camber to -3' in order to get them to sit under fenders neatly. But no initial 'dartiness'....so all seems good. Sorry to bore you all with this, but to me the right wheel/tyre mix is all important...
  13. J.J.....Re my GT2....happy to show you the 'old black car' and take you for a drive. Contact me (David) on 0408133953.
  14. Where on earth did you hear that, Chris?
  15. Hi Vas.....not sure if you received my email re the steering wheels....if you would like one, its yours. I am usually home (5 Ontario St N. Caulfield) at about 7pm....just call me on 0408133953 and we can meet up. Regards David

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