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  1. Bummer. Thanks for the info.
  2. Foxwell is the one I'd like to know about. Thanks.
  3. Bummer. The Durametric Pro is not supposed to have any limit, Durametric Enthusiast is the one with the 3 VIN limit. I don't know, but if I was to design a cable that only permitted three VIN's, I'd have a chip with a small bit of memory that could be written back to, to log the VIN's. I've since been looking at the Foxwell NT520 Pro and can't find if that shows over-revs, either.
  4. I don't know this car specifically (it looks nice in the pics). Reading the blurb, it says it's been looked after by RennSport Motors. I do know the owner/mechanic of RennSport and he is meticulous. He owns a couple of 928's himself and knows the model intimately. Maybe call RennSport and ask what they know about the car?
  5. Has anyone actually bought an iCarsoft Por-II? Can you please tell me if it can read over-rev data (ignitions range x in Durametric terms)? I'm struggling to justify the initial outlay for a Durametric Pro. I know the enthusiast version would be OK for now (I only have two Porsches). I don't really need the advanced coding features of the Pro and the price for the Enthusiast is a little more palatable, but I don't want to be restricted to only three VIN's. The iCarsoft Por II appears to have most of the features that I want, but I can't find definitively whether it can read the over-rev data. That feature is something I would really like to have.
  6. I battled with an issue with the convertible top similar to yours for a couple of weeks until I bit the bullet and went to my independent Porsche mechanic who re-calibrated it. Took all of ten minutes (most of that was waiting for the PIWIS to boot). This fixed it and my soft top has been perfect ever since. I suspect yours just needs calibration too.
  7. 996 C2 Original Front tyre size is 205/50R17, Rear 255/40R17. 225/45R17 is fine. There is only 0.39% difference in diameter between 205/50 and 225/45.
  8. The ignition switch is a common failure point on 986's (I had similar weirdness until I replaced mine) and I suspect the 987's are likely to eventually experience the same problems. It's a pain to replace yourself, but can be done if you are are handy with a wrench (it would also be very handy if you are a contortionist!).
  9. And another option... I use http://www.autoglym.com/products/products/convertible-soft-top-clean-and-protect-complete-kit on my 986 soft top. It works really well.

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