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  1. hi all i'm looking for a 991.1 Carrera S what are some of the more common problems/issues one has to look out for with this 2nd hand buy?
  2. thanks for all the valuable input people very useful! I would be looking for an automatic 993 S (for the wife to drive too) i have been tracking 993 sales and in 2015 a 993 S black with approx. 90000kms sold for $90k ( at cityautomobiles), last year same car was on carsales , now up to 140000kms(private seller) asking $140k for over 12 months- i don't know if it sold but the sellers ad ceased . there was a sale of an arena red 993 s tip, around 2018 for approx$150k, maybe a few grand less, this was orig sold by Porsche Doncaster in 2015, then up on carsales (private seller in Adelaide) then sold in 2018 in Melb, around 60000kms from memory. a vic private seller sold a zenith blue 993 C tip 2018 for around $160k, 106000kms, this has been unsold on carsales (private seller NSW) for the last 8 months or so, initial ask $166k, now $160k, 109000kms. i believe this car was sold at duttons circa 2016 what do you think a 993 S tip is worth today?
  3. hahaha good one! very true though do you think they have more chance of future price appreciation than a 991.1 911?
  4. hi all what are the common problems that one can expect with this 911 as it ages?
  5. DOes the Carrera S sit a bit lower and is the body a bit wider than the Carrera? I was trying to find comparison pics on the internet with little success : (
  6. sounds like the 992 is really superior to he 991 series I believe the base 992 911 S model starts around $290k new porsches always very expensive
  7. how was the 992 overall, far better than the 991.2? and how does it compare to your 997 T? what was the issue with the electric steering?
  8. can anyone explain why this sticky radio knobs thing happens in so many 997's? and cant Porsche build the scuff plates so they don't get so beat up?
  9. hi all to those who've had the pleasure of driving each version, which did you feel was the better car ? with prices of 991.1 coming down to similar levels as the 997.2 which is the better buy?
  10. here's hoping the 991.2 prices will start to fall a bit when the 992 comes out
  11. hi all to those in the know, or have done so which is the better car to drive?
  12. dang, ive obviously missed it thanks very much michaelb I will check it tonight

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