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  1. here's hoping the 991.2 prices will start to fall a bit when the 992 comes out
  2. hi all to those in the know, or have done so which is the better car to drive?
  3. dang, ive obviously missed it thanks very much michaelb I will check it tonight
  4. https://www.zag.com.au/stock/details/293559/2008-porsche-911 $199K for a 2008 997.2 4S, 15000kms a bit pricey??
  5. hi everyone ive searched in the engine bay and the boot and cannot for the life of me find this please help many thanks!
  6. hi all drove past this the other day and noticed there is a Carcierge business here and a lot of Porsches on display inside? is this a used Porsche seller also? any intel?
  7. the front looks a bit too Caymanesque to me?
  8. due for release 2019? what do folks think about its looks https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/2019-porsche-911 rear end may be polarising for some?
  9. hi all anyone got any experience doing this? does that 20 year law still hold or can we import cars younger than 20 years old now?
  10. wont happen again JB..........................now I know the code of secrecy!
  11. agree that Enzo is not aesthetic @ all, the front looks terrible with that oversized "nose"
  12. hey everybody just wanted to give a shout out to JB on the forum and also thanks to symsy and Ozvino for the tip to see JB. JB did a fantastic job fixing the scratches on my car's paint work. the man is a gentleman and a scholar aas well as an ABSOLUTE Porsche fanatic with incredible knowledge and skill with car care and detailing and treats your car as if it was his own. he also insists on washing his 997 4S after any drive , before putting it back into storage- guess owning a Magic Car wash branch @ 1557 high St Glen iris comes in handy! and , his price for the job was very reasonable given his high level of experience and quality of his work. thanks again JB and kudos

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