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  1. hi all anyone got any experience doing this? does that 20 year law still hold or can we import cars younger than 20 years old now?
  2. 911virgin

    JB- youve done it again!

    wont happen again JB..........................now I know the code of secrecy!
  3. agree that Enzo is not aesthetic @ all, the front looks terrible with that oversized "nose"
  4. 911virgin

    JB- youve done it again!

    hey everybody just wanted to give a shout out to JB on the forum and also thanks to symsy and Ozvino for the tip to see JB. JB did a fantastic job fixing the scratches on my car's paint work. the man is a gentleman and a scholar aas well as an ABSOLUTE Porsche fanatic with incredible knowledge and skill with car care and detailing and treats your car as if it was his own. he also insists on washing his 997 4S after any drive , before putting it back into storage- guess owning a Magic Car wash branch @ 1557 high St Glen iris comes in handy! and , his price for the job was very reasonable given his high level of experience and quality of his work. thanks again JB and kudos
  5. thanks symsy and oz vino- will follow that up cheers
  6. what brand, name is your cutting cream? that sounds like what I need
  7. should I leave it to PCM or try to polish it myself?
  8. https://duttongarage.com/Porsche-911-964-Turbo-Coupe-2dr-Man-5sp-3-3T~38462 stunning 1992 964 turbo with only 35000 kms beautiful midnight blue pricing seems reasonable given some asking $500k+
  9. that's +ve to know! yes, believe me, I was panicking and upset!! you know im sure, what car lovers/freaks are like does anyone know what the actual process of a "cut and polish " does to the paint?
  10. hi all I am a real idiot. I used a dry "chux" cleaning cloth to clean off some dry water spots on my car and in doing so have caused multiple linear scratches and lines on a small area of the black paint above the wheel arch its only visible if you look closely and under certain light. what damage have I done and how can it be fixed? any help appreciated
  11. yes, got the Porsche wine glasses unexpected nice surprise Porsche merchandise is expensive! $80 for Porsche thongs!!
  12. had the annual service last week was $700 + $300 for a brake fluid flush and replacement!