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  1. As of 16/5/22 it's no longer on CS...wonder if the seller was reading this thread...
  2. X2 The seller is asking a totally ridiculous price and with those stipulations anyone possibly remotely interested is likely going to be put off
  3. As of 6/5/22 it's no longer on CS....I THINk it sold.....it looked a nice example
  4. This is a nice example.....a HK import tiptronic sold a few months ago on CS in Vic, 94000kms $160k Maritime blue That was also in very nice condition, owned by a multi Porsche collector who has over ten porsches
  5. +2 david brennan, he had done two PPI's for me, very thorough check
  6. Ah, that makes sense..... Prior to the 991...... The highest number of 911 sales was the 996, then bested by the 997.... Despite the gfc.....I'm quite sure... Notice a trend here? 991' s are not uncommon or rare or scarce except for the speedster, turbo S exclusive and a few other less common variants @Kiwiland7r. Just saw on PCV marketplace. Andrew 0418 738 876 2003 996 turbo manual 64000kms silver Rego KWN 996 Asking $147500......seems very reasonable in today's market Car looks a bit familiar? Was on CS A FEW months ago??
  7. Wow, higher than the macan? I thought the macan held that distinction
  8. Definitely! No messing around with entering codes etc on a generic fob
  9. Agree, majority of 911- philes would agree a turbo 996 is far more collectible in the future than a base 991 Carrera. . .. how many of these were made? 991s are so terribly over priced and over valued currently
  10. 👍 I remember a top gear episode, I think it was top gear, they did a forensic analysis of the interior of a 8 series BMW and there was all types of bodily secretions detected including faecal matter and cum.
  11. Pardon my ignorance, can you please explain what second APC ? all purpose cleaner is?
  12. hey thanks so much PS i will go original
  13. windex?🙂 much cheaper than alot of the specific car shop products
  14. hi all whats your recommended best all around/all purpose cleaning agent for this? all advices appreciated with thanks!

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