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  1. Don't believe there have been any changes to personal imports laws. I brought my 997.2 home from the UK last year and had to provide a fair bit of paperwork to prove I had owned AND DRIVEN the car over the 12 months prior to importing. Hard to do if you don't live there, although my car storage guy in Sussex reckoned he stores a lot of cars for aussies for a year who are intending to import back here. Not sure how they would 'prove' they live, work and use the car in the UK though.
  2. As usual, look for a fully and up to date service history (especially with 80k on it) Porsches hate missing services. Check the brakes for wear as they are expensive to replace. And also look for any other signs of abuse. It's worth check the rims on the inside if you can. With crap roads in Australia a lot of rims are bent or buckled which mean another expensive repair (especially on BBS rims). Otherwise they are worry free motoring. Enjoy.
  3. Nice video Jeff. Things are moving along nicely.
  4. Echoing Apogee's remarks, the word is that only pre-cut wrap should be used to avoid the cutting on the car risks. My buddy just had his 981 Spyder PPF'ed and the guy used pre-cut templates. He says it looks great with very little no notice other than some tiny bubbles that should disappear over time. I have seen YT videos of PPF being polished, but can't validate the results.
  5. Personally I think your assumptions are somewhat misplaced. Certainly not 'every' Porsche owner has an intrinsic devotion to motorsport, and not every Porsche was made to compete in events. Around me there are many Porsche drivers who care little for the brand and drive the car more as a status symbol than a performance icon. And myself? I have a mild appreciation for motorsport but have little (to no) desire to compete personally. I enjoy ownership in my own way and have done across more than 25 performance cars over 20 years, and yet not one of my cars has ever seen a track or dragstrip.
  6. I agree with the ' do nots' on the Lotus thing. I've loved the things since the Esprit days, but I know I'd never part with serious cabbage for one. Build quality and refinement just aren't there for me. I reckon it would become a tiresome car to spend time in very quickly. If you want something fun to carve mountain twisties, would a 981 Cayman GTS manual do it for you?
  7. I used www.personalimports.com.au (Dominic) to bring my car into Aus. Service and comms were first rate...
  8. I agree. I think the new 991.2 GT3 in manual is going to be unbelievable. Porsche have this ability to just keep upping the ante. Stay tuned I say...
  9. I'm heading up there now. Looks like a nice day out. Should be a big turn out...
  10. Can anyone actually tell me how many had the 918 seats of the 23 brought in? Just interested to know. My mate who bought the agate grey car from PCSS has these seats and they are the ducks guts...
  11. Exclusive Bodyworks in Granville. As used by Porsche and me. Their work is second to none!
  12. I genuinely think I would go for a 981 Spyder over a GT4 if I was looking to change my 997.2. It is such a driving experience.
  13. There a great roads all through there. From Paracombe right down to Cherry Gardens it's hard to go wrong... You guys are lucky buggers with those roads.

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