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  1. In your garage if you part with a very reasonable number of dollars!?
  2. FFS!!! Somebody buy this car. Just look at the spec, who did the work and who owns it. All of those add up to a truly fantastic car. It is now a bargain. People don't realise how few cars there are like this. You couldn't build it for that price even using a cheap base car. I hope I win the Lotto tonight!
  3. I would like to address one issue, now the car is sold, and that was raised on this thread, much to my annoyance. It is the whole issue of converted cars. My car was converted and it sold in 8 days. I had the first person view it the day after it was listed and I had the first offer on the 3rd day, although it was a lowball one. Compared with friends who have sold similar (Australian) cars, I think the overall response and speed of sale was exceptional. I believe there is a huge market for quality conversions because they allow you to buy a far better car at a good price than if you limit yourself to Australian delivered only. Of course you need to be sure that the conversion was done right, but if it was done right, the only difference in the way the car feels to an Oz delivered one is due to you having more money in your pocket! I understand why some people want a totally original, Australian delivered car. What I don't understand is why anybody would go for a lesser driving experience just because it is an Oz delivered car. One thing everybody who drove my car said is that it is one of the best driving 3.2's they have come across ( some went as far as saying the best). Why pay more for less? The real lesson from my car is simple. Converted cars sell at a discount to Australian cars (say 30-35% depending in condition etc) but if you buy at the right price and when you sell you don't get greedy, converted cars are easy to sell and are not something to be afraid of. I would also add another factor. The real reason why my car feels so good to drive is simple. It's PR Technology. While I cannot say that they are better than everybody else, it is because of what they have done to the car that it feels so good (suspension, brakes, gearbox etc). They might seem expensive but as i have found out with 2 cars now, they are the difference between a good car and a great car. I believe that those of you who shop on price are doing yourself out of 2 things. First is the best driving experience and second, the resale value. My car sold because it drives so well, the price reflected that and money spent in the past was repaid on sale.
  4. I am pleased to say that a sale was agreed on Wednesday and it is just subject to the money arriving in my account! I am delighted that the car is going to a fellow PFA member who is a true Porsche enthusiast and I will allow him to post about it in due course.
  5. The last time I was told "the horse has bolted" was when I decided not to buy a 993 GT2 for GBP120,000. Buying a car just as an investment is only for the super rich who have a diverse portfolio. For the rest of us, buy the car you want and if it goes up. lucky you.
  6. I would suggest that a comment or discussion on the merits of conversions isn't appropriate on a specific "for sale" thread. Seriously, how can that be anything other than shitting all over the thread? There are other far more appropriate places on the forum for that comment.
  7. I guess this is why i was dreading selling my car because of shit like this. Yes, it restricts the price, which is why i am up front about everything on the car and why it isn't priced at $130k. The car isn't for everybody, but if like me, you want a 3.2 that drives as good as any and looks the same as the others but don't want to or can't afford to pay $130k+, there are options and this is one of them. I will agree with the last statement. Due diligence is needed on any old P Car because you can find horror stories in any Porsche. I have seen Oz delivered cars that are total nightmares, UK cars that are rust buckets and lhd converted cars that are not roadworthy. But I have also seen just as many really good examples of each of those and the generalisations that many make are nothing more than a mix of ignorance and scaremongering. As for my car, some people know that I am pretty fussy about how my cars drive. Many know PR Technology and even have pre-purchase inspections done there. I bought the car from them because they said the car is spot on which i could also see and tell from driving it and I can assure people that this car will pass any due diligence.
  8. As said in the ad, it is blue. I now see that there is one pic where the seats look black. Need to take another when I have a moment!
  9. IIRC, there is an engineers certificate for the soft top conversion and that was all above board, but that misses the real point. I believe you still need to get an engineers report on adding the new roof and that had not been obtained, as far as i am aware.
  10. Thanks Symsy. Skidmarks car is great, but rightly it is $35,000 more, so I don't see it as competition.
  11. His logic was that the car had been converted to soft top properly, so all the strength was in the car already and the new roof was not providing structural integrity.
  12. Why do you think I posted about my own car before everybody let loose! This really is one of the best informed and connected communities I know, plus a few can even be tolerated over a beer or food
  13. Let's worry about selling this one before discussing future plans
  14. The time has come for me to sell. For full details, see below https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1985/SSE-AD-5399047/?_ga=2.110645829.1331349715.1524460941-249607667.1518072442&_gac=1.175974678.1524534620.EAIaIQobChMI9drxgubR2gIVVAoqCh36ugPKEAAYASAAEgKodvD_BwE Happy to answer questions here and if a PFA member wants a serious chat about pricing, happy to discuss
  15. So before all the vultures descend, let me post this https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1985/SSE-AD-5399047/?_ga=2.110645829.1331349715.1524460941-249607667.1518072442&_gac=1.175974678.1524534620.EAIaIQobChMI9drxgubR2gIVVAoqCh36ugPKEAAYASAAEgKodvD_BwE It's with much regret I have decided to part with my 3.2. As much as i love the car (I really do!) I am not using it and have better use for the money. I have been out of touch with the market for some time, so i hope I have the value about right.

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