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  1. YellowDieselGolf

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    I'm coming from Albury for HB2. Slightly off topic: I'm heading down Saturday and thinking about going to the "downshift aus" meeting on the 26th. https://www.facebook.com/events/2240633676224279/ I've got no idea what to expect. Has anyone been to one of their shows? Worth a look? Should I just go shopping or to the zoo instead? As for HB2, I'm keen to join one of the convoys. I'm still confirming where I'm staying but I think I'll meet near Laverton in order to minimise driving on Sunday.
  2. YellowDieselGolf

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    https://traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au/incidents/3353486 Seems to be some roadworks on the Hamilton Highway too.
  3. YellowDieselGolf

    Any Porsche watch guys/gals

    I treated myself to a new piece. 60mm with a glass lens and steel case. I used it to take photos of my speedmaster
  4. YellowDieselGolf

    Untitled (1).jpg

    © Peter Nixon

  5. YellowDieselGolf

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Are any ultraviolet GT3RS's registered?
  6. YellowDieselGolf

    Sad day, my ex car is dead

  7. YellowDieselGolf

    US shipping costs?

    ECS tuning is the same. Their website and catalogue is great. Their postage costs are 💩
  8. Yeah, it was. Weird. Then again, I don't get emails from half the searches I've setup so maybe it's just me.
  9. Damn. I used to get "price drop" emails from carsales, but I haven't had one in ages. The photos look like it was in great condition. The colour wouldn't be my first pick, but I still think it looks fantastic. You're right though - This would have been listed at $140-150k a year or two ago.
  10. Did anyone here pick up the 73 metallic gold 911E? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-1973/SSE-AD-5461074/ It was originally listed at $120k, then "Price Drop , accepting offers over $ 85k ,dropping price to sell as moving overseas soon so must go " ?I'm glad I didn't notice the price drop or I would have had a mini crisis.
  11. YellowDieselGolf

    Roof Rack 911

    I wouldn't mind something like that to carry a (Porsche) bike. Is there any chance they'll damage the rain gutters?
  12. YellowDieselGolf

    Tech/phone geeks

    Maybe there was a carrier settings update? Also: I barely use 2GB a month. Something weird is going on with your usage Lee. My provider has an app which shows where my data has been used. Maybe check with your provider and see if they offer something similar?
  13. YellowDieselGolf

    Now I really understand the meaning of stealership

    I just found a pic of the invoice and I was wrong. I got charged $22.50 to install a dipstick.
  14. YellowDieselGolf

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted a pair of 944 Cabriolets in Bright today. Red and black.
  15. YellowDieselGolf

    We've got it good

    I got back from Germany and Ireland a couple of weeks ago. We didn't hire a car in the UK, but did a fair few K's in Germany with some trips into France and Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. We reserved a manual Volvo V60 wagon via budget and received a DSG Skoda octavia wagon. Nice car, but I wouldn't say they're in the same class. The chick at the counter tried to upgrade us to an E Class and extra insurance, which I didn't entertain. I had a week alone reserved an Audi A5 thru Sixt. They gave me a BMW 420i grandcrap which I disliked. Strongly. As for driving in Germany, the roads were as smooth as silk. I didn't spot a single pothole or repair in three weeks of driving. The autobahns were great, but the speed zones changed all the time. Often with little/no signage - even the absence of signs can indicate a speed change. There were also many sections of autobahn that were being repaired/upgraded and were very narrow. The unlimited autobahns were a novelty to us and we went WOT at every opportunity, while many of the locals cruised at ~150km/h. Not always though - I still remember doing 235 km/h and being left behind by an Audi A8. The back roads in Southern Germany had amazing scenery, but again were narrow and it took us a week or so to adjust to driving a "large" car on the wrong side of a skinny road. The cars over there were interesting. I spotted a few classic 911's and Ferraris which was great to see. We spotted more Lamborghinis than utes/4wds. And not a single toyota camry . . . bliss.

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