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  1. Literally, EVERY time I drive my 993 someone will cut me off or pull out in front of me. To the point where I'll need to take some sort of evasive action. My daily is a lowered Golf GTI so it's also a small car too, but I get cut-off much less often. Am I just more precious about the Porsche? Is my purple 911 harder to see than a silver VW? Is it just me?
  2. You are free to do as we tell you!
  3. Did anyone here score the 993 turbo hardback seats from Gumtree? I would have jumped on them like a shot if I didn't already have the earlier softback recaros. Even then I was still tempted.
  4. I was sorting through some of my old photos and I found some action shots from a driver training day at DECA Shepparton back in 2007. Does anyone own this Boxster S? I can process and upload more if the owner is here. Rego is RYD903
  5. Damnit! I missed hearing them. Let me know if you want to sell the 2's! PS - LOVE your car. I spotted it for sale after I bought my 993 and it's been a bit of an inspiration for what I want my car to become. Last pics from the show - I swear!
  6. I posted these on FB, but here are some of my shots from the HB2.
  7. Thanks to all those involved for organising and running the day. Also big thanks to the Skunkwerks team for their picturesque venue. I probably should have been a little more social, but it was good to meet a few people and put faces to names. Peter - owner of the purple 993 and the oversized novelty tripod.
  8. I'm coming from Albury for HB2. Slightly off topic: I'm heading down Saturday and thinking about going to the "downshift aus" meeting on the 26th. https://www.facebook.com/events/2240633676224279/ I've got no idea what to expect. Has anyone been to one of their shows? Worth a look? Should I just go shopping or to the zoo instead? As for HB2, I'm keen to join one of the convoys. I'm still confirming where I'm staying but I think I'll meet near Laverton in order to minimise driving on Sunday.
  9. https://traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au/incidents/3353486 Seems to be some roadworks on the Hamilton Highway too.
  10. I treated myself to a new piece. 60mm with a glass lens and steel case. I used it to take photos of my speedmaster
  11. YellowDieselGolf

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  12. ECS tuning is the same. Their website and catalogue is great. Their postage costs are 💩

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