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  1. Yep. Im chasing the white 2019 993 hot wheels Carrera narrowbody if anyone has seen them yet.
  2. Does this help anyone? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/belmont/collectables/model-cars-1-18/1218405656?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social the seller has a couple of listings
  3. I'm fast forwarding it now. Will let you know. edit: 25 minutes in.
  4. Looks like you can watch it online: https://tenplay.com.au/sport/rpm
  5. Thanks Rick. I'm pretty sure sorry! I've done a little googling. They made red (model # 77941), white (77942) and silver (77943) road-cars. I can't see a blue one. Off the top of my head they were released in about 2004/2005 - this means your chances of finding a new one are slim. I'd give Sherrifs mini cars, Model cars of Braidwood or Model mania a try as they're the biggest shops that I know of, but your chances aren't great. Otherwise, set up a search alert on ebay and scumtree. There's a red one currently listed on ebay for $300 Here's a couple of dodgy pics from a couple of years ago. I've got another 3 cabinets not pictured which have some 1:12 scale models in them - a McLaren F1, Bond BMW z8 and Vanquish, Gulf GT40 Le Mans winner and a Kombi. I've scaled my collecting back since I was working at the shop full time. I've also got a few model kits on the go. A 1:8 Aventador roadster (blue) which has been sitting on the bench for far too long and this 1:8 993 kit which literally arrived from Florida, today. I hope to make it a duplicate of my amaranth violet 1:1 version. It's a Singer (by GT Spirit), but I've got a couple of purple RWBs in the background of the other picture too
  6. I spotted a couple last year. They look better without the disguise
  7. Model nerd here: I worked for a couple of years in a hobby shop and still work the odd weekend. I spent a lot of my wage on diecast. 🤘 I haven't registered on mass drop. What are the prices like? I could always have a few more 993s Autoart did them in a few colours. I've got one in silver, but not I'm not planning on selling sorry. I assume you're after a blue one? Autoart did a yellow MK1 in 1:18. Bburago appears to have as well. Kyosho also made a 1:24 radio controlled 996.1 GT3 in speed yellow - They released the body shells separately and they came with the matching wheels. Tamiya made a 1:24 GT3 kit too, which you could build to your tastes. My current focus is purple 911's. I've done some minor mods to the two in the foreground.
  8. I'm with Gsaps. I'd like to learn though. I've just changed jobs and my daily driver is getting old.
  9. I hate that the Taycan doesn't have the wide rear hips and suicide doors of the Mission E. Otherwise . . . 👍
  10. Literally, EVERY time I drive my 993 someone will cut me off or pull out in front of me. To the point where I'll need to take some sort of evasive action. My daily is a lowered Golf GTI so it's also a small car too, but I get cut-off much less often. Am I just more precious about the Porsche? Is my purple 911 harder to see than a silver VW? Is it just me?
  11. You are free to do as we tell you!
  12. Did anyone here score the 993 turbo hardback seats from Gumtree? I would have jumped on them like a shot if I didn't already have the earlier softback recaros. Even then I was still tempted.
  13. I was sorting through some of my old photos and I found some action shots from a driver training day at DECA Shepparton back in 2007. Does anyone own this Boxster S? I can process and upload more if the owner is here. Rego is RYD903

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