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  1. Hey team, I know it's a long shot - but was just wondering if anybody here has the 915 syncro removal tools that I could borrow? I would literally only need them for 1 day - I'm in Melbourne. I was going to try and just use home made versions, but so far they haven't worked. I've managed to remove 2 dogteeth from the gears where the dog teeth sticks out further than the teeth. But I dont have that option on the remaining gears. I was just about to buy them, but it seems that nobody sells them anymore and the few businesses that do, are charging WAY too much for them. If I can't borrow the tools, I'll have to see if a shop can assist. Thanks!
  2. I imagine that would be the preference, but I don't think he's too fussed. I think the one that we looked at was 1600.
  3. I've contemplated many times about buying a car sight unseen and have always managed to talk myself out of it. For the exact reasons your mate Tony found himself in. We actually went and looked at a Roadster the other night here in Melb - guy was asking 22k ono. He kept saying that it needs to go. We assessed the car - it's had a partial respray, reasonable amounts of rust and surface rust, battery tray needed replacing, what appeared to be black oil shooting out the exhaust. Didn't run that great. We basically thought that he was asking too much for what it was. Despite my best recommendations to the contrary, my mate who was still interested (fairlady is his dream car) he still made an offer. Quite reasonable offer, I thought - given rust and work required to bring it up to scratch but the guy barely budged. I understand that it was his pride and joy, but I think he needed to be more realistic about the value of the car. Especially given that he started at 28k and a few months later is down to the 20k ball park. After that, my mate was a bit gutted - but he's decided to get serious on his hunt!
  4. AdRock


    I hadn't heard of this - and i've been around the Melb VW scene for quite a few years now. I know a VW mechanic in geelong who posted some photos of an engine he had in his shed on some VW pages and a couple of weeks later he was broken into. After that I'm very careful about what i post, as you never know who is lurking.
  5. Thanks Niko. He already has a couple of Datsuns - and I believe he knows Lou and has chatted with him previously. Although, I will suggest he hit him up again for some leads. Cheers for the message! :)
  6. Ah awesome, thanks for the update! I had guessed about 100k before knowing any more than seeing the photos online. Looks like somebody stole it and took it offroad!
  7. Was anybody watching the 2016 911S that was up at pickles auctions this morning in QLD? It was a repairable write off - looked like it had some undercarriage damage, but in the photos, body looked ok. I tried to log on to the auction but was a little late, so completely missed it - anybody know what it went for?
  8. My mate is on the hunt for a Datsun Fairlady Roadster. They don't come up too often. There's currently one on Facebook in Melbourne and another yellow one at Kollector cars in sydney. Told him I'd put some feelers out for him, since I've come across all of my favourite cars with wanted ads! If you know of something that is or might be for sale that isn't either of the two above, I'd been keen to hear and pass on the info! He's in Melbourne, but can make interstate work for the right car. Thanks!
  9. You're a braver man than me, my friend! :) Once my engine goes back in, I never want to work on another one again! haha At least I can say I've done it.
  10. Buying direct from Porsche is super fast - usually they have it for me in a day or 2 and they have practically everything I've needed. The problem is being porsche - they only sell genuine Porsche parts. Unlike Pelican, etc that sell cheaper alternatives if you're happy to buy an aftermarket option. MasterParts is great - but unfortunately their range is very limited - otherwise I'd buy all of my parts from there.
  11. I've bought a whole bunch of stuff recently from EBS Racing. They send via FedEx and before they will deliver your goods, you will get an phone call asking for the additional $$. On a $1400 AUD purchase, I got charged: Customs Duty: $69.50 Import DEC N10 AIR CHARGE (Goods value < $10,000) GST $151.34 WET $0.00 AQIS Entry Charges AIR $33 so, $303.84 in additional charges. What a rip. As if the conversion rate isn't bad enough.
  12. Maybe shoot Dave @ Volkstrim a message via Facebook. He's in Melbourne. He's an absolute legend and artisan at what he does. He's known for his VW upholstery, I'm sure he could help out with your visors. Can't hurt to ask. https://www.facebook.com/volkstrim/ He actually just did a set of seats for a 928 and they came out looking great!
  13. Can you just measure your 915 Main shaft? Assuming that you're building this tool to rebuild your own transmission.

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