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  1. I like the deans marsh - lorne road that takes you right into lorne. I think you get on it at Winchelsea. Goes past the site where they have the Rock above the falls festival I believe.
  2. I got the medium. it fits a 911 SC. Not sure if a small would fit.
  3. There's always the possibility that one of the less mileage cars that are 30-40k could have their engine die at any point - for whatever reason. That means even though you bought a more expensive / lower mile car - you might need an engine rebuild anyway at some point in the near future. So, if you buy this car for $20k-ish, even if the engine requires a rebuild at some point - for the same price as one of the lower Km cars, you're getting a rebuilt engine included! (glass is half full here!) Obviously other parts on the car would have worn (transmission?) during the 300k km's - but just a different way to look at it.
  4. I store a car in a apartment stacker here in Melbourne. Nobody can access my cage without a key. Here it costs me $170pm - I found it via gumtree. I also use a Super Cheap Auto - Gold car cover (about $100) on another one of my cars that is outside. It does what it says - they are waterproof. They don't really last a year though in the elements. They have a 2 year warranty, so I just swap it for a new one when it breaks down.
  5. If you're only doing top end and replacing head studs - it's pretty straight forward to DIY. Just depends on what else you decide to do 'while you are in there'. I dropped my engine to replace a head stud and ended up rebuilding the whole engine. The good thing about having someone else do it for you is that you'll probably be back on the road a lot quicker. Doing it yourself might take longer, but you'll probably save a lot of cash and learn a LOT along the way.
  6. We played the 'moving forward' drinking game whilst watching. .....let's just say - bloody rotten hangover the next day!
  7. Thanks mate. Unfortunately though, from what I can tell, the boxster disc doesn't match the 915 shaft. Basically it sits over the shaft and you bolt some flat bar to the clutch disc so that it stops the shaft from turning when you're torquing the bolts to a ridiculously high torque.
  8. Wow! So nice! Congrats!! Would love to own one of these! Mainly because they look so comfy inside!! Let us know how you get on, once you're acquainted!
  9. bump on this one... since I haven't had any luck with the porsche shops I have tried so far. Thanks!
  10. Killing it mate! Dont forget to seal up the oil pressure switch with JB Weld.
  11. Hi team, I have to rebuild my 915 transmission and instead of buying a porsche holiding tool, I can use an old clutch disc as a holding tool. Just wondering if anybody has an old junk clutch disc that they would otherwise throw out, that I could have? I'm happy to pay postage. Cheers,
  12. Legend, thanks mate - just looked him up on Pelican and his work looks great. I'll contact him today and see what he says. Sounds like the way to go! Will update here as to how I get on.
  13. After looking on the weekend, there were plenty that had special fittings and needed crimping. Don't know which ones were high pressure... I know which ones were vacuum - they're fine. - most of the fuel ones weren't simple to replace with generic parts https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/SuperCat/911M/POR_911M_FULFUL_pg2.htm#item2

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