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  1. Hey team, Just wondering if you guys had any our sources for wiring Harnesses other than Kroon or the Pelican Parts guy Timmy2? Maybe someone local? I didn't expect them to be cheap, but after GST, Import tax, shipping and currency conversion, they work out to be a bit over $2000. Was curious to know if there were any other options out there that people have used. At the moment, I have a reasonably dodgy LHD harness which has been spliced to suit a converted RHD. Cheers,
  2. I'm going to be no real help here, but I'll comment anyway. :) I purchased one a few months ago to replace my 1983 911 soft top. I ordered it from ebay from these guys: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-911-Convertible-top-Plastic-window-Black-German-1983-1994/310323281710 I got it during one of ebay's 10% off sales, which meant that I got it pretty cheap. I haven't actually opened the box as yet, as I'm still getting the engine and transmission sorted. I did a lot of research and found that most of them came from 2 or 3 different manufacturers, even the ones you buy here in Australia. Everybody else seems to just be a re-seller. The ebay guys got lots of good reviews and I determined that their top was from one of the big manufacturers (can't remember which one sorry). The challenge is not finding someone reputable and reasonably priced to install it. So far estimates have been around the $1000 mark. Good luck!
  3. If you mean the shift rod that goes inside the 915 transmission, there's a NOS one on ebay from a local guy - $155 OBO. I bought an exhaust from him and he personally delivered it to me. Recommend.
  4. wonder if it happens as much now with dash cams that can pick up motion / impact.
  5. Bahahaha! Let me know if you need a model for a photo shoot. I'm happy to help out if you need... I look smashing in a white suit. My only disclaimer is that with me in the photos - you'll probably get a lot less for the car - rather than more.
  6. I assume you have already looked here?
  7. Bumpski.... still hunting... getting closer to needing one as I put my transmission back together. Apparently I can also use a reverse to first sleeve from a 914 in the off chance anybody has one of those laying around.
  8. Lol, nah not trucks. Just a skateboard wheel. Although they work better on threaded gear shifts as they just take 2 nuts to install... Aren't the 911SC shifters tapered? I forgot to check when i was at the car last weekend.
  9. Almost every BMW 125i that I have seen has been blowing smoke. I notice because my girlfriend always tells me she would like one. Then I point out the smoke. :) I reckon your money would be better spent on a super nice 944/944S or a 928. Both of those will get your groceries for you, be fun to drive and will actually appreciate in value.
  10. Went to one yesterday, but they only had sets. Wanted a new one, not a used one. :) Doubt I'd even have to run.... they'd be too stoned to chase me anyway.
  11. Getting back to my roots . Now just need to see if I can buy one instead of a set of 4.
  12. Thanks for the info everybody! Looks like my dodgy skateboard wheel or ebay special might be the way to go!
  13. Was actually going to look at doing a skateboard wheel if I couldn't find one. Otherwise plenty of cheap and nasty novelty ones on eBay.

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