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  1. AdRock


    Check out @NORTHBORDERS on instagram. Local Melbourne kid who is an amazing photographer. Also takes Doncaster Porsche's marketing photos. If nothing else, his insta or youtube is worth a look.
  2. AdRock

    911 wiring harness

    I've been looking for about 6 months... only places that I've found that make them are Timmy2 from pelican parts and Kroon. Did you find any other leads? Unless you can find a NOS one laying around in a shop somewhere - as far as I can tell - they're our only options. Kroon work out to be a little cheaper on shipping and EURO exchange rate, VS Timmy2 charging in USD.
  3. Haha, I'm not far off! Storage fees aren't cheap! It's now in pieces, so sure!
  4. Jeez, this is one of the best looking porsches I have ever seen! At this stage, I'm wishing I spent my money on this instead of a clapped out old 911!
  5. Once I start mine up after my own rebuild and the pistons hit the valves, I'll send it to you to redo and do it properly.
  6. Great suggestion - but definitely sounds like something I'm not going to do. Looks like I'm just going to repair my one.
  7. Fine then! I'll just rebuild my own harness, shall I? Just remember - I'll blame you when my car burns to the ground.
  8. ..or year close to 1983. Mine was a LHD which has been hacked to be a RHD. Would like to replace with a original RHD one. I know I can buy new ones, but they are about $2000.
  9. Awesome! Could you possibly send me details/pic and how much you would like for it?
  10. Hey mate, not yet... haven't really been looking recently.
  11. I paid less than 25k for mine.... I have spent about 20k on it so far in rebuilding the engine, transmission, redoing the electrics, fuel tank, replacing soft top roof, tyres, rubber hoses, seals, fuel lines, you name it and that's doing all the work myself - except for machine work and some transmission work. So - for $50k I should have a nicely, mostly rebuilt car. Had I paid $50k up front for a car that was 'nicer' - I probably would have had to have done all that at some point in the future anyway, so then you're looking at 50k + all of the rebuild costs and labour if you can't do it yourself. I dont know what condition the car is that you are looking at - but there are a few around at the moment for $50k, they might be cabs, or targas or LHD, but if you spent the additional 50k on it you should surely have one of the cleanest, fastest porsches known to man! :D
  12. Funnily enough - cremorne and neutral bay isn't too bad on the pricing of apartments - especially when you compare it to anywhere around Surry Hills, Darlinghurst or even Enmore! House prices though - that's another story! :D There's also a few awesome ramen places along military road now. Pretty cool they have a Bourke St bakery over there now too!
  13. Wow, super nice area! Would LOVE to live around there. The cremorne point walk an the McCallum pool is SPECTACULAR!! Papaya thai used to be one of my fave restaurants when it first opened - not sure what it's like these days? Went to Radio Cairo recently though (the African place) and it was 100% the worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant. LOVE catching the ferry from Cremorne/Mosman into the city.... damn I really need to work on that tattslotto win! :(
  14. I often stay at Park Regis serviced apartments in Cremorne. Just a 10 min bus ride across the bridge into the city. Also the parking in the local streets around there isn't overly restricted so you can park for free if you like. Rooms on the harbour side are best and usually have a super nice view of the harbour, heads and bridge. Great thai restaurant downstairs too. :)

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