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  1. AdRock

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    See post above.
  2. AdRock

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    Here's some food for thought... I have two torque wrenches. One is about 3 years old from Aldi - a micrometer style - same as what you would get from Super Cheap, repco, etc. I think it was about $30. I also recently went to a deceased estate sale and found a Warren and Brown deflecting beam torque wrench in the back of a drawer, which appeared to be at least 20 - 30 years old. I picked this up for $5. My father in law works at the RAAF, so he took them to work for me to get calibrated - as they have to check their torque wrenches every day before they use them on aircraft. Turned out that the Warren and Brown version was still spot on after sitting in drawer for however many years and being quite old and some surface rust in places. The much newer micrometer style wrench ended up being quite out of adjustment after being very much looked after and always stored correctly and in a case. It's only been used previously to do up wheel nuts. Based on this - I'd recommend spending the extra bucks to get the deflecting beam type which rarely goes out of adjustment. My understanding is that Warren and Brown will also replace the torque wrench if it even ends up going out of calibration. *Edit: I just checked their website and this is indeed true... they provide a lifetime warranty. http://wbtools.com.au/faq/
  3. I wouldn't trust my cars to anybody other than Victa from Umbrella Towing. Check out his facebook page to see the cars that he moves.
  4. AdRock

    Brake Cleaner on engine bearings - bad?

    Funnily enough the makers of the bearings said that I shouldn't have used the brake cleaner, but couldn't tell me either way whether it would be detrimental or not.
  5. So, on the weekend I was checking clearances with my bearings using plastigauge. I had read online that to remove the plastigauge you could use degreaser or brake cleaner. I found that brake cleaner worked really well, but I also noticed that it changed the colour of the bearing. At that point I realised I probably shouldn't have used brake cleaner on the bearings. Is it possible that I've stuffed the bearings? Should I shell out for another set? They actually still look fine - but I'm just being paranoid!
  6. Good deal for someone doing a rebuild! I also recently purchased the yoke and the later cam tool.... ended up being about $500+ once you consider postage. So, $50 per month is very reasonable!
  7. AdRock

    Texting whilst driving

    I use this... it's called 'Daily Roads Voyager'. Works exactly as a dashcam would. Chews through your phone batteries though... need to keep it charging when using. I wouldn't use it for longer than an hour though as my phone tends to get pretty warm from recording for all that time.
  8. AdRock

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    Well! All of my gear is back from the machine shop, picked the rest of it up on Friday. Cylinder heads look brand new - all new springs, worn valve guides replaced, etc. Don't have any cylinder head porn photos to post at the moment - will post some up on the weekend. Also just dropped a massive load of cash on the guys over at EBS racing. Troy over there is really helpful and help me put together a really well priced shopping list - they seem to be cheaper than almost anywhere else I could find - and I've been searching for months. I even went to the trouble of putting a spreadsheet together with parts price comparison. EBS almost always came up cheaper. I decided to splurge on some ARP rod bolts.... I figure if somethings goes wrong in there - it's going to be the most expensive to resolve - so I thought it was worth the investment. My only problem is now - ARP apparently suggest that you install these using a stretch gauge to measure bolt stretch. Only problem is that they are circa $300+ to buy from ARP. You can buy some cheaper ones here for about $100 - but by all accounts they aren't easy to use. Just wondering if anybody here has a ARP (or similar) that I could beg, buy, rent, steal or borrow for this job? Or alternatively - has anybody used these bolts and only relied on torque? If so, did you have success/confidence doing it this way? Also - as mentioned earlier - after much reading and much paranoia, I shied away from Glyco for my rod bearings and with with the Tasmanian ACL Race Bearings. I've read so many good things about them - that I couldnt resist giving them a go. They set me back $130 For the main bearings I went with the GT3 bearings. There was a lot more confidence in those bearings across most of the threads I read on pelican and from the guys at EBS. Also they were only $30 more than standard Glyco 911 bearings. For the IMS bearings - I went with the Porsche brand (which I believe are just pre-measured Glycos) which aren't much more expensive than Glyco name ones. I think I've set myself up for success here... looking forward to starting to put bits back together soon!
  9. Does your carby have a choke? On my kombi, if I warm start, sometimes I need to reset the chokes. I believe pushing your foot flat to the floor should reset the choke. The choke is also adjustable - when it's warmed up, it should be pointing straight up and down... when starting from cold, it should be 'just' closed. Here's some good pages that I've used: https://www.wikihow.com/Adjust-the-Automatic-Choke-on-an-Aircooled-Volkswagen-(VW)-Beetle http://www.vw-resource.com/automatic_choke.html#adjust Not sure if you've checked this already, but after you drive it and it's warmed up, if you open the petrol cap, is there any sound of air hissing? If none of the above, I'm stumped.
  10. AdRock

    944 sale price

    Ha. Just across from my house.
  11. AdRock

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    Just heard back from the machine shop, they started on my heads today. Apparently 2 bent exhaust valves, including one with a chip that can't be machined out. This means two replacement exhaust valves required. Glad I got them checked... as that would have been so disappointing to put it all back together only to have valve issues! Also goes with my theory that at some point the engine had a major failure - I'm assuming that valves hitting pistons can cause bent valves? I think judging by the scuff marks in the chain housing and the fact that carerra chain tensioners have been installed - something in that region failed - possibly the old tensioners. Hopefully once it's all back together it will be as good as new! Pick up the heads this weekend. :)
  12. AdRock

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    Haha don't jinx me! Think you might need to pull the pin and find a new machine shop. Tell him you're coming to pick up your parts on Friday and take them somewhere else. I'd be willing to bet they suddenly get some attention.
  13. AdRock

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    Just a little update.... Picked my case up from Windford Engineering. True to his word, it was ready within a week! He hot tanked the case and pistons, torqued up the case and measured everything up. Confirmed that the case is in spec, as is the crank. He balanced all of my rods, pistons, pins and re-bushed the small ends of the rods. Big ends were all within spec. When I picked up my case, etc, I dropped off my heads also at Windford in scoresby. They'll get a good cleaning, then new springs, new valve guides, valves will be assessed for wear, etc. Also hot tanking the cam towers and valve covers. Should be ready for pick up this weekend. Just down the road from Windford is Clive Cams. Dropped off my cams and cam followers with Clive. He showed me some other Porsche bits he had just finished and they looked as good as new. Clive is a top bloke... looking forward to picking up my other bits... he reckons about 2 weeks. Started bead blasting and painting my engine tin and other various bits over the weekend. Bead blasting is a much slower process that I thought it would be! Almost ready to put the case back together. Now that I know what bearings i need, I can place my massive order for parts. Also going to get my big end rod bearings from ACL Bearings - I believe they are based in Launceston! Main bearings i'll just run with Glyco. I checked with EBS Racing and they confirmed that they haven't had any issues with Glyco bearings for quite some time... so I'll give them a measure when I get them and see how we go.
  14. AdRock

    Texting whilst driving

    I watched a guy in a Ford Ranger speeding (doing at least 80 in a 50 zone) in front of me the other day, whilst I was on my Vespa. He then proceeded to go through a red light, only to get stuck in traffic just past the light. Then about 300m down the road, a pedestrian was about to cross a zebra crossing and instead of stopping for said pedestrian, the guy in the Ranger sped through, almost collecting the poor pedestrian. Mr Ranger then turns left and floors it through a small gap amongst pedestrians that were crossing. Of course, only to be stuck in traffic again. This time, I pulled up next to him to get a look at the muppet and saw a guy, completely engrossed in his mobile phone. I just sat there staring at him until he looked up and then shook my head at him. He wound down his window and said "WHAT?" I said, "not only you drive like a d-head, but you're also on your phone". He said "when did I drive like a d-head?" I pointed out the red light, the pedestrian he almost ran over, the fail to give way to pedestrians crossing and now on the phone sending messages. He was obviously shocked that I had seen all this. His only response was "thanks", closed his window and sped off again. If you're wondering why I bothered to stick my nose in, it was the day after I heard that this young boy died. Doing nothing wrong - crossing the light on the green. His parents commented to the media that "if you see people on their phone whilst they are in their car, you should say something" alluding to the fact that the kid was hit due to the driver going through a red and being distracted by their phone. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-23/melbourne-family-plead-road-safety-jack-power-death-blackburn/10157004 Dont look at your phone while you are driving. Nothing is that important.