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  1. There has been another update in the news today as well. Sounds like its heading in the right direction, but its a long way off still with An “exposure draft” of the proposed changes is due to be released today (Wednesday 13 Dec) before being debated in Federal Parliament in 2018. http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/biggest-changes-to-car-rules-in-30-years-will-see-exotic-supercars-on-our-roads-hefty-fines-for-dodging-safety-recalls/news-story/81ec8464ce49d848961458a7500dacf9
  2. I was discussing the purchase of a second hand Boxster GTS with Porsche Brighton but sadly someone else beat me to it. It was the Porsche Australia test car and is the actual car featured in this review and numerous others. Was registered as CVR-87E in NSW and now is AEU-013 in Vic. I was in two minds about it being a journalists test car but figured it would have been checked by Porsche before re-sale. So now I will keep looking.... http://www.caradvice.com.au/331116/porsche-boxster-gts-review/ To respond to other comments, I prefer the newer interiors, I like a drivers car options and wanted a convertible so the Boxster GTS ticked all my boxes! Will have to keep looking and will also look at 997 convertibles too. Although this 997 turbo is the same money as the GTS..... http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2007/SSE-AD-3717186 Maybe its cheap as its an import. Or maybe its just a realistic seller?
  3. I've had this in the past when shipping across the country. I think its rust and dirt from sitting near the train tracks before loading and having other trains go past. I had it happen once and rejected pickup. CEVA cleaned it and then re-delivered it to me. It was still not 100% but had a more acceptable level of dust/ dirt for such a long road trip. And to echo earlier comments, a clay bar will fix it.
  4. A bit late to respond, but I'd also recommend CEVA. I have used them for a few shipments from Melb to Perth and back again over the years. Also for Jetski's as well. In case anyone comes across this forum in the future, for Motorbike shipping, I use http://www.callmtl.com.au/
  5. Wow thanks for all the kind words. You guys really are a friendly bunch! I hope to have it in time for Christmas so will keep you posted!
  6. Check with your state roads authority as in some states you can't use a baby seat in a front seat unless the airbag is deactivated. On overseas Porsches there is a key switch in the glovebox that disables the airbag, but thats not an option for Aussie cars.
  7. So after living in Europe and having the opportunity to drive a lot of Porsches and other exotics over there, I've returned to Australia and need to get one of my own. Am looking at a few options at the moment and will try to buy one by the end of this year. Will start with a 981 Boxster S but am also looking at similar priced 997 convertibles. Its a hard choice between the newer interiors and PDK vs the classic 997. Have driven both back to back at the local dealer and am thinking will go for the Boxter S. Will post the obligatory photo once I confirm the purchase. But in the interim, I wanted to sign up for the forum anyway, as I have already found it very helpful with research into insurance providers and other info as well.
  8. Peter, I am in the same situation. Ryno seem very competitively priced and the team there are passionate about cars. I am concerned they use Lloyds as their insurer as well as in event of a claim it may cause delays in event of a claim. Or maybe not, and we both just worry too much!

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