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  1. I used him last year to replace my heater core, key re-code and a few small items on my 996. All good. No issues. He didn't charge me for a few diagnostic things as well which was a plus. He's a Porsche trained mechanic and also the guy who works with him. I use my indie for servicing so no direct experience in that regard. Jim.
  2. Jim45

    Manual 996

    Mine came with those type of tips as well. Whipped 'em off quick smart for a set of Dansk ones. https://www.mecatechnic.com/en-GB/dansk-exhaust-tips-in-stainless-steel-for-porsche-996-phase-2-2002-2005_RS10924.htm Like these as you can't see they are tips from the side profile.
  3. You'd think for that type of asking they'd have taken the ad writing duties away from the shaved baboon.
  4. Mate - Out of interest what tyres do these come with - specs / size? Cheers Jim.
  5. Also congrats on the purchase - must be feeling like a kid in a sweet shop. As has been mentioned I'd drive it a bit - see what it looks like in reflections and get a feel of how it presents before you change anything. Personally not a fan of Gold but on your car it look good as the wheels tie in with the script and the amber lenses. I wouldn't go black as you lose the definition of the wheel - but that's a personal opinion. I think body colour wheel would work if you want something different - excuse my crap 10 second paint job!
  6. No idea to be honest but if its anything like my 04 996 the door pockets hold heaps.
  7. Ditto great mods and looks the goods. Not usually a big fan of 19's but they suit this build. Please block me so I don't get any crazy ideas...
  8. Well said jakroo. I think we're going to get a rude shock here in Oz over the next few months and clinging to this "she'll be right" attitude is dangerous. I have a brother who was in Beijing studying up until recently and is now in Kyrgyzstan waiting for this to pass who saw this unfolding and said the way it escalates is frightning. Even the Kyrgyzstan government understood the risks and closed schools and borders as a precaution with zero reported cases - I think has now changed though. So even with the strictest controls it's an issue. My folks in the UK are now at home self isolating, schools are closing and everyone I know there is working from home and trying to find eggs! So we have plenty of examples of what to do - Do we need to get Italian type numbers before we decide it an issue? Stay safe. <<insert emoji of kicking the grim reaper in the balls>>
  9. Few quotes now in - 2004 / 996 / Roughly 6k km per year / $1k excess / Agreed value $60k. Waivered the salvage rights as I dont want the bugger back if its wrecked. MB: $1250 Enthusiast: $1280 Famous - Joke Quote Porsche quote pending.
  10. Do you have a limited KM policy - high excess? Sorry being a bit nosy!
  11. I've not had a chance to call yet - but will query it. For comparison - 2004 996 last year was $1711 - This years quote is $3615. I'll also try MB insurance as mentioned above.
  12. Anyone with Famous? - Has something changed there?Just got my renewal notice and it's more than double last year - WTF! Quoted current value is almost $15k less as well. A quick Enthusiast on line quote is what I was expecting to pay. Guess it's goodbye famous.

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