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  1. I have new PS4S's on at the moment which are about 3000km in and have no complaint for general daily use. Highly rate the PS2 which i had on before the PS4S's.... the PS2 seemed a little more loud road noise than the PS4S's but may have just been in my head. either way you cant go wrong oh, xbox1 is ok too (gamer joke sorry)
  2. Awesome, thanks for the recommendations. Sounds like a Aireys Inlet - Lorne - Deans Marsh - Winchelsea loop is in order in the coming weekends
  3. Hi All, Recently have been spending weekends down Lorne way and have been enjoying a few morning drives up and down the GOR (Angelsea to Apollo Bay mostly). While the GOR is an amazing rd, are there any recommendations on great drives just off it that are a little less populated that people have experienced? cheers,
  4. Appreciate all the feedback and recommendations guys, I'm in Richmond so there's some handy locations mentioned near me! Couple of quotes for now and I'll see how I go cheers,
  5. Hi all, I've had an itch the last few months to look into having the inserts (middle section) of my perfectly fine 997 seats done in Houndstooth/Pepita. - inspiration from the 911R and a mex blue 996 I eyeballed at #HB2. It looks fantastic! I think it will give my car a nice retro look and contrast, being polar silver in colour Anyone recommend and high quality workshops that could undertake the job in Melb? Preferably inner NE cheers,
  6. Great series! I binged the whole thing over the last weekend, perfect timing for this weekends F1.
  7. Hi Ash, What was the workshops reasoning that they needed to be replaced? Simply curious to know if it is something I should consider
  8. Awesome thanks mate! She's a BIG PDF but will be a quality read on the throne
  9. I was hoping for the Powerball last night as I would have contacted you this morning straight away! Maybe the Sydney mother who walked away with the 107 mill is on the forum and might be interested. Good Luck with the sale
  10. Looking fwd to seeing how this turns out JB. I like my PSE exhaust look with the small and large pipes (unique for the period and a design designation to show that you have the PSE option) but, I could be easily persuaded once I see it on a car . Looks like a safe bet that will look great though 👍 good luck!
  11. For $20-30 I'd recommend just buying the comfort cig connector. It's annoying it doesn't come as just a standard item with the charger but more $ to make for them selling it separate I guess... It's so much easier to live with and there's not a huge pinch on the cord when you close the door on it. Plus, it allows the unit to sit flush on the ground next to / under your car whereas with the battery connector cord, I found it too short to sit flat on the ground and had the unit dangling off the side of the car (maybe I didn't position it well enough). I just didn't want to rest the Ctek anywhere on the car and wanted it hidden under it as I live in a shared parking garage. https://www.batteriesdirect.com.au/shop/search/706/ctek-accessories.html - I've used these guys with no issues. Quick and reliable good luck!
  12. Ugh.. shame he's going to Lorbek in Melb and not Duttons.
  13. I'd Just do the gundo and you will be happy. Its not overly loud and provides a great note. Then, if money allows get yourself some 200 cell sports cats. (Fabspeed, AWE etc) Job done! I went another route after my PSE valves malfunctioned; rather than replacing the factory mufflers with PSE through Porsche at 2k each, I had both mufflers opened up and 'high flowed'. So for the last year I've been running X51 extractors and AWE cats with this set up. Above 4k is quite aggressive/loud and under 4k around town it's deep and burbley. I'll admit, its a little obnoxious but fun for now. At some point I'll want to make it a bit quieter and refined. 😄
  14. Auto Art in Preston isn't far from Doncaster. I had my PPI done there a few years back and no complaints https://www.autoartaustralia.com/

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