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  1. if it was one Fezza, a F50 for me if money was no object! All time top 5 garage: - Pagani Zonda Cinque roadster in blue - Ferrari F50 in red - Singer in green - 40.L 997 gt3rs in white - 300sl Gullwing silver
  2. M2 Mobridge I had installed a number of years back. by No Limit Car Sound Vision in Port Melbourne Only your first 100 contacts will be sync'd from your phone to the PCM due to its storage but not really a big issue as I really just wanted bluetooth for music. But I can make and receive calls via the steering wheel and it's compatible with BOSE. If you do get one installed just make sure they fully disconnect the factory Motorola module that's found under the driver seat. This step was missed for me and I was getting a flat battery once a week as it was still pulling a currant when the car was switched off causing the battery to go flat! here's a shitty you tube video on functionality but you get the idea note that this unit will make the 6 sacker in your frunk obsolete.
  3. 356 Speedster 73rs 959 Carrera GT 997 gt3rs 4.0L (notable mentions: 930 turbo, 964RS, 993 gt2, GT1, 991R, 918 Spyder)
  4. https://www.covercraft.com/us/en/shop/1965-porsche-912/ Thirded! I have the all weather for my 997 and it fits perfectly
  5. maybe clear or smoked side indicators too?? (via google)
  6. I inquired about an update a few years back. Porsche quoted me $600 just for an updated disc!!!!! Remember the images and map look will remain the exact same apart from you recieving some additional lines and street names... to me, I couldn't justify it. Phone and $10 phone cradle in the vent for me 👍
  7. My thoughts exactly! It's not advisable but you're not breaking the law. Just don't want to cop a fine if I'm out and about by myself for a SMT. Our cars need exercise too 😄
  8. As others mentioned. Ctek 5.0 with the ciggie lighter adapter. Side note, different states and different restrictions but is it now officially not ok for us to go for a casual drive even if its solo??
  9. much appreciated! I'll do some digging and testing 🤞
  10. What baby seats are you both using? I've got a 3 month old so once she can go to a front facing seat I'll be purchasing one Any recommendations of an installer or did you do it yourself? cheers,
  11. Awesome vlog Jeff. The whole weekend is such a blast! I went last year when Campbell won but missed this year due to my first born arriving. Already working on convincing the wife for 2021 🤞
  12. super desirable but 850k!!!! wow!
  13. Agree with when the battery is low all kinds of electronic issues can pop up! (sunroof operating on its own, airbag light, seat bolster pressure automatically increasing!) Similar thing happened to me a while back which turned out to be the phone/factory Motorola module under the drivers seat that was still pulling currant when the car was off. This all started when I had a Mobridge Bluetooth phone kit installed and the installer only disconnected the phone functionality from the PCM unit and not the module under the seat as well. I was getting a flat battery every 3- 4 days without driving! Drove me mad. Initially to troubleshoot had the the entire starter loom and everything replaced (15yrs old so I can smile now and just call that preventative maintenance) but, all it turned out to be was one plug that needed to be disconnected under my seat! My guess is a good recondition cycle of your battery with the trickle charger overnight before you take her out, especially if you're not driving it for more than a week or two at a time. Good luck
  14. Good luck! Hopefully no surprises and you are in the drivers seats soon with an ear to ear grin 😁
  15. A good buy at the price! - Certainly a roll of the dice without a PPI -but hopefully the owner experiences trouble free motoring 👍
  16. Saturday Morning targa with my step-dad and uncle on their HD's Richmond - Warburton - Marrysville - Healsville - Richmond Hardly anyone out in the hills!
  17. Not sure on why that would be, but as others have mentioned, ditch the CD stacker! I went for the Mobridge M2 module which sits behind the dash. I can Bluetooth music off my phone, make phone calls and answer via the steering wheels and its works with the BOSE stereo (if you have it ticked as a factory option). The six stacker is still in the car, just not functional anymore. Sill retain the factory dash approx $900 installed from No Limit in Port Melbourne: http://www.nolimitcsv.com.au/ that was a couple of years ago though
  18. I have new PS4S's on at the moment which are about 3000km in and have no complaint for general daily use. Highly rate the PS2 which i had on before the PS4S's.... the PS2 seemed a little more loud road noise than the PS4S's but may have just been in my head. either way you cant go wrong
  19. Awesome, thanks for the recommendations. Sounds like a Aireys Inlet - Lorne - Deans Marsh - Winchelsea loop is in order in the coming weekends
  20. Hi All, Recently have been spending weekends down Lorne way and have been enjoying a few morning drives up and down the GOR (Angelsea to Apollo Bay mostly). While the GOR is an amazing rd, are there any recommendations on great drives just off it that are a little less populated that people have experienced? cheers,
  21. Appreciate all the feedback and recommendations guys, I'm in Richmond so there's some handy locations mentioned near me! Couple of quotes for now and I'll see how I go cheers,
  22. Hi all, I've had an itch the last few months to look into having the inserts (middle section) of my perfectly fine 997 seats done in Houndstooth/Pepita. - inspiration from the 911R and a mex blue 996 I eyeballed at #HB2. It looks fantastic! I think it will give my car a nice retro look and contrast, being polar silver in colour Anyone recommend and high quality workshops that could undertake the job in Melb? Preferably inner NE cheers,
  23. Great series! I binged the whole thing over the last weekend, perfect timing for this weekends F1.
  24. Hi Ash, What was the workshops reasoning that they needed to be replaced? Simply curious to know if it is something I should consider

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