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  1. I now need some personal time alone...
  2. Beautiful car, at that price I don’t expect to see it last long.
  3. Excuse my ignorance didn’t see this one originally for sale, why the high price point, was there something specific about this car? Thanks
  4. As a Master Detailer CCP and expel are the go to. These films are constantly developing and improving and easy to work with once installed. With the post advertising though #CarCareProducts may be appropriate to chip in as a financial member?
  5. GLWS. The red is stunning. Would you take $1 per day repayment schedule, two children a wife and a Labrador?
  6. Hi Scott my question is your numbers state from 2010 onwards yet 09 was also the 997.2 so do we have any figures including the 09 cars? Thanks!
  7. Any info on .2 2009 numbers CS vs touring? Thanks
  8. Wheeler Dealers season 11 episode 2
  9. @TwoHeadsTas please don’t laugh at me but there was an episode I think it was in wheeler dealers that this exact job was undertaken. Time consuming but relatively simple. Give me a bit of time I’ll see if I can find the episode.
  10. A pro would have that done in a day at least 90% if the base is solid. Looking at $600- $800 and would be like new
  11. Got to be careful what I say as I’m in the same boat. Have it stock, remove badges, wings etc. only show pics with it stock. looks like a nice car price seems about right maybe a little high for a .2 tip with 100k as .1 with those sort of k’s are in the $80k mark, but hey you never know with the Porsche market. Nice looking car. GLWS.
  12. Yes spot on. I failed in typing with my fat fingers
  13. Niko’s spot on. I love Autoglym products they are not cheap but you get what you pay for. all I can add is if you claybar your car make sure it’s a fine or medium grade at the most. You then need to reseal the paint with a good quality hand polish, then hit the surface with the aqua wax. The minute you strip the paint surface with a clay bar you re expose the clear to contaminates a lot easier so it must be protected with a longer term solution. cloth wise stay clear of Bunnings you really want a good quality micro fibre cloth/towel that is lint and polimide free if possible, otherwise again you get what you pay for. new options into the market are silica based sprays that act like a ceramic coating but with last 3/6 months rather than years. Something like nova jet or lustre have ci02 in them and have the same application as the wax. www.waxit.com.au www.carcareproducts.com.au Cheers
  14. Yep Agree with your sentiments. Knowing a pristine example with a leading 2 on the klms sold very quickly in the high one’s through a dealer tells me the market is stuck in 2018. There I said it. Where I am at is very different to the market hence the unicorn status..hey if it doesn’t come off I’ll be sort of relieved to hold onto mine. But if the wooden horse is rocking and producing poo then I have to have a shot as a true enthusiast.

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