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  1. JB

    Tar blobs on your wheels..

    Niko’s On the money. Stay away from petrol, turps etc. Prepsol or trisol are other non damaging options.
  2. Mick I agree with you, however from what I can ascertain the dealer is not taking control of the situation and managing the problem. If the dealer was proactive and solutions orientated and trying to provide some options to achieve an mutual outcome then yes definitely you need to work with them and be flexible. i could be wrong but from what I am reading the dealers just left the ball in his court? cheers
  3. Re order the car, demand a courtesy car to be supplied at their cost until your new car is ready, have done this before. If you have it in writing and it’s in the contract, and confirmation that it was done in writing, responsibility sits with them. That’s what a contract of sale is for. If they have not delivered on the contract the purchase of the vehicle is void.
  4. Hi Guys, Just though I would throw it out here and see if there's any interest. For those who may not know, aftermarket exhaust tips for PSE (Porsche Sports Exhaust) for the 997 are rare as hens teeth, and if you can get something from OS its expensive -very.... Whilst there are various options for standard 997 exhaust with the large and smaller diameter pipes of the PSE makes it very hard. Anyway Ive been in discussions with a company in the US who are happy to look at doing a PSE exhaust tip for me, a variation of their current one. Attached are pics which are a representation of the style I am working on, obviously the clamp section will attach like the factory unit with it clamping to the large diameter pipe and the smaller pipe sitting within the tip itself independently. So let me know if there's any interest as volume always speaks when it comes to price, and I like to always have something a little different to the norm, whilst being tasteful. Happy to discuss further, or talk individually to anyone that's interested. Cheers JB
  5. That’s a big hit, would have hurt like hell.
  6. @hugh I’m in the same boat did I register? Thanks
  7. Hi guys. Have seen a lot of this type of process used before, however not my area of expertise or an area I want to get into. It’s very subjective and what I consider a poor rectification the owner may be happy with or vice versa. companies like final touch specialise in these areas but personally I think it’s the hardest category in car maintenance/repair to work in. Chips are a direct impact into multiple layers of duco, from clear theough to base. Very hard to rectify no matter what the equipment or talent you have. my personal approach, touch it up and seal it, particularly with a exotic as resprays raise questions, and originality prevails no matter the condition. Just my 2c
  8. JB

    Gundo Hack 3.6 Yes/No Recommendations?

    Maybe a stupid question is there any benefits to do this with PSE? Thanks
  9. Oh FFS....... that is pure porn
  10. Perfect.... going to empty out my coin jar
  11. JB

    Engine Clean by Chrisfix

    Too much water application
  12. JB


    Your a dad now mate, life over... While the logistics are being organised in the background, I would like to make sure that I am able to cover the main points you would like to know/learn. based on this can you give me an indication of what are the key things you would like to get out of a session like this? Thanks
  13. JB


    Sunday probably preferred, love a volunteer car, I’ll bring the scotchbrite.....😉
  14. JB


    A specific wheel coating has si02 in it which has a greater resistance to heat and toxic contamination. However like everything only lasts a certain amount of time. I’ve put a nova wheel coating x 2 coats on my 4S and with the Macan we have tried 2 different products each on 2 wheels. Reason being we want to see he longevity of a ceramic coating vs a wheel specific coating to an everyday driven car that being the wife’s car is exposed to Life.... To Phil’s video above he’s spot on, but as an enthusiast doing it at home I’m not sure you want to spend that amount of time every time you wash your car. What you want to do is invest the time up front get the car up to a standard your happy with and then apply regular techniques to maintain it easily and efficiently. This is where a coating will help, and your process of snow foam and blower would become a quick and easy routine.

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