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  1. Phil, zero chemicals, high pressure to only spot clean on a non direct angle. personally I would a ceramic coat across it. cheers
  2. Hey edgy, absolutely gut wrenching I feel sick to the core. It will all come to light however, the information I have seems to be a normal stop with a couple of innocent factors that played out wrong. normal stop for excessive speeding, Parked on the blind bend of the eastern freeway, drivers rap sheet is looong, tests positive, need to impound car backup called due to the individuals background, car impound and one of the officers still in the academy out on work experience placement. truck comes round inside lane at 100ks serves to the emergency lane to miss police cars all goes wrong from there.
  3. Hi All, just wanted to let all the Victorian members who have paid me a visit or used my previous retail business services in Glen Iris over the past few years that I have now sold my Glen Iris business and no longer reside there. I am however offering my personal Master Detailing advice and services from my place of residence in Ashburton on a limited basis. If anyone is interested in Detailing, paint correction or paint protection, any scratch or damage assessment and removal from a factory Porsche approved Detailer then I’m happy to have a chat to see if I can provide the right service for your needs. Please note this is not limited to Porsche’s as I have broad experience across all brands with main expertise across high end cars. you can see some of my work on Instagram @Jaybee_Magic Again something I am happy to provide for members on a personal limited basis as I take some time out from owing a business. admins, Kerry or hugh etc if this is not appropriate happy to remove or discuss etc. thanks JB
  4. Cannot get a confirmation of the VIN?...🤔 maybe I’m missing something.... also doesn’t say what year. Looks good though.
  5. So I thought I’d throw it out there to see if anyone’s recently tried to get a new quote on a PCar. So the story is I just sold my 4S which was insured with Famous @ $1,300 odd who I’ve been more than happy with. So I pick up the phone to get them to quote me on the letters of G&T. Expecting something higher as I got a query quote 12 months ago for $2,100. the guy on the phone says brace yourself, $8k! I have a completely cleaning driving and insurance record.😳 says the market has just started to change on anything exotic or supercar as there have been lots of claims lately and people keep crashing them. Called a coupe of other Specialist insurers eg lumleys, who won’t even touch it... So anyone seeing similar things out there in insurance land? Any suggestions? At $8k it could be worth self insuring...
  6. Ok so looks like when I find one I need to budget for a box....😳 Ok so in bike speak that makes complete sense to me. My Factory ktm ace bike out of the box then had big $$$ spent on suspension revalving set up etc which made a great bike unbelievable. Every bike I get new or not first thing gets sent out for suspension... oh I so need someone to take me for a spin...
  7. Matt at wheel solutions or Alex at new life. whatever you do don’t use mobile services, that is why we stopped offerIng the service to our customers. the two companies above have full CNC machining set ups and do a complete job, not a cover up.
  8. Really Steve? I could not see how it can improve on the gt3s suspension much more. Is that with pasm?God I’d love to have a go on one with the control box..
  9. Nothing a bit of vinyl or plastidp wont fix....
  10. Surprised the black CS in vic hasn’t sold already!
  11. Ah thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately for all the bad sellers our there are many bad buyers. Would love the car to go to a member and a true enthusiast.. Happy to negotiate standard wheels are on the car and any ppi welcome.... only selling to step into a gt3 otherwise she stays with me..and trust me those 4s hips....😍would never look at an S the same way. (Sorry guys..)

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