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  1. Bills work is exceptional. I don’t know him or have any affiliation but I send all my customers to him. just say Jonathan from magic glen iris sent you
  2. Interesting. So that’s both touring models, so can we assume cs around 190 mark?
  3. I’d say if it’s 5 years old I’d be surprised if it’s still there. However it all comes down to how the car/coating has been looked after, and how the car has lived. Water beading on a coating will typically uniform sizes and shapes. Irregular water blobs mean that there is very little, if any, coating. Water should dissipate off the duco very quickly and have a uniform round shape. The water It should not ‘sheet’ and sit across the duco. A lot of experienced guys can feel if there’s a coating on the car, but for guys in the industry there’s a few key markers we look for as a lot of people tell us their car has a coating, and it doesn’t. if your not in Melbourne take a video of spraying your car with the hose I’ll try to let you know what’s on there. cheers
  4. Surprised as we’ll surely that leaves the dealer open to being low balled on the cs?....
  5. Hi Chris yes your correct it’s like a cream/polish however the makeup of it is classified as a jeweling agent. Then yes you can use reload or leave. it also depends on the actual starting position of the paint, eg condition. I think if I used anything else on top of mine it would just fall off the duco! 🤣
  6. They will bond no problem, they are basically a jeweling agent. As I mentioned previously don’t get too caught up in the technical stuff keep it simple. The essence plus in particular is designed to work with any coating. just make sure the paint is clean and a De wax process in the areas you want to apply, I did my whole car with essence plus the other day took me 15 mins. whatever you do don’t claybar the car, it will damage and or partially remove the coating. It can be done with a fine clay but you really have to know what your doing.
  7. Theo The reason I recommend auto glym at a retail level is it’s consistently good and not over complicated. Once you start getting into the newer stuff it’s over complicated with multiple products to complete one process (marketing hype). Also when we run product tests (which we do regularly) it’s amazing how well it stacks up against the more modern and expensive stuff. The same the same goes for coatings. I can and do recommend more expensive stuff however from experience I find my customers want simplicity and great results with minimal effort at home. @Harvs11 you can top up the coating with sprays like nova lustre or essence plus. different coating products continue to rapidly develop and sprays are starting to come on in a big way. We tested a ceramic coating aerosol on a car not two months ago. In saying that I’m using them as a top up agent rather than a base coating. in relation to weather you can apply different coatings, I know I’ll start a s*it fight and industry outrage but yes....... i like to challenge the status quo and a lot of people get caught up in their own product or the hype, cars I have seen with different coatings on them no issue. Preparation is the key.
  8. https://www.graysonline.com/sale/3442875/motor-vehicles-motor-cycles/2014-porsche-911-gt3-991-automatic-coupe?spr=true
  9. I know of a mint 4S... 😉
  10. I’d have it tomorrow but your just out of my price range, and I wouldn’t insult you on putting in an offer. Beautiful car, ticks all the boxes don’t give it away, hang in there post election and eofy things should get moving again
  11. @TwoHeadsTas I need more! The amount of times I’ve had a beer for every ad he’s changed I need some form of compensation to understand the man behind the car.... 🍿 @TwoHeadsTas I need more! The amount of times I’ve had a beer for every ad he’s changed I need some form of compensation to understand the man behind the car.... 🍿
  12. Depends how far you want to go, per nicko’s comments I think people are getting caught in the commercial latest and greatest. Don’t get me wrong therer’s constant improvements being made in car care as manufacturers develop paints etc, but most of us live in the real world and need real world advice, unless you want to spend hours each weekend having the perfect car that you don’t want to drive as it gets dirty...😏 The tempest hi tec towels are great, for high end stay away from towels with polimide or lint in them, but again this is for cars that have had the full works done to the paint, hence your wanting to preserve your investment. to be honest niko is on the money, especially if you look after your car regularly. As most polishes have fillers in them then regular polishing and waxing will be more than sufficient for everyday cars, and no matter what there is nothing that will eventually stop swirls etc only slow down the process. probably doing myself out of a job but it can become obsessive and over the top, you just want your car to look the best over the long run and enjoy it whilst not spending an eternity in maintaining it. jb

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