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  1. Nothing a bit of vinyl or plastidp wont fix....
  2. Surprised the black CS in vic hasn’t sold already!
  3. Ah thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately for all the bad sellers our there are many bad buyers. Would love the car to go to a member and a true enthusiast.. Happy to negotiate standard wheels are on the car and any ppi welcome.... only selling to step into a gt3 otherwise she stays with me..and trust me those 4s hips....😍would never look at an S the same way. (Sorry guys..)
  4. Please Explain.......... (in Pauline Hanson Voice)
  5. That report has got track rotation written all over it... just comes down to how hard the hit.
  6. @hugh no, apparently mines been resprayed and has too many cosmetic imperfections for a 12 year old car...🤨
  7. I thought Scotty kept it! beautiful car, perfect example.... congrats
  8. Thanks Theo yeah priced to sell in the market like everything open to negotiation. Would have loved to have sold off market to a member or enthusiast as it is a great car, and would have kept if I had the means...It was sold however fell though at the last minute as the guy was a moron. maybe a time of year thing, see what the new year brings....
  9. Oh.....trying to sell my 4S to get into a 997 gt3, james so I’ll ask you some questions that I’ve recently had to endure..... does it have Bluetooth? there’s a small scratches on the centre console so you must have abused the car the cars been resprayed, no it has not....Yep it has. Ok mate no worries i just looked at one $20k cheaper. That was an auto with 25,000 ks more and no options. Yeah but it was cheaper have you done the ims? Me have you done your research ? all these engines have borescoring issues. All of them hey? So why you looking at one ? whys it had so many owners? What 3 in 12 years? why has it been owned in so many states? What 3? Maybe it likes to travel? im going to drop and modify the engine So it’s a sleeper but waiting for the quote from my mechanic. i seriously am starting to understand why people who have faultless cars end up selling them to dealers........
  10. Thanks James. Yes me also Not my cup of tea. Could be an opportunity for someone to pick up cheap as a project and return to factory spec. I was just trying to understand the pricing on this one. From what i can see as well it’s a touring with added scaffolding and seats?
  11. Not wanting to be derogatory or bag anyone’s car, but am I missing something here?.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-Porsche-911-GT3-997-Manual-MY07/SSE-AD-6460497
  12. Do not use any of those products on ppf! If you do want to break down the chemical structure of your paint do not use turps etc or anything of that nature. Other options after track days etc is a clay bar, but for addressing immediate build up not long term, citrus or prepsol/trisol. If Chris’s products as are a citrus based cleaner as per Nikos recommendation is spot on. (I love the citrus cleaners) Always reapply polish etc after that sort of treatment to ensure some form of protectant is going over the paint. Otherwise by stripping back waxes polish etc and not reapplying exposes the surface to easier contamination. Which then becomes harder and wears the paint surface over time.

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