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  1. Hey Guys, Im on the hunt for a gt3/gt3 rs oem centre muffler. Let me know if you have one you’d like to get rid of. Cheers
  2. This is mine ?? https://www.instagram.com/sm1th5/?hl=en
  3. A great turn out this morning, and so cool to see so many Porsches in one place. Literally on of every color. It looked liked a packet of skittles. A great response for my cars first outing. Looking forward to the next one.
  4. hey mate, I'm keen to get that contact from you for the new cup 1's cheers
  5. Not yet Clay ? Delivery date is March 9th! I hear you have a chip for me though ?? I'm also thinking of some BBS RS Wheels or something custom from Rotiform or Fifteen52
  6. Troy Smith

    Cup 1's - 964

    Looking for a set of cup 1 wheels for the 964. Thanks
  7. unfortunately not. Still in perth
  8. thanks Chris! So am I. no yet, it's still in Perth.

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