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  1. I’ll have an ‘07 Audi A4 1.8T s line wagon coming on the market this weekend with c60,000km and at less than $10k if a wagon is your thing
  2. I have a brand new, never fitted or painted genuine Porsche 996.1 GT3 front bumper for sale (part number 99650598003G2X). Only problem is that there is a split in the bottom of it as shown in the below photos. Fits 996.1 Carrera and Carrera 4 as well as GT3. RRP for these from Porsche is about $3,000. Given the damage I’m prepared to part with it for $1,000. Pick up only (Sydney East). PM if interested.
  3. Ps - thanks for the full tank of fuel!
  4. Profile updated. Thanks @Tips!
  5. So you still don't want to sell it to me for $60k??? My wife is still in the market ...
  6. I still have it, although it is now in my wife’s car. I thought it was fine. Easy to remove when needed also
  7. Wow. Great colour. And price looks really good given less than 80,000 km
  8. I use Aquawax over mine. Works well. Not aware of it having a negative impact on my coating (Opticoat)
  9. Is that a child seat I spot on the left! I have two in mine...
  10. Price seems reasonable to me, particularly with IMS done. The only things I can see that go against it are the colours but that is my personal taste Edit: on closer inspection the headlights and taillights look to have been updated from the ambers that would have been on it as a 1998. And the wheels are also updates but good ones. But that all that can be put back to stock if desired
  11. That is in playgrounds right? Have fun

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