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  1. @Jason E and @1q2w3e4r see
  2. I had a 2007 Kluger (GSU45R). I must drive heavier than the rest of you or at least shorter distances because my typical fuel was over 15L/100km. Highway was better. It was an ok car. Enough power and handled fine. But I found it expensive to service, heavy on brakes and tires and it broke down twice in the 8+ years I owned it (once with a punctured radiator and the other time with a failed alternator). It also developed a water leak into the rear passenger side footwell (not sunroof related) that I couldn’t get to the bottom of. I was glad to be rid of it when I sold it late last year. That said it sold easily, but I listed it low with a view to moving it quickly. I was bought by a dealer (pretending not to be one) I didnt replace it with another Kluger for two reasons. First, I didn’t rate the ownership experience. And second the the middle row are now 60:40 split fold which meant not practical for surfboards and kids In the car for long trips
  3. I get my car serviced at BWA and am happy with them. Pricing reasonable and don’t seem to over service
  4. That was my concern too. Ended up at super cheap which also had the Bowdens range!
  5. Just driven to Adelaide (Mount Barker) in my new Raptor truck. Have taken out a small city of bugs on the way. I don’t have my detailing kit with me so either need to find a good car wash that won’t ruin the paint (it is swirl free and coated with Opti-Coat) or a good place to go and buy the kit I need to clean it properly. Any recommendations?
  6. I got ppi on my car done by Porsche Centre Adelaide. Would recommend. I would have used Buiks but they were the ones selling it. I did the PPI without seeing the car in person then flew down from Sydney to inspect before handing over the payment. I the drove it to CEVA and flew home. If you don’t want to go to Adelaide in person, maybe see if Buiks will act as intermediary for you if you get the PPI done there? They could then hold the car, keys and papers in escrow pending payment?
  7. Hey GG, Try Porsche Insurance/MB Insurance, Shannons and Famous. See here
  8. Everyone seems to want a 4WD or SUV for domestic travel at the moment
  9. I just sold the family Kluger on carsales. Listed it low (but above trade in) to move it quickly. Was inundated with calls straight away. Everyone wanted to pay a deposit. but I refused - didn’t want to hold the car for someone who might pull out and then create a dispute about the deposit. Also, I’m convinced everyone who called was a dealer although they all pretended not to be. Even the guy who bought it pretended to be a desperate family man in need of an SUV for his growing family in circumstances where he had been knocked back on finance on a more expensive car. Guy texted me all the time begging to be first to see the car. offering more than the asking and to pay a deposit. Then of course turned up and tried to haggle! Didn’t let him though. And of course the car is now for sale again but now by his used car dealership... So for my part I can understand both the reluctance to accept a deposit and the scepticism of callers offering a deposit.
  10. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on Noco portable jump starters? Thinking of one of these: https://www.amazon.com.au/NOCO-GB40-Genius-Lithium-Starter/dp/B015TKUPIC/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?dchild=1&keywords=coco+gb40&qid=1604356682&sr=8-1-fkmr0
  11. Design911 has the gear lever and boot for a reasonable price, or at least they used to
  12. Carsales used to have some kind of payment service. Not sure if it still exists
  13. Tacky radio buttons an easy fix. Think I paid $20 for genuine replacements...

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