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  1. So clearly C4 is the superior narrow body... no bias of course
  2. Looks like a 996.1 taco wing on a 996.2 convertible - interesting choice. That alone would be worth a few grand
  3. Thanks. Tried them but they didn’t bring in any new stock this year due to COVID uncertainty. It was actually them that suggested I try the UK!
  4. @Coastr did you fit 17s to a macan?
  5. Thanks. Sadly, I suspect that changing the wheels over twice a year will be a hassle too great for me!
  6. Cheers. What VW wheels fit a Macan?
  7. Have ordered some AutoSocks from here:https://www.autosockdirect.co.uk/ Had to email them for international postage which was £25
  8. Cheers. What chains do you use?
  9. Haven’t seen anyone using them. But also haven’t really seen anyone with an AWD with chains. Did see a lot of cars (including AWDs) abandoned by the side of the road, though. Reviews on Amazon are largely good and the complaint seems to be that they get shredded when the road no longer has snow on it. In NSW alpine you don’t need chains for an AWD so socks should not be a problem
  10. Just had my first experience driving in snow in my wife’s Macan S with 21” wheels. Seemed fine when I was moving but as soon as things slowed down traction was hard to find. I want to keep driving the car to the snow (do so about 3 times a year), and although the times when there is a lot of snow on the ground are rare, I don’t want to have the same experience again. Options seem to be a spare set of 18 or 19” wheels with winter tyres, snow chains or Autosocks (https://autosock.us/). For cost and practicality reasons I am leaning heavily toward Autosocks. Does anyone have any experience with them or other suggestions? Thanks
  11. At that price, query what the quality is going to be like. At least with genuine wheels from Porsche you are getting wheels you can depend on
  12. You can get all the original Prices in Redbook. My understanding in terms of current pricing is C4S > C2 > C4 > any cab. Tips add another negative factor for current pricing so that a C4 manual would be worth more than a C2 tip, but whether it would be worth more than a C4S tip I don’t know. I am of course assuming comparable condition and kms in the above
  13. So nice! I have a "LWB" Toyota Kluger I'd happily swap for it ...
  14. If you go MB direct do you avoid the $200 broker fee that Porsche Insurance charges?
  15. You don’t need to take them to court. They will all be part of an independent dispute resolution scheme which I think is free, fairly simple and usually done without lawyers. Youi looks to be part of AFCA: https://www.youi.com.au/handling-your-complaint

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