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  1. Pretty sure sunroof on 996 was standard - I don’t have a 650 on my 996 options and I have a sunroof. Sunroof delete on the other hand would see a code.
  2. What about trying a clay bar with the detailer as lube?
  3. So my wife got a flat rear tyre in the Macan and didn’t notice. Now needs a new tyre as she killed the sidewall ($439 for a 21” Michelin). Question is does she need to replace both rears? The other one is six months old and has 7,000kms on it (at least half of which is highway). Looks ok to me. Tyre shop said we should think about it but won’t advise either way (helpful!). At $439 a tyre I’d obviously prefer not to.
  4. I have dealt with something similar (but not Porsche) in the past. PM if you want to discuss
  5. It had more like 55k km on it, though. It sure what 20k km is worth price wise!
  6. This looks pretty sweet. Price is testing the market https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/OAG-AD-17642267?pageSource=details&id=OAG-AD-17642267
  7. Just needs some side skirts to even out the bumper and tail
  8. Have a search on Rennlist. I had one of the brake warning lights come on once (think it was the ABS light but may not have been). Ended up being a bad brake light switch. Ordered a new one (cheap enough), removed the old one and then tried to fit the new one but just couldn’t get it in - super awkward spot. Took it to Porsche and they put it in so quickly they didn’t even charge me
  9. I once bought a 5 year old black bmw that had permaguard applied when new. There was none left by the time I bought it. I have used both Ceramic Pro and Opticoat and been happy with them both
  10. Apparently there is one in Botany. Maybe someone can chime in. Otherwise there is Cavacos in Glebe and Autohaus in Chatswood. I am in the East but take my car to BWA in Seven Hills. They give you a loaner car.

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