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  1. I still have it, although it is now in my wife’s car. I thought it was fine. Easy to remove when needed also
  2. Wow. Great colour. And price looks really good given less than 80,000 km
  3. I use Aquawax over mine. Works well. Not aware of it having a negative impact on my coating (Opticoat)
  4. Is that a child seat I spot on the left! I have two in mine...
  5. Price seems reasonable to me, particularly with IMS done. The only things I can see that go against it are the colours but that is my personal taste Edit: on closer inspection the headlights and taillights look to have been updated from the ambers that would have been on it as a 1998. And the wheels are also updates but good ones. But that all that can be put back to stock if desired
  6. That is in playgrounds right? Have fun
  7. I feel the same way. Pity my wife does not... That's what I'm thinking. If only I could get her there on the older C63... Cheers @Tips Sadly, I think your car is too nice for my budget and too nice for my wife (who does not look after her car like I do mine)
  8. Tempting... Will take a look and speak to the wife Thanks, will take a look at the CLS 63 - I know, I reckon the W204 is the best looking of all the C63s Panamera still a bit too expensive (at least for one with 8 cylinders!) and I'm not a huge fan of the appearance of the first gen. Funnily enough she actually likes these, but we already have a Kluger and the FJ is probably a bit cumbersome for her 7km drive from home to CBD
  9. So my wife needs/wants a new (used) car. Her only requirements are that it be modern, European, look nice and have four doors. Mine on the other hand are that it should be RWD or AWD, have a decent petrol engine and most importantly depreciate as little as possible. I'd like to spend less than $60,000, but could potentially spend a bit more if it was worth it in the longer term (because of less depreciation). It will do about 5,000km per year. I like the c2009 Mercedes C63 AMG, but my wife things they are ugly. An early Macan S we both like, but not sure how they will go with depreciation in the long term - hopefully not like a Cayenne. What else should we look at?
  10. It was @disco and I thought he sold for $75k but could have been $70k. Had c55k kms on it from memory
  11. Looks nice and seems reasonable price for the kms and kit. Odd that has the orange rear lights but not the yellow indicators on the front - must have upgraded them at some stage
  12. I guess you just take the risk. And if it doesn’t work out you can sell it in the same manner!
  13. Staying to form, maybe buy a hardtop cover and the hardtop will follow! https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/willetton/other-parts-accessories/porsche-boxster-hardtop-storage-cover/1209835332

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