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  1. Nice looking ride - must be time to go get some more milk
  2. Pics or didn't happen... Congrats on getting through the saga in a calm manner. Grab a grinder and a new VIN and you are all set 😎 As for the argument with SHMBO, this is your first Porsche not last. Plus, plenty of mods / expense to come. The "discussions" will get better over time.
  3. Well, it is almost 1984...
  4. Well it looks like the same app we currently have, just an update. I look forward it only crashing every 4th session...
  5. AB_981


    ... or maybe this is why it happened and no protest. "Either you give up a race or we will take back some of the performance advantage". No Toyota's fault everyone else left.
  6. Perhaps the rest of the field are on wets anticipating rain? Mid corner speed / grip is significantly higher.
  7. Some video ... old vs. new. Maybe I just got a lot better and it has nothing to do with car / tyres?
  8. think you beat me by about 20km. I was pulled over on the third day for "random" breath test at 4pm in the middle of suburbia. Similar story, the dude was atypical robot, his partner (a lovely lady) was a big fan - turned out her dad has a few P cars and is saving to get her own. I offered her a ride of the proviso they don't pull me over every time they see me... then the dude came back with my licence "all good sir, please move on".
  9. Well ..... firstly, congratulations. I tip my hat, you had the patience and vision and it has all come off. That is one awesome looking car. For me the wheels were alway the most challenging but the guys have nailed it. Not a massive fan of the factory guards red ones but in the yellow they look the ducks. Also, nice read.
  10. AB_981

    Project Cars 2

    Even though I think I am still getting money from PC1 I think I will wait for the next Steam sale ...
  11. I have been waiting for this... please do start a new tread. Life on the road for me has been good, not as many trips in the last month due to work but still look for any excuse to get out on the road. Just got back from Cairns / Palm Cove / Port Douglas... some nice tarmac up that way ... spent the whole time wishing I was in the GT3 and not a horrid SUV/4x4. I never knew how dull driving could be. It's dangerous.
  12. That is a very nice car. Congratulations. Normally not a big fan of those wheels but on that car they look very nice.
  13. well, I call bulls**t, on 2 counts 1. burgundy GT3 2. "new" GT3 test drive I don't doubt there was a sacrifice of metal but not a "new GT3". More likely a turbo or carrera if it was burgundy or an older car
  14. Yes, only ever been on the hill climb once. I personally still consider the training centre to be "closed road", not a racetrack. Just depends on what the buyer is expecting. ahhh.. now thinking of Darlington Park. What a waste, that bit of tarmac could have really been something. Anyone here want to seed fund a club racetrack. Once you get past the first $50m it's all gravy.
  15. Takes me back to the *cough* WRX / EVO days (including seeing a WRX barrel roll down the reverse hill climb and puling the poor bugger from the scrap left over)... spent so much time at Mt Cotton as I am originally from BNE that the idea of going back there is not enticing for me. I am sure there is enough stuff to keep a first timer interested but it is either skidpad / hight speed manoeuvring or pretty basic track stuff. Depends what you want, if you want to learn a bit about car behaviour and your own capability then it is probably worth it, if you want to have fun punting a car around a loop track you will be disappointed. If you have some experience then maybe look at some of the local driver training options. I am still pissed disappointed that the 2nd PFA trackway in MEL was cancelled due to low numbers / "personal views".. this was by far the best track / learning experience based on participants behaviour and cost.... such a pity. Some people like the idea of it not being "their car", me, I prefer to improve my awareness in the car I drive, and care for. A car is metal, plastic and rubber - my primary concern is me so ownership of car does not influence my behaviour! 1500 is a wad of money ...

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