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  1. Hi Tom Item 10 are they still available. 0408751738 Ross
  2. 3.2SSE


    Looking for a H4 headlight with chrome ring in good condition, could get away with just a good lense and chrome ring if available. Thanks
  3. Hi I'll take the site could either of you gentlemen contact me please on 0408751738 Cheers Ross
  4. Looking for a set of 3.2 barrels preferably Mahle in good condition. Also looking for a 3 litre ROW distributor Can anybody assist
  5. Yes Patrick Long replied also asked him if there could invitations to any pre-show porsche activities he said many have been organised in the past around the weekend. Most likely 2 at least from Brisbane going we too want to purchase a list of equipment suitable to hotrod porkers so we may leave a little earlier to do some shopping or serious looking and do the shopping after the show we assume a lot of suppliers could be there as well. So this joint is down town would you recommend it and more importantly would you you be able to persuade MW to accept visitors to the shrine. now this is one lefty to another brother
  6. Just had a message back from Patrick Long #5 will be within 15 miles of LAX more information on logistics coming soon. T didn't you stay in a cool place when you went to get the 930?
  7. I'm thinking of booking flights now the venue has yet to be announced has it always been in LA? If a crew from here is going any ideas on where to stay
  8. I'm about to have my Targas rear window fitted for the second time the fitter would not install the demister wires in the rubber so left them out completely, destroyed both aluminium trims and the rubber doesn't cover the trim under the glass properly on one side and I have a tonne and a half of Bostic 5615 oozing from the rubber. The fitter could not understand my dismay at his work and promptly hung up on me when I asked if he though the job he had performed was finished or satisfactory. Unfortunately I have the pleasure of purchasing the aluminium trims from Porsche at $98 each the joiners are $28 each to get the fitter back to reinstall the screen. I'm not a glass fitter but I'm going to have a go at fitting it with my closest half a dozen porsche buddies to assist. Has anyone got any fitting tips
  9. Show me the proof of life Got a period picture of it on a car
  10. Great article very close to the meaning of life
  11. Has a body got a 3 litre engine that may be for sale looking for a sound base to fit to a track car won't need the injection preferably not ceased, case ,internals, heads assembled or in pieces.
  12. Where did you get the brakes lines. Cheers

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