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  1. WOKA

    Tech/phone geeks

    LG G4.! Noooo.. Quick, back up everything before the main board fails.. POS of a thing. I had a similiar issue (with LG G4 until it DIED) in that it seemed to compress the image before it would send via the G's. Wifi was fine. I thought it was a carrier problem, but when I got my Pixel on the same carrier all was fine.
  2. WOKA

    944 sale price

    Two pic's... Nice work.
  3. That's incredible value right there..
  4. That was for sale 3 or 4 months ago, then vanished.. Looks good.!
  5. WOKA

    996 does the top end

    That first pic in proudly displayed at the Birdsville Pub.! I haven;t read the article etc but pretty sure that's it cresting Big Red.!
  6. WOKA

    We've got it good

    Oh great.. I'm heading over in less than two weeks, first stop the Europcar counter.! Unreal. I did buy third party insurance though, so hopefully that might help if needed. Then a hire car in Spain for a week. Why oh why. Could have simply gone to Tassie for a holiday. Thanks for the tips...
  7. Click the link... Am I right in remembering that 996MEs are all X51 equipped.. If so, making your #51 unique in that it is #51 with the X51 upgrades..!? Now go click the link - enough 'free bumps'..!
  8. WOKA

    Running a GT3 out of warranty

    Brett won't touch WC motors and it seems is reluctant to take on new business.
  9. They managed to get the word 'outlaw' into it.!
  10. Wasn't that one a bit dubious..? A member got it looked at and determined that it needed 15k spent to get it right..? But then even so - It all adds up after getting it right to be a very nice car perhaps. c60k is where the market looks to be heading atm. EDIT: change of mind - it only has two pedals, so I care little. So this probably a different car..? I dunno - I need a beer.
  11. WOKA

    Which Porsche GT car?

    All this talk about Pcars.. Check out the ADZAM..!
  12. WOKA

    New 996 C2

    ^ PM'd (Sorry James for the derail)
  13. WOKA

    New 996 C2

    Thanks.. I've got similiar on mine, though running 305 x 30 x 19's very snuggley. I'll be looking for some 15mm spacers stat.! Cheers /end hijack
  14. WOKA

    New 996 C2

    @Tintin Audio what spacers did you use with the Lobsters..? Great looking car - but I'm biased..
  15. Actually @Russ the 'F40' pictured above, and that's been there a couple of times recently is also an F-F40, its based on a 308 - but said he pretty much hand build it himself. Its pretty amazing regardless.. The other F-F40 actually looks like a fake - not too hard to tell. I was very deflated when I learnt this last weekend. A real one recently passed hands into QLD very recently but I don't think its been to C&C yet - after duties I believe old mate said 'close to 3mil'...