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  1. Almost 5 years on and I'm still loving this car - the 996 is such a great machine, and it's definitely getting better with age. I think they look sensational, fried eggs and all. I always look back to it and smile. Its a beautiful thing. Been driving the 76 3.0 AC quite a bit recently and have neglected the 996. Decided to pull it out, give it a wash and go for a rev. Awesome. Brakes that work, air-con than works, power steering, slick gears, luxury.! Perfect for the QLD summers, though 100+, windows down, in the AC note is also a pretty special place too. Just saying.
  2. Yep - a really nice car from HK or SG..?
  3. This thing hauls. Great vid Mike and thanks for the pre-vid run.! Luckily for me Mike lives just over the hill and on a good day I hear the air-cooled symphony of Mike running the streets with these creations. Today was one of those days.. To cut to the chase.. This motor is incredible, the pull into your seat when the pedal was pushed is an absolute 'fuck a duck this thing hauls' reaction. Absolutely. Verbatim. It really makes you think about where your engine is and where is could possibly be. Kudos, hat's off. Looking forward to experiencing the next one.! D.
  4. A friend is tired of dealing with PC-GC and is looking for a reputable and reliable indi to service her Macan GTS. Who is recommended..? Thanks in advance..
  5. How much elbow grease..? Couldn't be as easy as wipe on rinse off.? D.
  6. WOKA

    New car day

    New car day for me doesn't come around often enough, but its pretty cool when it does. So have been trawling for an AC for a while after flip-flopping over when to get. Replace the 996 with something more upspec or just get an air cooled car in addition. When a GT3 that I was really hopeful on fell through because the seller simply couldn't let it go, I figured my pov spec 6.1 manual was plenty of fun for me, so why not get something a little more leisurely. So I did. Bought sight unseen from the Victoria and unable to get a ppi because of lock down limitations / essential travel etc.. So I just based my purchase on the word of the seller and a few low res pics that he sent through. A bit of a gamble but it felt right. I think in hindsight I likely would have balked at the purchase if PPI'd because it is dropping a bit of oil and maybe the gearbox isn't shifting as well as it might. I'm glad I didn't, the car is great - love it.! Its pretty much exactly where I would have hoped it to be. Body is really neat and very dry and straight, no rust, looks like the panels haven't been off, just a good honest and solid car. Pulls strongly with a great exhaust note. Tidy interior. Car arrived yesterday at 9, was rego'd and plated by lunch time. Lucky for me, Mike D'Silva lives literally just over the hill so I'll definitely be calling on his services to seal this thing up and do what ever needs doing in that department.. He's a great bloke and resource, so am looking forward to getting stuck into this thing with his help. '76 model with a 3.0l SC motor / 5 Speed / Non Sunroof
  7. Considering there is another 'extremely rare 25th Silver anniversary' also on Carsales for more than half the price. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1975-porsche-911-manual/SSE-AD-6299268/?Cr=7
  8. Anyone know anything about this car..? Seems like a nice solid unit.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1976-porsche-911-carrera-manual/SSE-AD-6663147/?Cr=20
  9. WOKA

    Wanted: 6.1 GT3

    Nothing happening on this front other than one that didn't eventuate at an agreed price.. And why would you sell it, it was a thing of beauty, but if you change your mind between now and then, let me know So, a change of plan. I'll happily keep my 996 and drive it and love it and enjoy it and drive it some more.. So am thinking a drivers SC or similar is perhaps the way to go.. What you got.?
  10. I think you need the opinion of more than one taxi driver before you can form a consensus..

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