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  1. Mike lives just over the hill from me and checking out 'whats on' on occasion is pretty cool - I'd take beer, but that might be detrimental.! Keep up the great work.!
  2. There was one for sale in Brisbane 6 months ago, don't know the owners details but if you enquire through Porsche Club QLD you might get a lead.
  3. Beautiful.! Good work, can't wait to see it. Was it Turbo all the way, or did a GT3 get some consideration too.? Just curious as to the thought process / mindset or just smitten.!
  4. It's a nice looking machine for sure, not too sure about game play.. A very late Solid state machine (1991) with 3500 units produced world wide.. $3500 is probably on the money - just.
  5. You're going to pay 5k+ now for a Fish Tales in nice condition, maybe 3.5k for a bit of a shitter, albeit a solid playable shitter but you have to be Jonny on the spot. I'd value my restored Fishy's at 6k, but its not for sale. I'd sell my Dr Who that's an original delivered Australian example (yes, Aussie delivered commands higher dollars in the pinball world too) for maybe 5k, or 6k with all the cabinet being restored etc. You're paying for the theme which in turn relates to game play which means a higher price. Sure, there are cheaper machines out there, say a Gottlieb Street Fighter which is a bit of a turd / boring which you could pick up for ~3k. A lot depends also on the era of games that you liked.. Electro-Mechanical) 60's ~ 70's Solid State - 70's to late 80's DMD - early 90's to current
  6. From childhood I recall they change the MY in September.. And that was a while ago. The shit you remember.!
  7. Its an absolute thing of beauty - I had a look around it this morning. Stunning in red with the wide body, its a really nice car and sounds great too. I likey.
  8. Thanks.. I got a reply to the email request - BRM Prestige Pty Ltd Entity name: BRM PRESTIGE PTY. LTD. ABN status: Active from 01 Jun 2010 Entity type: Australian Private Company Goods & Services Tax (GST): Not currently registered for GST The plate belongs to a Ferrari and the VIN isn't valid. Makes snooping a bit hard hey.!
  9. 3 pedal renewal here also.. Only noticed recently that I had reverted back to M
  10. WOKA

    996 Mk1 GT3

    I think 125k is on the money for AUS delivered as that is what similar cars have changed hands for more recently, so as an import how should that reflect in the price do you think.?
  11. Fair enough, however that 'discount' should be realised st the point of purchase.. My 996 is in possession of its second engine as verified by PCB, with 35k less than what shows on the odometer. I think my car with an indicated 114k, but with a motor with only 80k on it should be a reasonable proposition.?
  12. Do matching numbers really matter that much on a 'mass produced car'..? I think not, it's never going to be a 'classic' as such, because there are so damn many of them. Drive it hard, enjoy it, as this is what they are GREAT for. Massive smiles for miles for not much outlay. Its win win.

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