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  1. I'll start looking around meanwhile..
  2. Many variables.. An original dedicated Gyruss is a hard thing to find, however Gyruss in a generic Aussie built wood grain LAI cab from the 80's (which is a nice thing) with 59 other classic games, easily found for around $650.00. Bring your swag and plenty'o grogs..!
  3. Just a decision to clear some stuff from my life - its cleansing in a sense. Second one to go this week. (Upping the Pcar budget perhaps.. )
  4. Meanwhile I'm sitting here lamenting the sale of one of my babies It'll be gone by the time anyone reads this.. Sad day, beer and a tissue please...
  5. Just nit picking but pretty sure that's an ID. DS came out with the twin headlamps.
  6. Flat Six told me very 'flatly' that they have absolutely no interest in looking at more water cooled cars - he's is far to busy with what he's got and won't take on any more work; to the point of being rude. Pfft. Might just save you a trip.
  7. Boo.. I picked it, I want dibs.! Haha
  8. ... and a Z50..? You got all the good shiz.! 😉
  9. Yes, I experienced this recently when changing the coil packs on my 996.. Jacked at the rear jacking point and the front lifted too.. Nice.. Stiff.. Impressed..
  10. Trying to potentially sell it off in the near future might pose a bit of a headache and drawn out process - unless its really keenly priced. nuying off a family member is fine, there's an element of trust and knowing.. Selling a 300k + car to a stranger is a different game again. IMO
  11. Sticky situation.. Walk, and buy a 996. But the bastard lied to you regarding the clear title, that in itself is a red flag. This guy has no morals.
  12. Late notice, but who's in..? BP Stayplton 6am tomorrow morning. I think there is a bookface mob meeting there then, so figure why not hitch a ride with them. In..? Good. See you then.
  13. WOKA

    Xpel PPF

    Pfft. Get out and drive.!
  14. When you head back down, put up a post.. I'm sure some (I) would love to come for a long overdue run somewhere..
  15. As above @Jason E and @OZ930, the run from Armidale through to Grafton is a must. From Grafton through I'd avoid the Pacific Highway and maybe head on through Casino, Kyogle and the Mt Lindsay back into Brisbane via Boonah. Though your route from Tenterfield down is a great bit of road too.. But definitely try and get the Armidale to Grafton drive into it. I did the Pacific Carpark yesterday up from Coffs.. Meh. Maclean through to Ballina is just crap, then its boring but easy dual lanes all the way through.. https://tinyurl.com/yye4yjph

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