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  1. Correct. As to you being on a boat - I can't answer that. But have a great trip if you are and you don't know it.!
  2. Late reply but he held out on me, but yes he secured the car.. Apparently PO was from Adelaide and the car had a white wrap.. Does that ring any bells with anyone as to its history. But for all intents and purposes, he reckons its a good car. Big price tag however, the new benchmark.!
  3. Thankless job and I know it.. Tough being a moderator with a stick sometimes, but hopefully 99% understand where you're coming from.! Take no offence peoples, just do the right thing.! Simples.
  4. Who's bidding on this atm..!? My brother is in with more than a pound of flesh but they keep sniping away.! Looks like a new benchmark for a 996.1 Manual..? Lovely looking car.
  5. What is the preferred Continental model.?
  6. So, after time the knobs on the crank handles snap off.. You can obviously buy OS for for a price but I found these locally.. I just received a set and am very happy with the product. A solid cast looking identical the the ones I removed.. Link for your reference - no affiliation. PORSCHE 911 912 BLACK WINDOW WINDER HANDLE CRANK + COVER https://ebay.us/eJbo28
  7. "it even has the same flat 6, 3.6 litre engine as the turbo, except there's no turbo.." Ummm.. Not quite right Mr Clarkson..
  8. I was second in line to look at that car, absolutely spewing I didn't pick up the phone 20 minutes earlier.. Yes, 20 minutes.
  9. Great car, great purchase.. Been in it on occasion, Mike always being keen to take it for a run every time he changed, tweaked or improved something.!

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