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  1. WOKA

    996 Mk1 GT3

    I think 125k is on the money for AUS delivered as that is what similar cars have changed hands for more recently, so as an import how should that reflect in the price do you think.?
  2. Fair enough, however that 'discount' should be realised st the point of purchase.. My 996 is in possession of its second engine as verified by PCB, with 35k less than what shows on the odometer. I think my car with an indicated 114k, but with a motor with only 80k on it should be a reasonable proposition.?
  3. Do matching numbers really matter that much on a 'mass produced car'..? I think not, it's never going to be a 'classic' as such, because there are so damn many of them. Drive it hard, enjoy it, as this is what they are GREAT for. Massive smiles for miles for not much outlay. Its win win.
  4. ^ if it were a 100k it would be sold I reckon...
  5. I'll start looking around meanwhile..
  6. Many variables.. An original dedicated Gyruss is a hard thing to find, however Gyruss in a generic Aussie built wood grain LAI cab from the 80's (which is a nice thing) with 59 other classic games, easily found for around $650.00. Bring your swag and plenty'o grogs..!
  7. Just a decision to clear some stuff from my life - its cleansing in a sense. Second one to go this week. (Upping the Pcar budget perhaps.. )
  8. Meanwhile I'm sitting here lamenting the sale of one of my babies It'll be gone by the time anyone reads this.. Sad day, beer and a tissue please...
  9. Just nit picking but pretty sure that's an ID. DS came out with the twin headlamps.
  10. Flat Six told me very 'flatly' that they have absolutely no interest in looking at more water cooled cars - he's is far to busy with what he's got and won't take on any more work; to the point of being rude. Pfft. Might just save you a trip.
  11. Boo.. I picked it, I want dibs.! Haha
  12. ... and a Z50..? You got all the good shiz.! 😉

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