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  1. WOKA

    Wanted: 6.1 GT3

    Nothing happening on this front other than one that didn't eventuate at an agreed price.. And why would you sell it, it was a thing of beauty, but if you change your mind between now and then, let me know So, a change of plan. I'll happily keep my 996 and drive it and love it and enjoy it and drive it some more.. So am thinking a drivers SC or similar is perhaps the way to go.. What you got.?
  2. I think you need the opinion of more than one taxi driver before you can form a consensus..
  3. Damn you're good.! 50kph speedo marker on the Grays auction AU delivered car @Troubleshooter
  4. A quick squirt over the border and down to Bellingen on the weekend.. Wasn't planned, just had to be done. The weather was awful but close on 1000km of good old driving. Left the misso there so my tunes and at my pace coming home.! Had to go for a quick run up the Dorrigo mountain, just because. Its still a good road though a little short. Filthy.
  5. I used to drive mine forward into the garage to keep the view of the gorgeous rear end. I'm now reversing in because the front is just as enjoyable to look at.. Great cars - just put another 1000km on mine this weekend, didn't miss a beat, atrocious weather but enjoyed every km.
  6. Irrespective of AWD, they still salt the roads regardless.. Unless your going cross country, there really isn't any way to avoid crusty, salty under-bodies. Maybe I miss your point..
  7. No scam - I spoke at length with the owner, however, 'the winna' was scheduled to go check the car at 8:30pm, and I was to go asap after that bloke left. I got a text after 10 saying the car was sold. I did rub salt in saying that I hoped that he got full ask.
  8. 85k, seemed reasonable for the file of receipts that came with it including engine and gearbox rebuild in the last 60k, all suspension and brakes redone and upgraded, same owner for the last 13 years etc etc. Matching numbers. Nothing else on the market compares really. You could possibly call it cheap, or maybe the other are overpriced..
  9. Gold car is now sold.. I didn't get a look in and have been on standby for the last couple of hours.. Second in line and no cigar.
  10. WOKA

    Wanted: 6.1 GT3

    Thanks.. Needs to be QLD road worthy for rego.
  11. WOKA

    Wanted: 6.1 GT3

    Just putting feelers out there for a 6.1 GT3 (Meh, maybe a 6.2) blah blah blah... What you got..? Prefer yellow (kicks one self in balls 'cause that's not going to happen) Seen whats available (all 2 or 3 of them), shake off your covers and drop me a message, Please, thanks. ta.
  12. Only asking c2k I think..
  13. If I can find the right car to sit in I'll put my 6.1 on the chopping block and it'll read better than the one above. It's all about timing I guess

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