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  1. Looking at c2016 Macan's at the moment, pretty near the entry level I know and am wondering the real differences / benefits of either a diesel or a petrol 6.. What are the pitfalls of these cars and what should I look out for.? Only just starting the journey and made a critical error yesterday - took a Turbo Macan for a bit of a steer, jebus, quite the SUV weapon.. Or should I just go the higher km (150,000k) Turbo and call it a good day.? Thoughts and any leads.. Cheers.
  2. I remember seeing that car for sale in Brisbane 5 years ago - One that got away. Very nice.
  3. As per title, looking for a starter motor for an SC motor.. Not too sure how interchangeable starter motors are between the various engines but if you have anything, please let me know. Thanks, Dylan.
  4. Whats the dolla' value on the kit.? I could use the Googles I guess but hey, its Christmas Eve and I'm lazy...
  5. Not correct.. They need to be on the same power circuit.
  6. That's the question hey.. What can he off load successfully, at a reduced price with a buy back option.. How far can you push the envelope.?
  7. So.. Sticky situation. A good person that I know is about to be put through the wringers by his long standing finance' of lets say, 12 years.. Naturally there are children, property, several cars, watches, assets and cash in bank involved. He is in Melbourne as is totally lost in the whole situation and has no idea which way to turn. He been blocked access to his PPR and I believe its about to get nasty quickly. I have no idea of what advice to offer and am thinking that the width and breadth of this forum may throw up some ideas or legal and financial contacts.\ What yah got.! TIA. D.
  8. Correct. As to you being on a boat - I can't answer that. But have a great trip if you are and you don't know it.!
  9. Late reply but he held out on me, but yes he secured the car.. Apparently PO was from Adelaide and the car had a white wrap.. Does that ring any bells with anyone as to its history. But for all intents and purposes, he reckons its a good car. Big price tag however, the new benchmark.!
  10. Thankless job and I know it.. Tough being a moderator with a stick sometimes, but hopefully 99% understand where you're coming from.! Take no offence peoples, just do the right thing.! Simples.

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