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  1. What is the preferred Continental model.?
  2. So, after time the knobs on the crank handles snap off.. You can obviously buy OS for for a price but I found these locally.. I just received a set and am very happy with the product. A solid cast looking identical the the ones I removed.. Link for your reference - no affiliation. PORSCHE 911 912 BLACK WINDOW WINDER HANDLE CRANK + COVER https://ebay.us/eJbo28
  3. "it even has the same flat 6, 3.6 litre engine as the turbo, except there's no turbo.." Ummm.. Not quite right Mr Clarkson..
  4. I was second in line to look at that car, absolutely spewing I didn't pick up the phone 20 minutes earlier.. Yes, 20 minutes.
  5. Great car, great purchase.. Been in it on occasion, Mike always being keen to take it for a run every time he changed, tweaked or improved something.!
  6. Beautiful looking car.. Punt it here why not, nothing lost.
  7. Otto's just fixed my 76'911 clock - prompt and friendly. ~$240.00
  8. Styling Automotive at Yeerongpilly get mentioned a bit.. @Russwho's the mob at Coorparoo / East Brisbane that you mentioned.?
  9. Its an absolute and immaculate thing of beauty - well bought Jason, cracking car, love it. Perhaps even a tad jealous that you have a yellow one and I don't. Actually, totally jealous..
  10. Sellers remorse is a bitch, but new car day will help you get over that. As you probably know I've had my 996 for 4 or 5 years, my first P'car. I recently got a 76 AC and I absolutely love it, but which do I love more..? To tough a question to answer, as they both have significant traits that capture what I want. The classic AC with all its long story and massive following, the feel, sound and smell and the simplicity of the ever so capable 996..? I do drive the AC more at the moment, windows down in the QLD heat, just cant beat the grin factor but then I get into the 996, back to back and say to myself, damn, this is such a good car. It just does everything I want, in absolute comfort, with a grin. Variety is the spice of life - move forward get a 996. Experience something different, you'll enjoy it regardless.

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