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  1. Mr Noodle (or whatever he is called) opposite the Coffs Hotel on the left heading South, in the center of town is a pretty good nosh.!
  2. Nice..! New car day is the best The best bit is the long drive home, I experienced similar when I purchased mine, wow, three years ago and still loving it.!
  3. Great looking buy.. I bought my 996 without a PPI and it's been great. It had an engine swap earlier in its life as well, but the PO put 11k of work into it (including IMS solution) just before I bought it so I felt some what at ease. I reckon if it, goes, looks and smells right, then generally your onto a good thing.! Enjoy it, and you'll only get to love it more, and many more people are.! And I reckon the rims are great. No IMS sticker in the door jam or a tell tale oil feeder line (solution) forward of sump..?
  4. 996.2 4S came standard with that front end..
  5. WOKA

    Everyone please read

    If you have access to the 'delete thread' button, then it must be part of your responsibility brief.! Good move.
  6. "“Due to an ongoing & unresolved dispute with the ATO, It is with great sadness and disappointment that today we announce Gosford Classic Car Museum has closed and all cars will be auctioned on the 6th and 7th April,” an announcement on the museum’s Facebook page reads." Maybe...
  7. All good, money out, house bought, other property sold and money returned. Sometimes you have to have a little faith with humanity.
  8. Looks more like an RX-2.. Or even an R100. The rear side window looks too big for an RX-3. Nicely spotted though.!
  9. Its not my account.. Anyway, back on track.
  10. Thread hijack.! Start your own thread perhaps, and if selling it via PFA, a small contribution to correctly access the 'For Sale' thread is a small price to pay for such an enthusiastic audience.! Lovely looking car BTW - very nice indeed.
  11. Its a beautiful thing.. Said it before so I'll say it again.! What was the list price if you don't mind me asking..?
  12. Any recommended shops in Brisbane that will do this 'hack'..?
  13. You could ask promotive.com.au This guy love's his WC Non standard stuff...
  14. ... down the highway to check for water / oil leaks after replacing the water pump and doing an oil change. glanced at the odo just in time to to see this... And no leaks Just need to fill the windscreen washer bottle, hence the warning light.
  15. Freshly sealed 13B in my RX4 Coupe, engine in, all ok, rightio - lets get back to Sydney.. A few hundred K down the road, she goes BANG.! Opps - so who forgot to put the oil in hey..? Young, dumb and to much chuffing on the mountain madness way back in the day.!

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