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  1. Loaning a friend a big sum of money for a couple of months and getting that same amount back.? One for the finance / legal eagles.. I've offered to loan a friend a sizable sum of money to buy a sizable asset which they will repay on the sale of their existing sizable asset. Other than the trust factor and the 'she'll be rite mate', which I have faith in, is the ATO going to creep up on me from behind and say 'Oi, what's going on here then.' The friend can't afford said asset until existing asset is sold, but said asset needs to be bought pronto. Officially bridging the finance gap isn't an option, because the gap is too big for old mate to bridge.! I intend to get an agreement drawn up, but I suppose my question is, if $X leaves my account and gets deposited into their account, and a while later that same amount comes back to my account, is there going to be a problem with the powers that be..? There will be no money made in this transaction - is basically a back and forth deal - though I reserve the right to a 'carton of beer' as form of compensation for loss of interest for the interim. Cheers Guru's..!
  2. All good, money out, house bought, other property sold and money returned. Sometimes you have to have a little faith with humanity.
  3. Looks more like an RX-2.. Or even an R100. The rear side window looks too big for an RX-3. Nicely spotted though.!
  4. Its not my account.. Anyway, back on track.
  5. Thread hijack.! Start your own thread perhaps, and if selling it via PFA, a small contribution to correctly access the 'For Sale' thread is a small price to pay for such an enthusiastic audience.! Lovely looking car BTW - very nice indeed.
  6. Its a beautiful thing.. Said it before so I'll say it again.! What was the list price if you don't mind me asking..?
  7. WOKA

    Gundo Hack 3.6 Yes/No Recommendations?

    Any recommended shops in Brisbane that will do this 'hack'..?
  8. WOKA

    Brisbane unusual/track ppi

    You could ask promotive.com.au This guy love's his WC Non standard stuff...
  9. ... down the highway to check for water / oil leaks after replacing the water pump and doing an oil change. glanced at the odo just in time to to see this... And no leaks Just need to fill the windscreen washer bottle, hence the warning light.
  10. Freshly sealed 13B in my RX4 Coupe, engine in, all ok, rightio - lets get back to Sydney.. A few hundred K down the road, she goes BANG.! Opps - so who forgot to put the oil in hey..? Young, dumb and to much chuffing on the mountain madness way back in the day.!
  11. Hey Rob.. Its been suggested before, but the stamp duties involved would be considerable. If there was away to get around the stamp duty aspect, that would be great. D.
  12. Thanks all for the advice - all very much welcomed. Such is the way of forums and how they work. A bit of a 'Man's Shed' really. From your answers I'm happy that there is no legal requirement for me to declare this loan to the authorities as such, and that it can be dealt with in a seemingly easy and straight forward manner. I do like the idea of swapping bank cheques for better accountability and I'll most certainly get an agreement drawn up based on all of the advice above, including security over the asset to be purchased (effectively the asset I'm purchasing) and the asset that is being sold meanwhile.. And of course contingency covering all worst case scenarios. If the shit hits the fan, and push comes to shove I'm happy to take on this asset as its a tidy little investment with potential. And yes, @Tips, the discussion is needed, but when people start talking 'supertalk' etc, stocks and shit, my eyes glaze over. I'm just a simple bloke who likes the security of material, real world investments Unless there is a guarantee. Haha, yeah rite. Cheers.
  13. From an everyday acount... Yep. Way more. The trust issues isn't an issue - its just the questions that may be asked.. Not that in any way is this a shonky deal.
  14. WOKA


    Welcome to PFA.. Enjoy your stay
  15. I can only see Bookface as a grandstanding platform for one to acquire 'likes' so as to boost their own ego's, plus I don't need reminding how many days there are until Christmas.. Instagram is similar, but has a more encompassed feel to it. Maybe that's something to do with the lack of advertising unlike Bookface, where every 4 in 5 items in a feeds seems totally irrelevant. Maybe I need to explore the Market Places more, but for mine they seem to be littered with illiterate bogans peddling crap with lots of time wasting and endless, pointless questions.. Forums are (mostly) a lot more considered and respectful, you sort of get to know people better, and get a better feeling of them. Give me context and structure so I can interpret as best I can the message, rather than a bunch of hashtags and similes that really tell me SFA about anything other than 'look at me'.. Long live the forum(s)..
  16. WOKA

    Boxster Bargains

    Ahh, I see.. Obviously I wasn't thinking 'out side of the box'..
  17. WOKA

    Boxster Bargains

    ^^ Why Auto's..? I'm curious. Wouldn't the go to be with 3 pedals..?
  18. I guess this is why you're called 'Lucky Phil' What a choice..! What a dilemma..
  19. Perfect.. Ordered all the parts today, so I'll get stuck into in accordingly.. I'll do oil and filters at the same time.. Heads up - Autobarn has 30% off all oils at the moment.. Something to do with this Sepo thing they call 'black Friday'.
  20. Hey Brains Trust.. Seems my car has developed a slight H20 leak.. Its hard to pin point exactly where its coming from, and was wondering if anyone has seen something similar. Looking for a bit of opinion before I take it to the shop and possibly get taken advantage of. 😒 After going for a bit of a run down the highway and getting the engine up to a good running temperature the leak becomes apparent. By no means it is 'pissing' out, just more of a drip, drip, drip. I can't really tell if its coming from the thermostat housing or from the water pump itself. Anyway, a few pics as follows, and and any insight appreciated. Cheers in advance... W. LOOKS DRY FROM ABOVE
  21. So this 'vacuum coolant bleeder/re-filler' will actually drain the system as well..? No need to disconnect the front radiator hoses..? Up to speed on the YouTube vids, just haven't found an answer to the above yet. EDIT: Nah - I don't think so.. just creates a vacuum and the sucks the coolant back in - basically.. Cheers.!
  22. Cheers.. I spoke to James and he's already sent through the pricing. He's good, and to the point. I called PCB this morning, still no call back from them regarding the same. Not scared of getting my hands dirty, so will tackle the job next week May as well change the oil at the same time.. I doubt (nor care) the lack of stamps in the service book.. It's only a dirty old mongrel 996 after all.. ;)+ Thanks for the heads up on the coolant @James P - I was wondering about that, and I dare not ask for an oil recommendation.! I'll just stick with the same that it's currently using. @dan_189 Whats this vacuum coolant bleeder/re-filler thingo.? Doesn't gravity do it job sufficiently.? EDIT: I googled' it.. Makes sense - cheers for that tip. Cheers..
  23. Cheers.. If I was to undertake this job, where would be the best place to get the parts from - in Australia..?
  24. That car was for sale almost 3 years ago when I was hunting.. And take note...

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