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  1. One day some time in the future, the borders may open and we may be able to do a combined states thing. 🙂
  2. Some people just don't like convertibles, I love them and Targa's. These figures are only the car that are road registered. So anything that is not currently registered or is a dedicated track car will not be reflected in those numbers. I know personally of a few 944 that have been made total ride off's, gone for ever 😞
  3. It is something a friend can get as part of his work, not something he can do very often, he got the above as a favour.
  4. I have current registered numbers, and just managed to get a rough breakdown of the series 1 series 2 breakdown 944 2.5Lt N/A 1982 - 1988 Man/Auto - 209 still registered in OZ (Around 150 series 1 & Around 50 of those are series 2) 944 Turbo 1986-1991 Man with the M44.50 engine - 51 still registered in OZ 944 Turbo 1986-1991 Man with the M44.52 engine - 41 still registered in OZ 944 S 1987-1989 Man - 28 still registered in OZ 944 2.7Lt 1988-1989 Man/Auto - 40 still registered in OZ 944 S2 1989-1991 Coupe - 88 still registered in OZ 944 S2 1989-1991 Convertible - 6 still registered in OZ And there you have the answer
  5. So can anyone tell me why almost all of the 944s for sale are the series one cars and you do not see many series two cars (oval dash) come up for sale.
  6. Point to add, if the auto goes bung - that it, for the auto because you can not get parts for them.. They maybe considered underwhelming, but in the corners they can upset guys with what they think are performance two door cars. Point - one well tuned V8 VE Monaro up a long set of 35k corners could only get away on straight sections. In talks before the return trip they were most unhappy to find out it was not a Turbo 944 but an N/A version.
  7. Nice colour, but how many Km's has it really done.
  8. Hi Mate, yes but no rush, my car is currently stuck down at Autowerks, in lock down(Central Coast). I got both cars serviced down there and the 944 ended up stuck down there, its been finished for what seems like months. I have looked at getting it freighted back up, but not a lot of car transport movements at the moment that are cost effective. We are now out of lookdown and I would love to have it back here to drive.
  9. Looks like there has been some more trees down with all the winds, and along with vehicle issues we will pompon this run till another later date.
  10. We are having lunch/morning tea at Gingers, give them a little support from the locals. Phil is now heading down the snowy's as of today, last minute window opened and he jumped.
  11. Ok @Peter M , Paul is talking this coming Tuesday meeting at the service centre Port at 8.30am, could get those going to Long Flat around 9am. @Fishcop
  12. Hi John I'm sure we could get a few together to help with the recon, Steve, Phil and myself could do a mid week.
  13. Looks to be $10K over your budget, if I remember what you where saying.

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