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  1. You missed a good one. Hopefully next time
  2. After a 4 day weekend driving some great roads with some fellow PFAers, I thought this little clip just captured what it was all about. Does not mater what kind of Pcar you are in, its all about the adventure and the sharing of that adventure.
  3. Port 911

    Magnus Walker's 924 CGT - from Sydney

    Vid just came across FB, Cool
  4. Port 911

    944 sale price

    And people tell me I am no good at fishing
  5. Port 911

    944 sale price

    Why is there no Turbo S badge and only a Turbo badge, no leather interior. Offer his 98k & its a UK car 97k. give it 12 month and offer him 45k
  6. Port 911

    944 rear hatch locking mechanism

    It does catch, but just the flex in the car or hatch lets that side unlock. If you stop and go to the hatch and push down on that side, you can here it click and lock back in. You get further up the road and it unlocks again. I will do a little more adjustment with the bottom lock I think, just need to find that sweet spot.
  7. Port 911

    944 rear hatch locking mechanism

    I have a problem with my hatch from time to time, can depend on the roads you are driving on. The hatch comes unlocked on the passengers side. Anyone got any ideas.
  8. Port 911

    944 part suppliers

    Looking to find a good place to purchase some front steering and suspension parts for a 944. Anyone got any tips
  9. Port 911

    968 16" wheels - are they forged?

    Jason ,I have a set of Boxster wheels in 17 inch that would look great on your car. With P Zeros on them Not the same wheels on the silver car, but you get the look right
  10. I will be heading off from here on the Friday, if you came down on the Thursday, could convoy and meet up with the Newy boys for the run to Lithgow on the Friday. I was going to stay at Lithgow on the Sunday night then do the drive back to port on the Monday via a different route to the Friday.
  11. There is a weekend trip coming up the first weekend in May but it is more central NSW than central to QLD and NSW. But you are right
  12. I have a set of 15s they were on the car when I purchased it, I see that getting good 15 inch tyres can be an issue. Thing is I want to take the 17 inch wheels that I am currently running off the car. My car has the early offset, that is the main issue.
  13. Just wondering if anyone has a set of 16 inch Tele-dials with et23 offset to suit early 944.
  14. Port 911

    944 rear hatch locking mechanism

    I have had people talk about this, but have never known anyone that it has happened too.