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  1. Port 911

    924 Carrera GT

    Proves somebody reads the stuff I post, Thank You
  2. Port 911

    924 Carrera GT

    We now have a red 924 RHD Carrera GT in our area, its an X racer car now with road rego, The new owner is going to bring it back to pristine condition, but he wants it to be driven not a garage queen . Hoping to get him to being it on our local drive day on the 18th of August.
  3. Port 911

    944 sale price

    https://www.redbubble.com/people/monkeycom/works/23985412-black-1986-p-944-951-turbo-us-spec?grid_pos=45&p=mens-graphic-t-shirt&rbs=48f6f19f-1c5d-43cd-9523-e66c610faa09&ref=shop_grid&searchTerm=944 https://www.redbubble.com/shop/944?sortOrder=relevant&ref=search_box
  4. Port 911

    944 sale price

    I think a point hear is never wear your 944 T shirt the a 944 drive day, because we are so interested in the cars, no one notices your T shirts ☹️
  5. Port 911

    944 sale price

    944's are final getting the attention they deserve, although you can get nicer 944 shirts than these. I have a few.
  6. Port 911

    944 sale price

    You now have your bench mark Tingy
  7. Port 911

    944 sale price

    I know someone that has an auto and they have had it for 20 years. He has taken it out on many a drive and other than being a little slow to get going it goes very well, so don't ride it off so easily if its a daily driver that can be used for fun. Give it a try, take it for a drive.
  8. Port 911

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    New 944 steering shaft from the uk turned up today, surprisingly not many people check the condition of there’s. At the same time the 944 getting new engine mounts, control arms, tie rod assembly’s, sway bar bushes and new shocks all round.
  9. Great looking car, welcome, and even the well looked after ones can cost a sum, it just depends on when you choose or end up having to spend that cash. Hope to see this car on the flesh one day. The great thing is these car are now starting to see the love they deserve. Well done.
  10. Anyone looking for some 18 inch Cup wheels https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/port-macquarie/wheels-tyres-rims/porsche-18-inch-cup-2-wheels-for-sale/1179407212
  11. Port 911

    944 sale price

    That gives me a idea what mine is worth, but I would be asking a few big dollar questions first before making an offer. Has the belts and seals been done resently Has the clutch been done Is the A/C working correctly Are the Shocks/ball joints/control arms and tie rods due for replacement. There is 4.5k in the first three and maybe 4k in the last one. Then throw in a gearbox. Sorry I need to get a drink, just scared myself looks like I have a 35k car.
  12. http://www.tridon.com.au/products/Toledo/18/327577/spanners-and-wrenches/409459/ratchet-wrench-sets-roe These are sold all over Oz
  13. Toledo have ratchet rings with a flex joint, not to pricey, have had mine for years, used them heaps too
  14. You missed a good one. Hopefully next time