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  1. We are having lunch/morning tea at Gingers, give them a little support from the locals. Phil is now heading down the snowy's as of today, last minute window opened and he jumped.
  2. Ok @Peter M , Paul is talking this coming Tuesday meeting at the service centre Port at 8.30am, could get those going to Long Flat around 9am. @Fishcop
  3. Hi John I'm sure we could get a few together to help with the recon, Steve, Phil and myself could do a mid week.
  4. Looks to be $10K over your budget, if I remember what you where saying.
  5. Cheap cars don't stay cheap for long, even Hyundai's Welcome aboard , I have sent you a PM
  6. Hi All Due to road closures at this time, the drive down to this event will need to be re-planed, we will need to use Hwy for at least some but only where we have to. The Oxley I think will be out of the question.
  7. Hi All Well we got a little wet around the edges, but for the most part we are all ok. Thank goodness the lake is open to the ocean otherwise it may have been a little different.
  8. Ok people I know we only just got home from Luftwasser, and some are still on there way home. I was only informed over the weekend that this event was on again. The All German Day on The Newcastle Foreshore Saturday the 8th of May 2021. http://www.mbccc.org.au/.../mbccc-annual-showcase-event.../ For those that are keen, we will be leaving from the Port Macquarie area on the Friday morning and making a day of it. Driving up the Oxley Hwy, and yes it is true 75k of 35k corners Porsche heaven. Then turning into Thunderbolts way heading towards Gloucester, then more back road almost all the way to Newcastle. We will be staying overnight in Newcastle the Friday Night as the All German day is on the Saturday. Thanks again for everyone involved in Luftwasser, it was awesome and we are looking forward to next year already.
  9. Spotted this today, I think some people have lost the plot. 45k for a 1983 Auto 944 with a respray & not the original colour. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-944-1983/sse-ad-7098951/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=9abaf1b5-6325-473f-a6c3-9d6dcbdcf76a
  10. Now really 31K for a 1983 944 Auto https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-944-1983/oag-ad-19543102/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email&csn_atid=a54cbdae-df68-414a-a8dc-493cfe47b4ef Most be a good time to sell.
  11. That’s a huge price for a car that lets face it has been bastardised. It would be fun to drive I am sure but not worth the coin unless it was a special build by the Porsche factory with a Porsche V8 in it. Pre runner to the 928 , now there’s a car that would have that value. 🙂
  12. I have my old one here after replacing mine due to leaks, may have to get a kit to run through it to keep as a spare. Got my new one via Autohaus
  13. I am hearing you Brian but that dose not answer my question.
  14. So Brains trust we have seen some movement in 944 prices lately. So hypothetically if there was a Australian delivered 1986 NA series 2 car for sale with excellent history only had 2 owners, all original car bar tinted windows and aftermarket cruse control, still has original stereo fitted and in use. What kind of money would you be looking at paying for such a car. Car has around 230k on the clock. Work done by current owner New Clutch Short Shift Kit New Hand Brake mec New Belts , seals W/Pump etc (Summerland Automotive) Gearbox Rebuild (New Sincros/BRG/ LSD etc) Outlaw engineering New Sway bar bush kits L/R New OE Control arms assy and Bushes L/R New OE Tie rod assy L/R New OE engine mounts L/R New OE Sump Gskt New Power Steer Hoses & Boots New OE A/C compressor and Receiver Dryer plus regas New Rear Hatch seal New rear hatch strikers (New bottom Latches (not fitted yet) New OE upgrade F/R shocks (Sach Sports option) All wheel BRG checked and repacked New Radiator hoses New Fuel feed & Return lines New Belts , seals W/Pump etc (Port Power Steer) Done correctly New Air flow meter New OE Idle control sensor Injectors serviced cleaned and rebuilt Windows tinted Commander Cruse control fitted New door speakers Frt New Rear speakers (not yet fitted) Oil cooler Gsk kit and alignment tool (never needed)New Remanufactured Steering Uni Shaft (Ex UK) New battery plus other items that escape me at the moment. Let the opinions flow.

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