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    Is it a sign

    Nice article https://flatsixes.com/cars/porsche-944-cars/this-1986-944-turbo-just-sold-for-74000-is-it-a-sign-of-things-to-come/ THIS 1986 944 TURBO JUST SOLD FOR $74,000: IS IT A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME? 2/8/20198:44 ESTFILED TO: PORSCHE 944BY: CHRIS CUSHINGCOMMENT Has the 944's time finally come? The model's popularity has led to a steady upward creep in prices in recent years, and this recent BAT result may just be the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, even Jerry Seinfeld is getting in on the action, having just acquired a black Turbo and this S2 Cabriolet. This 5k-mile 1986 Turbo just smashed Bring a Trailer's auction record for the model, doubling the previous top result for a 944 Turbo, and besting the previous top 944 sale by more than $30k. At $74k, this Pearl White coupe has reached beyond the model's typically-modest pricing, and well into territory normally occupied by low-mile Supra Turbos, Ferrari 328s, and well-optioned 993s. Photo from Bring a Trailer This result is the latest in a streak of increasingly impressive results for the model. Recent results from other auction houses, including an impressive $72,600 result at Gooding & Co's Monterey sale, have approached the result achieved on BAT. According to the included original window sticker the car originally sold for $33,600, meaning that over three decades the car more than doubled its original sticker price, and roughly kept pace with inflation. Photo from Bring a Trailer Credit is due to the seller's exceptionally thorough approach. While BAT sellers are generally very thorough, with galleries often creeping beyond 150 images, this seller went above and beyond with over 400 images. Everything from paint meter readings, to the stampings inside the included set of color-keyed Fuchs wheels were documented. It is pretty clear that this is an exceptional 944 Turbo. Interestingly, this car came from the same town as the Utlimate Enthusiast Garage featured here in 2017, though it was not owned by the same person. It's pretty clear, however, that this car lived an extremely pampered life. While aficionados may argue about the merits of this first-year Turbo compared to the later cars, we challenge anyone to find another comparable Turbo of any year. The real question with this car is whether to keep the phonedials on the car, or mount up those deliciously-'80s Pearl White Fuchs. Photos from Bring a Trailer LLC used with permission.
  2. Hi All Trying to get an idea on what kind of money to pay for a 944 non turbo, I have seen some for sale, the ones around 10 - 12k seem to sell, but getting above 14k they just seem to sit there. I have found a one owner, paint is good, inertia is good, it has service history, new clutch, traveled around 227000k, its an Oz delivered car. It has Sunroof & a/c, think the ac may need attentions. the guy paid 16k & then put in a clutch with intentions to keep the car. His situation has changed & is looking to sell the car for $18500. Looking for a little feedback
  3. Hi Justin How would you find what spine you need without having to pull one out. Would be interested, just need to find out what my car has. Cheers Rickie
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    Gas standby generator

    I also work from home, so needed good reliable power. Do like to idea of it being hooked up to the gas line though. Ideal if you already had gas hooked up.
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    Gas standby generator

    When we lived on acreage, we used a Honda backup generator, would run almost every thing in the house. One tank of fuel last about 15 hours on Eco mode. PC, Fridges, TV etc, etc It got lots of use, we used to get power outs all of the time.
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    928 Wheel Size

    Have these if you are still looking, in 18 tho
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    Butt Shot

    Sweet looking Autumn butt PFA run day 2-30 by rick simms, on Flickr
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    Butt Shot

    Have to say I did not even see the backdrop. Had jaw drop though.
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