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  1. Sad to see you go @JB, loved coming and having a chat with you, may have to come and see you and let you weave some magic on the 997
  2. My car is a factory 997.1 CS , it has a dual mass fly wheel, single mass was an option if you wanted it.
  3. Ohhhhhh, is that where you're meant to push to close the bonnet.....
  4. Looks like a Clubbie @JB, also doesn't mention if its had or going to have its 40K service, that's a major. That's a fair chunk of coin and starts @ $1950 @ PCM, i know bcoz I just did one on mine and it hurt, plugs, fuel filter, etc etc
  5. i would contact the Insurance council of Australia, they normally kick the insurance companies bottoms into line and get there bums off the seats to do the right thing and investigate.
  6. 130nm is spot on or 96ftlb in the old scale
  7. It' a front wheel upright and just to throw a spanner in the works its to suit a 993 RS. www.jackals-forge.com/lotus
  8. And last but least. 996 GT3/Turbo Brakes. Completely bare as per the photos. One has been dropped (as seen in the photos) and someone has done an absolute botch of a repair. These were given to me when i had my 996GT3 Apart from that they are honest and may suit someone looking to do a brake upgrade. Will need hardware but all the bits and pieces are not hard to source and are not that expensive, its just the pads and unfortunately I don't have those. Part No: Front 996 351 429 and 996 351 430 Part No: Rear 996 352 425 and 996 352 426 $750 or make an offer
  9. And More. 993 Twin Turbo Rear Right Drive Shaft. Part No: 993 332 024 12 In excellent condition. $300 ono
  10. Another part to add to the list. Schwenklager VA LI for sale to suit 993. Part No: 993 341 657 81 In excellent condition. $300 ono
  11. Having a little clean out of the shed: LHS Lower Control for 996 GT3 in excellent condition Part No: 996 341 341 90 $200 ono
  12. My front lip was the same when I bought my car from Dutton’s, it didn’t worry me at all, if any thing it’s worse now, it’s a consumable, who cares. I tend to think those cars that have been tracked tend to be taken better than a non tracked car ( because most GT cars never see the track ? ) I know with mine if I hear or feel or see the slightest thing that doesn’t look right it’s in to PCM to get looked at. Last service @ PCM it was serviced by the motorsport division, they said it had seen track work but it was one cleanest ones they had seen in a long time ( car hadn’t been smashed on the ripple strips etc ) These cars are bullet proof and being 10 yrs old you can’t expect the perfection, just jump in occasionally, leave the radio off and enjoy the symphony! I only need to drive mine for ten minutes to put a massive smile on my face!!
  13. I'm up for a drive in the near future, get that rev counter bouncing around near the red zone once again, hasn't been there since Tassie this year!!
  14. Hahaha!! Thats funny, tell me was the clutch letting out high?? Mine is a letting out a tad high in my 07 GT3, got it book in for its annual blood test etc in a month @ Porsche Center Melbourne. I also needed to shop for tyres at the start of the year, it had Pzeros on her all the way around, fronts were hardly worn but the rear were nearly on the belts ( could be something to do with the way it gets cained out of the corners ) i decided to replace with Pzero aswell but opted for the Corsa Assymetrico option, Faaarck me they have some grip, had her in tassie a week before targa this year and it was wet, the mechanical grip from them was absolutely amazing, great choice of tyre!! Thats mine at the front of the pack

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