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  1. Awesome, thanks guys. I will look into converting my stuff. Yes, the upper door frames seem to be hard to find. Second hand is the only way?
  2. Thanks guys, I might just stay with the black until I find a full chrome set. 👍
  3. Hello! I am looking to swap my black window/door trim for chrome on my 911SC. Before I pay for the new pieces, I thought I would check in case anyone here wants to go the other way? Cheers, Damo
  4. Thanks guys, I just talked to Simon at Autowerks, and he seems pretty knowledgable. Anyone else worth talking to before I decide what to do? D
  5. Hello! I am restoring a 1978 911SC at the moment. I dropped the engine out this week to fix some bad oil leaks. After removing all the intake, exhaust and other pieces - I proceeded to replace the common bad gaskets and o-rings. At this point I discovered 2 of my lower (exhaust) head studs are broken. So unfortunately it's looking like a more serious rebuild, at least top end. I'm considering doing this myself, but not sure if this is wise - as it would be my first build of this type of engine. I live in Bellingen NSW (near Coffs Harbour), can anyone recommend any experienced 911 engine builders in the area? ...if not, I guess I could trailer it to one of the eastern cities. I would also appreciate any advise from others that have had top end rebuilds done before and the associated costs? Thanks! Damien
  6. Carrera Spoiler (Whale tail) - $800 Genuine part. Good enough condition to fully restore, rubber is fine, just needs to good cleanup and paint. The decklit gasket is loose but all in one peice. I found one small hairline crack (see in photo 3). Part 930.512.023.00 Production date 1183. First year Carrera. Pickup from Bellingen NSW 2454, or I can pack in a box and send by courier for around $70 (? pending destination)
  7. Thanks guys, I'd like to take these parts straight to the machine shop, not through a mechanic. Does anyone know who is the actual machinist doing the work?
  8. Thanks @KBGr4, do you mind sharing some of these specialists contact details? ...and scope of experience? Not sure of the full job requirements yet, will be starting with full inspection and evaluation of crankshaft, crankcase, heads, valve guides, rods etc Cheers,
  9. Hi guys, Who is the best machine shop specialising in Porsche in Australia? My usual machine shop has very little experience with porsche parts. I'm having trouble finding anyone local who I trust. I'm even considering sending my parts to the States to use a specialist. Cheers,
  10. Hi guys! I'm about to drop and rebuild my 3.0 engine. Does anyone have a (5 arm) porsche engine stand yoke they don't need anymore? ...thought I'd see if I can buy one local before I get gouged on shipping charges from Pelican. Cheers!

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