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  1. Hey what NSW RMS engineer do you use as i have a project that needs certification my previous one mucked me around a bit and was difficult to contact
  2. Paulm


    easy fix get home weld multiple plates on to damaged inner fender attach chain find a big tree put in reverse and flatten the accelerator. Complete several times measure and square up to other side all done.
  3. https://youtu.be/hqb-B1BaTYA
  4. Haha P car next. Will get up the hill faster!
  5. Yes I used to own a golf as well great cars. Here is another photo of my 924 T . Was amazed at him quoting 40k brand new for the car. That was price of a average house in those days from what I remember. Goes to show how import tarrifs raised the selling price which I think he mentioned.
  6. Been off the forum a while now looks like the 924 turbo is finally getting some recognition of what a great car it is. Anyway found this wait till 22.00 into the episode might give some indication of their launch into the Australian market all those years ago. Hope you all like.
  7. If you go to Instagram and search thenickwatkins. He is the lead race man building these from what I can see also has some video with some specs. Yes they are Audi 1.8 from what I believe. Gives people the option to buy a cheap 924 and do some serious racing. Internals can be items like JE pistons etc with options to upgrade off the shelf parts depending on your budget.

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