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  1. Huh..? He sold a GT3 for a Lambo? Some nice guy.
  2. Still doesn't look lapis in the Video to me - always hard to tell in different light. But this key surround: arrrgghhh... (must have fixed it for sale)
  3. Was looking at this last night, and agree it looks dark. Maybe too dark. I can see that most of the photos are at dusk and in shade, but I don't see Lapis. I see a darker blue - maybe Midnight Blue. Strange, as you would expect the owner to know the actual colour of his car, but then again - he referred to it as "Lapris blue metallic".
  4. That would explain the Tag Heuer wrap graphics..!
  5. One of those 'Dealer fit 003' clubsports
  6. Thanks @blue_ixxi. Really enjoyed that Vid, some great info that Preuninger shared about GT3's esp. early RS. Amazed that this was the first time they had let anyone see this special basement. Very Special 😎
  7. Great news! Saves me having to deal with the decision 😆
  8. yep @Pilko, thats them. 560 Church is the address, however the building they are in is at the rear of the carpark (It's a small business park). Easy enough to find.
  9. Hi Dave, I have had a good experiences with Grafico. They have wrapped many exotics, and lots of Porsche's. https://www.grafico.com.au/auto/gallery/ Happy to put you touch. PM me if you'd like? Cheers
  10. Hoping it works out well for you Dave. It seems they must have good interest as they have upped the price now to $99,995..!
  11. New Touring listed: 51,000kms $220,000 Check out this 2007 Porsche 911 GT3 997 Manual MY08.https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my08/SSE-AD-6916862
  12. Will start practising this every day from now. This will ensure my delivery sounds convincing by C & C.

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