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  1. i received a Carsales alert for this 996GT3RS. It was an alert to say my saved car has changed price. This usually just means that the seller has reactivated the old Ad. Then you can adjust price. Epic car
  2. luzzo

    WTB 996 C4S

    I love a bit of 9964S large ass myself 😍
  3. luzzo

    WTB 996 C4S

    Nice..! So @Tips, has the 996.1 Cab given you the aspiration for the fat ass version?
  4. Looks like the same car as last sold in Adelaide by a dealer just last year. They had 2, one black CS and this by memory.
  5. Just thinking about doing exactly that. Great work @KGB
  6. Never had hydro dipping done @barks. Is it available in different finishes? would you recommend the place you used?
  7. Congratulations @rafikdous Look SO good with that interior. Is that Cocoa? Love it 😍
  8. This is a tough looking 996 Coupe. I realise a lot of peeps on here are not fans of black wheels, but it looks tough on this 911. I am attracted to the idea of it being tucked away and looking loved in a garage amongst other toys. (Headlight treatment interesting) A little gangster, but love it. 😎 Check out this 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 996 Manual MY03 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2003-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual-my03/SSE-AD-7202960
  9. If I was buying, the price is outrageous..! If I were selling, I would be spruiking, 'what a bargain'..! Fortunately, I'm neither, my garage is already at max..!
  10. Pretty landscapes aside, I would not expect anyone to pay close to $140k for a standard 997S when 996Turbo or even 997.2 would be an option.
  11. True, but to be fair it it states "full engine rebuild" and Gearbox rebuild both in last 6 months.

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