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  1. Yep, sad news. That dirty playing 'C' word again.
  2. Congratulations @Andy73. Despite I agree red also looks awesome, it looks very tough in Black..! Enjoy!
  3. Great photo. Nearly all Silver. Is the 964 an Anniversary model?
  4. I have been tempted into the same. I've been driving a Dual Cab Ute (Colorado Z71) for 18 months. It only works for so long... so many times found myself in the ute thinking, I could be spending my time in something better than this truck, why the heck am I driving this thing everyday..? I threw a hissy and sold the Ute.
  5. If I recall correctly this was a PFA forum members car? I recall it being advertised on here (but can't find the Ad). Although no longer completely original, I remember the Ad details, and it seemed an awesome resto.
  6. Clearly my Auto correct believes you should have Bought a Cayenne S..! 😜
  7. Nice Arne, Congratulations. Cayenne S > More fun than Cayenne..? Selling the old girl then..?
  8. Very few ever traded that low in recent years (maybe 90+kms cars?), but not far off - most good low km 997GT3 were changing hands around $180-190-200k afaik, but given the recent number listed and not moving, it sure appears a price correction is coming..!
  9. Same car. @DM911 - its back..! Man, this thing is doing the rounds..!
  10. Here is another new listing for a Silver 996.1GT3. This is listed at a Porsche Dealer for sale..! Times have changed. Not a Clubsport, but does have leather trimmed buckets, 65,000kms, $269,990. 1999 Porsche 911 GT3 996 Manual. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-porsche-911-gt3-996-manual/OAG-AD-20873875
  11. I like those wheels. Very 'BBS style' - Classic look, yet still OEM Porsche. I realise @TwoHeadsTas has said he is not keen, however not sure those are correct fitment for 996 C2 Narrow Body. Those offsets seem to me to suit widebody? So, on my C4S for example... 😎
  12. New listing 997GT3 Another White..! Porsche 911 GT3 997 Manual MY07. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2007-porsche-911-gt3-997-manual-my07/OAG-AD-20879028
  13. Great review. Enjoyed all the small RS detail. Reminded me of the link to the Lightweight badge on the 996RS

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