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  1. Agree. Given this 901/911 was so rare the Porsche Museum did not have one, I was surprised more $$ weren't involved.
  2. Love this forum for the sharing of info. Shall keep that one in the knowledge bank. I have the Factory short shift as a Build option on my 997S. I rate it highly. I could understand some may comment that the shift action seems resistant, and maybe even a little notchy - but if anything that is really only from cold. Once it warms up, it is slick. In fact, by the time it's warm, those shifts are slotting into place so smooth it makes me want to head straight for the hills.
  3. Love that whole set up Jason. Race car, new paint, Enclosed trailer... Serious stuff. That cup car centre exit exhaust on a 996... Whoa, so hot
  4. Great Ad @Dreamr. Love this line: "Please don't text me and ask me what my best price is, I'm too old fashioned for that. Pick up the phone and dial" Good luck with the sale
  5. you mover & shaker, you..! That would be a great improvement, I didn't realise they were interchangeable. Did you use the 997 Factory 'short shift version'? The 4S is looking sweet 😎
  6. The revenue from Retail car sale and Manufacturer New car warranty are not connected in this way. Warranty claims are submitted by the dealer carrying out the works for payment to them by the manufacturer at a predetermined rate. Porsche internal policy may not allow OS delivered vehicle to renew warranty here, but it wouldn't be hard to check.
  7. They get me going exactly the same way Lee. Just love to look at them
  8. These dream cars have always felt so far out of reach. Thanks @Raven for bringing them a bit closer.
  9. Yes, Correct. We could form a Porsche cult, and appoint WGA as 'His Holiness'.

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