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  1. With a face like that, I'll take the car.
  2. What makes you say its originally a LHD? I think he is just referring to the conversion from a 4cyl to 3.2 6cyl.
  3. I understand the Singer comments undermine the Ad, but I understand what he is trying to do. I figure he is just trying to appeal to the most people he can. And if you were only looking at the Ad because it's a 912, and then see the mods you may think of it in a different light. Possibly a negative one. By mentioning Singer, he is trying to make connection with a buyer after a modded '68, that doesn't want to spend Singer money. I don't have any problem with it.
  4. Thanks 9er, now I recall, I have seen pictures of those in the 67 911R prototype... Thanks for the nudge 😏
  5. Big fan of the concept. '68 model with 3.2. The interior is stunning. Can someone school me on the seats? Standard or from another model?
  6. ohhh... Excuse the ignorance. Wasn't aware their lockdown was at that level. I guess I was just trying to fathom how people are surviving financially.
  7. Interesting. But how has that affected private sales? If people need cash and want to sell their cars, wouldn't they still be doing so privately?
  8. I would believe most of us are expecting some drop in values of all asset types 😷 Clearly this guy is not of that belief, actually the polar opposite 😮
  9. Good info in that test, thanks for the Vid.
  10. Despite me also agreeing with this, several cars I have been watching, priced circa $200k have all sold in the last few days. Left me wondering who would be buying now? These were cars that hadn't even dropped their asking price yet...
  11. Loving that colour. Reminds me of an Arena red 993
  12. Hey Flamingporsche, You lucky dude... Can't believe all those extras were surprises! You've done so well - they are the first mods I would want to have. Forget the $$, and now you can enjoy the car 😎
  13. Well... After reading through this whole thread, as I have seen this GT3 has been mentioned several times over the years, my curiosity heightened when @mbedford said he tried to contact the seller unsuccessfully recently. I am definitely considering a GT3 myself, so I made my own enquiry today. Well, Oliver answered my first call straight up, and was happy to answer my questions about the car. It all seems very genuine to me, however what was clear is that he is not motivated to sell unless the asking price (or thereabouts) is paid. So, after the previous failed enquiries, I found the seller happy to chat and the car sounds like a genuinely nice example. Just, as has been mentioned, at least $50k overpriced.
  14. Awesome to hear James. That's a great result. And it would seem your timing is perfect 👏

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