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  1. Great car! I believe this is the car I looked after at Winton for a well known Porsche driver where he (and us) took delight in him passing the big V8's of TCM. Super fast out of the box, built right. Yes, very tasty!
  2. I have brand new Genuine Fuchs in 17x7 and 17x8 to fit 964 but probably a bit narrow for a wide body. Cheap price if your interested.
  3. All jokes aside, I would grab this engine in a heart beat if I could. Top quality gear like this rarely comes up for sale. This is a win for any buyer.
  4. Yes of course, I was only asking for a friend.....
  5. Just thinking.... Anyone know the average jail time for bank robbers these days?
  6. Classic Wheels Australia


    With all the speed humps and other go slow obstacles these days this is perfect. Yeah ha!
  7. Mallala All Historics 2019 Elfin MR8 F5000 driven by James Hunt at Winton in 1978.
  8. Huge discounts for April on Brand New Genuine Fuchs Wheels to suit 944 s/S2 & 911 from 964 on. If you've ever considered fitting Genuine Fuchs to your Porsche now is the time to do it. 17"x 7" & 8" $2500 inc GST 18" x 8" & 10" $4000 inc GST 19" x 8.5" & 11" $4500 inc GST All have black centre with anodised rim. These prices are for current stock only and will not be repeated. Stock is limited so be quick! Phone Cameron on 0412 622 080. Classic Wheels Australia
  9. I have the factory moulded rubber insulation/sound deadening part for the base of the G series 911 rear seat if anyone's interested. Pick up in Bulleen VIC. Ph 0412 622 080 Cheers Cameron
  10. I have a brand new Genuine Porsche spark plug tool #477-012-203-A for sale. Cost about $180. Selling $150. Call if interested- 0412 622 080 Cheers, Cameron
  11. PCV advertised shifter was sold so still looking. Thanks anyway Craig!
  12. Thanks for doing my homework Craig! Cheers
  13. After a complete unit with the tower or even just the tower itself.

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