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  1. Pick a dealership and sales rep you are willing to deal with, tell them in person you are interested in a GT3. They will sell you the story of " all sold out etc etc" but just tell them you are keen should opportunity present. Keep in touch with them, pop into dealership every now and then. If they invite you place an EOI / deposit (typically 5-10k), do it right away then it becomes a waiting game. Since you are not already on the list, it simply means you need to be patient and have your cash ready when opportunity presents. Don't even haggle if you dont have relationship, just accept the driveway price, and make it clear to them you are happy to do so. If they invite you to event, you should try to attend if available etc. As a rule of thumb, given you are not on list and should you end up on the list it may be 1.5-2 years before you get your car. It could also be someone's order and they cant take delivery (for whatever reasons) then they will work through their list of ppl in which case you may get a car earlier. Hope this helps! FYI, there are many regulars who place deposits on these cars like years ahead of official unveil. I had my deposit on the 991.2 GT3 like 2 yrs before it was announced. Also on the list for the 4RS since 2019 etc.... So to sum it up: Must have $$ ready anytime, be extremely patient, maintain good relationship so you are always at the back of their minds should the opportunity presents they come to you first.
  2. The non numbered cars can be purchased (the N-1 is not entirely true) as long as the purchaser is patient and builds a relationship with the dealership. Quite often a lot of ppl pull out despite being allocated a car so the patience game will pay off. It is those lacking patience who believe N-1 applies, nonetheless, there is a limit on the number of cars that ultimately get sold in Australia. But you definitely cannot walk into a dealership and expect to spec one and be allocated one right away like you can with say a lambo... Also, each dealerships is allocated a certain number of cars based on their sales performance of certain cars. So pick your dealership wisely I think this is a rather good strategy, which is paying off in resale value, alternatively take at a look at Mclaren / Lambos with their atrocious resale value it is because anyone with the $$$ can simply walk into a dealership and order almost any car they want with exception of the limited run cars.
  3. Did you refurbish your alternator?
  4. I think the point that is missed here is not that it is NA, better experience or not. The marketing on these cars are so good, that the ppl who buy these cars have been sold the idea of a track car for the rd that is low key and they generally have deep pockets and/or are speculators. The people I know who have a touring or want a touring already have multiple cars in their garage/ collection. Some already have a track car etc, so they like the idea of a car that is capable for the track but has the subtlety of an everyday 911 that they can drive around and stay "low key" ... LOL. The GTS motor is still no GT3 though as good as the GTS is in isolation. I do agree these cars are just too damn quick for the road but people do like bragging rights even if they hardly ever get anywhere close to the capability of the car.
  5. Can the touring be purchased with rear seats? Who is getting one btw?
  6. Makes the both of us, feels so good trail braking into apex, heel toe, rev match and throttle down, immediately repeat again .... LOL The shifter in the GT3's (regardless of generations) is sublime. The throttle responsiveness in the 991.2 is phenomenal, to the point when I drive my other manual (non P GT) cars they seemed unresponsive (relatively speaking)
  7. I don't think it's a matter of changing gears quick enough because imho that is the easy part. It is the whole part of steering whilst changing gears and using all 3 pedals simultaneously that most ppl struggle with. But there is a rev matching and flat shifting function that makes that task easier for those who struggle to do it themselves. Nonetheless, most of us are fortunate to have these cars in our garage regardless whether manual or PDK.
  8. Isn't that like saying, the seller should have a PPI report ready for any potential buyer? I always do my own due diligence and used my own mechanics to inspect the vehicle. I for 1 will be sceptical if the seller shows me an all clear over revs report. I would rather the seller agree for me to undertake one myself tbh. LOL, not so sure about the "too slow round a track though" Dun think there is much difference between a manual and PDK under the right hands. Have seen a manual and PDK battle it out on track by 2 very competent (non pro) drivers and the PDK is only marginally quicker (was an RS too). Like within 0.3 of a sec quicker around a 1 min lap. But I bet the manual is more fun I do agree that the manual is more engaging on the road but still too quick for the road.
  9. Here you go, this is truely the cheapest 991.2 GT3 in Australia ... well at least for the time being...LOL https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2018-porsche-911-991-2-gt3-clubsport-1
  10. Looks like there is a manual one coming up on collecting cars. Be interesting to see what that sells for ...
  11. I highly doubt there be any 991.2 selling (actually changing hands) for 380-390 in the current market. I know of a few ppl who have picked them up in the past few months for 310-350 mark... Even the ones currently advertised are like driveway 380, thats before one starts negotiating. Given the number of GT3's for sale, I'm sure they be negotiable if one is a genuine buyer...
  12. All comes down to how much u can pick up a 991.2. If the driveway cost for a 991.2 is say 350k it is still some 80-100k less than an equivalent specced 992 plus a 1 to 2 yrs wait.
  13. I have purchased a couple of GT cars from new over the pass 4 yrs. So generally the Porsche centres will already have a list of interested buyers even before the car is announced and this list can be like double digits. Therefore if u r not already on this list your options are as follows: 1) be very patient 2) build relationship with a reputable sales guy and put ur deposit and wait 3) there will always be ppl pulling out in which case they will work down the list of those who have placed a deposit/ eoi 4) buy a lightly used one once they start landing in country but u lightly to pay a small premium for context my first GT car, I had one of the last ones that came into aust, about 10mths from order to taking delivery however it was my 1st Porsche. My 2nd GT car, I been on the list for 1.5 yrs before official launch but was one of the earlier cars. if I were u, I try to get a 991.2 GT3 first. Then u learn more about the car and know if u really want to pay the extra for a 992.
  14. Just out of curiosity how did the car drive? Was it a solid car that ran well?

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