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  1. I subscribe to the digital version and get them at the same time as the rest of the world.
  2. If it’s same car, someone’s nearly doubled the mileage from its last appearance.
  3. Cheers, Stephen. You might be thinking of RJP Motorsport in Welshpool. Richard James, the owner of RJP, looks after all my p-cars.
  4. An arctic silver .2 CS is now in my garage and I’m a very happy chappy. It won’t be back on the market for quite some time - such an engaging drive.
  5. Yes, this is my car. I'd love to keep it (as would the missus) but a GT3 purchase has me pressed for space. And, to be clear, PDean's comments about the hunt for his first Pcar must be general in nature and not directed at my 996, since I have not had an enquiry from him nor do his comments reflect the service history of my car. I'd love for someone to take this car and enjoy it as much as I have, but it's not an urgent sale so I won't be giving it away.
  6. I was on holiday in the Adelaide Hills last year, sitting at the top of Mt Lofty one fine evening, enjoying the sunset and the sound of P-cars reverberating around the valleys below. It's special driving, for sure.
  7. At the Gooding & Co. auction over the weekend, there were some strong prices but this one just made me so frustrated with the Australian-delivered premium: A 996 GT2 with 5 k miles for USD 126,500. Yep, I know there's the auctioneer's fee, shipping and import duties, but still! And for once it wasn't a Fezza that set the auction record.
  8. I’d only be speculating, but it was evident from inspection that the car has seen some cross country time.
  9. Yes, the vehicle is currently registered. However, if you’re the kind of owner that likes a car to come with its original books, this one will disappoint. Photocopies only, I’m afraid.
  10. I have inspected this car - recently. And walked away. If you’re looking for a track toy, offer them $100 K. The paint work is not original and you don’t have to look too hard to realise the car has had a hard life. I suspect there’d be some hefty maintenance costs in the pipeline for any future owner.
  11. As much as I'm keen on the 996 GT3, if I had $200K I'd spend it on virtually anything else but THAT.
  12. The dealer is relocating. Much - if not all - their stock is to be auctioned.

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