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  1. No service history or books, damage to front spoiler, requires new tyres, with higher than av K's I am thinking around $90-95,000??
  2. Oh my golly Ole , what is it with you and your blue trolley, 90K he did say, ..I would take that any day, dont be a wally Ole! .....? !
  3. Paddy

    WTB Ducktail deck lid.

    Are you still for a Duck Tail deck lid,Uncle?
  4. ...Yes Michel correct late 77 model SC, think it would have the galvanised body? Looked very original and rust free, a good basis for resto or tidy up to drive and enjoy!
  5. Barn Find , 77 Targa, 3.0 Tip, Aust Delivery, went to Auction last week in at the local auction house in Launceston Tas, part of an estate, under estmiated price range $9000-$12000, in need of full retoration ,(rats had been warm confortable under the hood for years by looks of things) transmission required work , engine running , body straight, lots of work, went for $39,000!
  6. A good look 911 Michel, let me know your contact details please cheers

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