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  1. I've just replaced the fuel filler / windscreen washer 'bowl' after damaging it it fixing the windscreen washer system. However when in place it's not flush with the wing. Looking at the old one there seems to be adjustable screws unfortunately you can't adjust them with the part in position. Has anyone done this, I don't relish the thought of having to take everything out of the wing again to adjust it. It's not particularly difficult but there is a chance of braking it again.
  2. I have a problem with the windscreen washer pump. If I connect current directly from the battery it works well. I have replaced motor, pipes valves etc and am now thinking its the switch stem, expensive. I have a tip so have 4 stalks. The pump does work when the switch is active I get 11.5V but seems to low to produce enough pressure. Its tempting to swap headlight washer cable but would prefer to do the job properly. I was thinking of taking the "clam shell" cover off and trying to squirt some contact cleaner in. Has anyone managed to remove the cover without the airbag and steering wheel?
  3. is there anyone who has managed to fix any of the steering column switches? i have a ripper washer problem which after checking and changing all the easier stuff leaves me with a very expensive switch cluster purchase
  4. Thanks guys, at least it keeps the Prices up? I'll have to consider slumbing it with an Aston or Ferrari then!
  5. Has any imported a post 1989 Porsche. I'm looking at 993 or 964 and am getting conflicting information on wether you can import them or not. So if anyone has a RAWS contact that has imported one please let me know.
  6. Great that makes sense as I'd been in traffic and temp was just picking up cheers
  7. I've just noticed that my front right tyre is getting much hotter than the others , over 30C vs 24. The brake caliber doesn't feel hot to the touch, if it where the brakes I would expected it to be much hotter. What about bearings etc? Anyone got any suggestions? I can see the temp increase via gobo blutooth pressure monitoring.
  8. What is the consensus on the under body cover that goes under the engine. I was advised to keep it off to reduce engine temp or more likely stop smoke from oil leaks? Majority of oil stays in the engine now so should I put the cover back on as I have no temperature issues?
  9. What happens if dot5 has been used, I will be checking more carefully from now on.
  10. Thanks everyone, I've perhaps become a little paranoid after reading lots of stuff on whit goop blocking up the ABS system.
  11. I have been getting what feels like wheel locking under heavy braking. I'm not sue wether this is just the way the ABS works or wether there is a fault, any ideas.
  12. Did you have to have a replacement windscreen?
  13. Thanks for the contact will be calling him next week
  14. Can anyone recommend the best people to refit my 993 windscreen. It has been replaced badly and will be probably leaking on the passenger side lower edge. I am wondering wether melbourne Porche centre might be the go as in my service schematics they list a special Porsche template to check the opening?
  15. Good to know I've only had her 6 months. Some minor oil leaks from the top covers that were too expensive to fix when I bought it but will change when the engine is out! Thanks for the reassurance

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