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  1. XLR8


    Hey john, what do you need? I have quite a bit.
  2. Is it just me, or has there been a lot of 944s listed on Gumtree in the past week or so?
  3. Funny how we all gravitate to the cars we owned in our youth. No matter how obscure or "uncool" (but I think this Subi is way cool). My first car was a Renault 20TS that I wrote off within a week (so didn't get too attached to that). My second, fourth and tenth were all Peugeot 404s. I love those things and would have another in an instant (if they hadn't all returned to the earth). What would I really want from the past? My 1981 Mk1 Golf Gti 1600 (closely followed by the 1989 Mk2 Gti 16v). Simpler times ....
  4. Hey Jaffar, Please let me know in what condition is the luggage venetian? Thanks,
  5. Potentially. Where and how soon do you need this done? BTW don't drink red.
  6. + Porsche bubble is deflating ... It even effects us lowly front engined lovers (oddly, except 924s which seem to be advertised at twice the price they were three years ago (which was twice the price they were three years before that - but I suspect 0% of them are selling).
  7. Yep.
  8. It's no easier in the earlier models, and twice as many things break. You are however, only left with 19 screws.
  9. Economy not so good. Money is harder to get for toys.
  10. Yep, so true. That said, if I had done that with my car, I would have walked away. He talked so much rubbish! I saw through it all (well most of it) and whilst it's been a long road, she's now humming, always ready to to go for a drive, looks nice (from a far) and always wanting a little attention (which keeps me entertained).
  11. I too use Willoughby for small stuff especially. Pricing always seems good, and even stuff from Germany only ever takes just over a week.
  12. Talk, don't walk (yet). There may be a perfectly reasonable story to this car, and it might just be a great buy. Or .... I have found that the way a seller deals with you, and the gut feel you get is a very fair indication of what you are getting into. I agree with @GUT, these have another 20 years before matching numbers is likely to make much difference, if ever.
  13. Isn't a VR6 too tall? It would be nice to have Porsche script on the head. Where does the brake booster go? Imagine the exhaust routing? Being DI, makes sure you give the intake a good clean before you shoehorn that in there! So, using the 016/z manual, and a shortened auto torque tube? Won't that bring the bell housing back towards the tunnel too much? Engine mounts won't be easy, but I see that being less of an issue than the other bits. I wonder if us lowly '24 owners could benefit from your experience .... is there a 4 pot that has a similar bolt pattern as this engine? Great project! Watching keenly on this one.

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