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  1. UPDATED 17 SEP 2019 Ladies and Gents After several more years of very enjoyable driving, I am looking for expressions of interest in my beloved 1982 911SC. I have found another car and am considering letting this near daily driver find a new owner. It’s certainly not a collector’s car. Paint is not perfect. But she is an honest, original, high KMs country car that now spends most days hauling two snotty little boys (5yo; 2yo) and one big grubby boy (me) to daycare, school and work respectively. The car is in the same condition as when I last put her up for an EOI in 2017, but she’s now back on her original 16 inch Fuchs (the Campags have been sold) and is running a relatively exuberant BisiMoto Pulse Chamber. And also has an extra 8,500 ish KMs on the clock. Apologies for not hiring any models or super yachts or making a full length feature film to sell the old girl. She’s just an honest nice original car looking for a new home. PM me or call if interested. Cheers Jono
  2. So you still have some Sports? Nice! In my humble opinion, they are the prettiest bike ever made. Only the Italians could get away with making an out of the factory bright orange cafe racer. Having said that, I had a 450 silver shotty a few years ago and it was very pretty too.
  3. I’ve always had one foot in the Ducati camp and one in the Porsche camp. Best of both worlds! I’m finishing off my 750 Sport (74) resto, which has taken several years because I’ve been super picky!!! Love the MHR! Looks ridiculously good. I could be very interested in a couple of months. Are you a member of DOC NSW?
  4. Hey mate, is the front windscreen sale still available? Cheers Jono
  5. So god damn tempting!!! I’d love to leave it in current trim and cut around. Is the above list what you reckon a blue slipper would require as minimum changes to road register the car? Or just more a list of “comfort” related de-spec-ing? I’d love to drive it as it - aggressive and unruly - on the road. I used to have a vintage race spec Ducati 750 Sport (73) as my daily ride. It was a real effort to ride on the road (and not kill myself), but god damn it was fun.
  6. Congrats, Jeff. I religiously watch every episode. You did a bloody unreal job. So, when are the 911 and 240 up for sale?
  7. Photos now added. There is also two links at the bottom of the imbedded photos.
  8. Engine and tranny now sold. Price for near complete roller is $22K. But yourself a $20K 3.2L out of the US and make the sickest SWB hotrod ever.

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