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  1. JonoF

    SWB 911 rubbers for sale

    Great timing. I just bought a 65/66 912 that needs rubbers.
  2. They are free to a good home, so you are more than welcome to them.
  3. I’m driving down to Melbourne in a month or two, so would be happy to deliver.
  4. Ladies and Gents Last year, I purchased a spare Guards Red hood, rear bumper and front bumper for my SC. I was going to run different colour bumpers and the racer hood on an outlaw style build for my SC. The urge has since past. Now for sale: (1) Hood (excellent condition with legit race livery) $1000; (2) Front Bumper: $300; (3) Rear Bumper: $300. If you want to buy it all at once, YOU CAN HAVE THE LOT FOR $1200!!!! Pick up in Paddington, NSW. Can also deliver Sydney-wide for a case of beer. Give me a buzz if interested (0403 278 349). Cheers Jono
  5. JonoF

    WTB - Car rotisserie

    It’s been a while between drinks. There are clearly too many PKs on this forum. Pretty sure this is only one simple bastard named “Jono” - me. And yes, please update accordingly! And other PK @PK010 - this project is on the DL...
  6. JonoF

    WTB - Car rotisserie

    Is there any other way? And by the way - I have been craving updates on KLASSSSY. Please feed me!!!
  7. Ladies and Gents I am looking to buy a car rotisserie for a project. Would prefer buy a used one that someone no longer needs rather than buying some crap off eBay. An Octo / Hex homebuild one would be even better. Akin to what John orchard made for his longhood resto. Looking forward to hearing from you Cheers Jono
  8. Holy Jesus! KKASSSSY looks like a one lady driver owned car in comparison to that monster.
  9. Price Reductions. Keen to move this stuff out if the garage.
  10. Hi Hugh and James The tyre specs are: - Fronts: 205-50-R15 (G/S); - Rears: 225-50-R15 (M). So it looks like softs on the fronts and mediums on the rear.
  11. Campagas not for sale. They look so god damn good on my SC. Will need to check on the H/M/S. I bought the Campags already wearing the R compound Advans. I drove on them once (with my wife in the passenger seat) and then immediately changed to road Tyres. They were too noisy for my wife.... 🤦‍♂️ The previous owner used them once in very wet Targa Tasmania, so suspect they are Ss. But will confirm.
  12. Rear: Yokohama Advan AD50 225-50-15. Front: I think 205s, but will double check.