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  1. Philbee

    Car Seat bling - Tartan me up!

    I know, they’re all pretty good. It comes down to a personal choice. Yes, haha... blue/white with the odd garlic stain...! I can hear the bazouki music already.
  2. Philbee

    Car Seat bling - Tartan me up!

    Ha... I’d like to see that, I have a Greek name !! Oopah zorba! No, it’s not baklava!!
  3. Philbee


    Yeah, I don’t know why I look at FB ads, I know they’re crap but this one made me curious. Good advice, thanks. yep a chat and bbq sounds great. I’ll pm you to discuss further.
  4. Philbee

    Car Seat bling - Tartan me up!

    trouble maker!! 😏
  5. Philbee


    @Lucky Phil... im drooling already. The pizza recipe I mean.
  6. So, my interior is black, I mean pretty much everything.... Awhile back, I added some red belts to add some colour. Made an improvement. But still need more I feel. Decided to investigate getting some seat colour... I mean how many singer interior pics can you look at without doing something about it!! Man is not a camel, right? Been checking out the tartan and houndstooth look. The houndstooth is so classic and stylish, like it heaps. Very tempted. So 911R.... But for my car being all black in and out, I want more colour... more bling to lighten it up a bit. So, leaning towards the tartan. The search continued... Ive updated my exterior decals to red (was orange... was not a fan of the orange), so with my black car, I'm looking for a red/black tartan. Its been a challenge as so many tartans are loaded with blues, greens or yellows... and I didnt want the base colour white as it would be too bright for me. its been hard finding one without those other colours and with the right proportion of red, black & white. Then there's the fabric... light, heavy, pure wool or synthetic, etc... Hmmm, its hard finding out stuff. Here's my original interior, pre-red belts. A bit dull/drab, eh? I've now weened my selection down to a few: Coming in at 4th: In 3rd place: And in 2nd place... and almost got pole position: Sorry, about the lousy pic quality above. But... sitting up in 1st place... the winning entry is (drum roll pls): I got a sample of this winning entry shipped to me to be sure it looks the same as the web pic. Hello!! 20pounds postage thanks! Over $40 AUS to touch it. Ouch! Anyway, a few emails later, this only comes in a lightweight pure wool (10oz) fabric ... which is not ideal but in checking with my upholsterer he's ok with its hardiness. After all, the car is not a DD so it wont get sat in every day. Polyviscose or a heavier wool (13oz, 16oz) is better I'm told. I need about 2m in length. I'm going to replace just the centre corduroy inserts. The black sides will remain. For the head rests I'm thinking of not doing them in red tartan but just replace the corduroy with a like for like black vinyl as the sides (bolsters) are. So, the head rest will just be plain vinyl black. Booked in for early next year.. pics and update hopefully by end of Jan 2019. I'm excited.
  7. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    I'm resurrecting this post/thread cos.... well, um... its my thread! And I've just booked the car in with Stu at Nineauto for a muffler... re-condition, sports enhancement! As I mentioned previously, it was a 'test muffler' of sorts, fairly stock. and I said this: Although, the slight loss is a bit more sedate, a softer growl & no more pops and crackles on deceleration or down changes. I’m ok with that.... for now. ? So, "now" has come fellow hotrodders.... need more noise and hopefully with a return of a crackle & pop or 2 and the obligatory waking of thy neighbours on a sunday morning!! Its a month or 2 off before the work commences but I'm excited already. Stu's gonna weave some magic and clear out the internal pipes, baffles, bring back some soun'd and clean up the rough end . Yeah!
  8. Philbee


    Hello Team-Elitist, Meanwhile back to the ceramic coating bit.... I've been getting a few ads on FB showing me a spray on ceramic coat called HYDROSILEX... any of you pizza-lovin car care gurus heard of it? There's a short vid on the wet application onto wheels and a before after shot on duco with water just rolling off... looks amazing, too good to be true. But is it? Any comments, feedback will be welcome? And a pizza recipe would be good too... Maybe @Lucky Phil... knows??
  9. Philbee

    the New 992 911!

    Scott, you make good points... ok, Im starting to agree with you looking at it again... deep breaths phil. 😏 But the door handles ? Yeah, nah, maybe.... ok, I guess they gotta move forward too but do they have to show them off in the first 30 secs... Its like THE big thing.
  10. Philbee

    The Oil Thread

    Sure beats the liqui-moly (on price) i was recommended to get... Not just cheap, supercheap!!!
  11. Agree with that Lee.... the forums only “appear” to be dying I feel as they’re all just becoming more specialised (as per @hugh commentary)... the tourists and window shoppers will gravitate to IG and the deep tech conversations will move to the forums. Being a novice technically, this forum has taught me heaps ... that was my only expectation joining up. But since, have actually met people (Yoiks!) and I think I may hav made a friend or 2... via some social activities to boot! What a bonus, there’s other idiots who pamper and enjoy driving a car like me. who wooda thought.... happy days for me here at PFA... oh btw, and no trolling idiots! Good post @9fan !
  12. Philbee


    Awesome @Airhead... thanks... 😊
  13. Philbee


    Look you guys, 914, 9146 914 GT.... its all very confusing for us dopey 911 owners... can we see some pics pls? Im getting confused.... 😲
  14. Went for a cruise up into the hills via emerald and monbulk.... ended up in lilydale for a pitstop at Sals cafe - Hendriks cafe. Got pole position out front... a quiet Friday morning! Great coffee, Sal. Keep up the good service!
  15. Philbee

    the New 992 911!

    Yeah, I watched the LA launch video... Agree Andy, the shpeel was .... how should I say this in a very articulate, technically astute way.... bloody boring as canary shit! Get Chris Harris out there, yes! Or maybe Maria Sharapova...? 😎