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  1. Welcome @Stockydude... love a good classic guards red!! wow, those centre pipes look great, whats the story there?
  2. Welcome mate... Glad to see you started lightly with a GT car!! Hahaha!!
  3. In the same area around where southern BM is are Nineauto & Cascone. There’s a guy in sth melb a few on the forum goto but can’t recall his name....
  4. Agree at $250k you’d want something pretty good but zag don’t sell them at 250..(I think) Only idiots trying to sell them for 3-400k making out zag are some special singerclone... but they’re a 100s basic road car. And to be fair “no attention to detail” is a little harsh I feel...they do a pretty good job overall I reckon... it ain’t no singer and it’s not a new car or track ready race car that’s for sure. It’s certainly not a hack or is it period correct either, it’s a bitsa for sure. But if you specify it to be exact this n that it’ll get done you just pay the upgrade option. mine came with a new clutch new seats and had a particular look, that’s what the original buyer wanted. Zag have a set menu but if you want a pink dashboard they’d probably do it, so the finish and textures are often customer selected although zag gives a basic set of options to keep the price down. Like my muffler was off an old beetle I reckon... so I upgraded that. In five years I’ve only had a starter motor replaced and a minor oil leak, everything else going great.
  5. 6mths or so after I looked at it, someone bought it so I’m not keen to critique someone else’s purchase on a public forum but let’s just say the ppi was not enough for me to proceed to hand over my Aussie pesos... here’s a pic I took when I was perusing Duttons 4-5yrs ago.... Looks the same to me...
  6. Agree, if it’s back on the market and it’s the one I looked at 4-5 yrs ago......
  7. Yes it’s an archive. That looks a lot like the one I did a PPI on at Weltmeister when I was looking to buy my hotrod in 2016. So it were a backdated narrow body with same spec & colour, 100-150 ?? Add flares and call it RSR and it’s $200 more?? Have I missed the gold leaf somewhere??
  8. Agree with Hugh... stored undercover & on charger will be just fine!!
  9. I find the dust builds just up if theres a leak in the garage and then theres a layer of grit if left long enough... You end up either living with the grit & thats no good or washing it all the time depending on your level of car care., thats a pain over time. I went to clark rubber and bought stripes of rubber and filled the gap under the door, really helped alot but the cover is the go. A good indoor one should allow it to breath ok and yeah as mentioned above, dont drag it off, fold it on & off. 😉
  10. And an overnight stay means 2 entries...
  11. Hey Mark, congrats... how did you find the whole import process with all the added costs, etc.. was it still a win ($) rather than buying local? Would you recommend doing it?
  12. no help just a tit-bit of info... 😀 Blackmans WAS the man in Cremorne who had been there for years & years but a prop developer offered a ton of moolla for his site as he owned the building as well and he said, OK. Closed up shop.
  13. Btw, I just paid my mship - order #5893
  14. If this issue is simply due to the lack of admin/mod resources manning the helm of the admin functions of this site I’m happy to volunteer to support this part of the forum. just need to be handed the keys and a lesson in how to navigate... If it’s purely a technical problem the site is suffering from I cannot help you I’m afraid...

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