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  1. Looks like another great day.... I hope to be in for HH3 if there is such. Blessed with good weather again. How lucky is PFA!
  2. Philbee

    Rarlyl8 930 exhaust

    There’s a great vid here on a Hotrod that has a hooligan rarelyl8 muffler....! Sounds spectacular! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1981-porsche-911sc-15/
  3. A porsche frenzy for the more well stocked amongst us. good luck... 😊
  4. Philbee

    Porsche boss says flick diesel cars

    Thank Christ, me hates diesel ! diesel = evil
  5. Philbee

    First big road trip

    Geezus, big one, @dobbo... good luck mate. If you havent done the GOR before, my 2c is the run to lorne (from torquay) is nice and typically crowded, so even though tempting, stay calm and cruise it. The run to apollo bay from lorne is better and best you stay overnight somewhere and get up early to enjoy less traffic.
  6. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Yep, the olde muffler certainly turned heads when it worked! I miss that already ! Nuttin like a pop n crackle!
  7. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Went for a decent drive this morning.... tested out the ‘test’ muffler. Hey presto, no rattles! Just idles quietly after an hour of whizzing around the dandenongs. Gee it feels good pulling up next to a civilian and not getting a weird stare cos my car is making more noise than a tin of marbles falling down a drainpipe. Although, the slight loss is a bit more sedate, a softer growl & no more pops and crackles on deceleration or down changes. I’m ok with that.... for now. 😋 heres a sneak peek:
  8. Morning drive today.... was great! Finally remembered to bring my actual camera, not use my iphone. Team pic, down low: A few gratuitous philbee pics: And... team pic, up high:
  9. Sorry Rocc, I mean @RA987 ... you da man!!
  10. Great day for a whizz in my p-car, lead by @Andy73....through to some place called “noojee”... Great pics mate, and a good little band of PFAers to whizz around with. The roads were nice, scenery great, coffee good... and not a rattle to be heard from this little black duck! 😀
  11. Philbee

    Barney - old, fat & grey

    Congrats mate, car looks a bewty!!!
  12. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Well, last weekend went for a SMT run to Marysville. There was actually a bit of snow roadside near the lake mountain turnoff (yes, a bit fresh) ...sorry I digress, my custom hand crafted sports muffler which has been giving me grief all these months (what grief, you ask? Look up), finally just decided to give it up. It started to rattle all the time (all the time!) and ferociously went at speed. Decided, enough tinkering. That sucker, even though has cost me plenty of spondoolahs (thanks for nothing PS), is coming out! Picked up the car tonight with a replacement second hand “test” muffler installed, compliments of Stu at nineauto. Took it straight home & sounded pretty good, just Goode olde p-car sound. It’s a bit quieter (tamer) but sounds of silence is music to my rattle affected ears ....Ill need to give it a run or 2 tosee how it hangs on. Here’s hoping....
  13. Philbee

    WTD-Radiator Shroud

    Welcome Greg. you need to be a financial member to sell or buy stuff...
  14. Philbee

    New 993

    I dunno, promoting classic car servicing & repairs could be done in so many other ways... and not by re-creating a whole car. it smacks of "singer can do it but we're better!" And as @hugh says why buy an exact same car but 3x the price. Don't like the look of "ruf" cars either, @LeeM