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  1. I’ve never driven a 915 car (mines a g50 and feels just fine) but I sat in @Dalai car one C&C morning yonks ago (that’s pre-cv19 folks) who has a wevo in his 915... oh boy, felt so tight and concise. Very envious. ps. Well, I think it was his car... 🤔
  2. Porsche Apparel men’s long sleeve hoodie jacket - worn only once, virtually brand new - was a gift not preferred. - it’s size is EU-medium, USA-small - RRP is $280+ - selling for $200 Here’s the link to the actual product: https://shop3.porsche.com/australia/men/jackets/wap212xxx0luex/men-s-sweat-jacket-urban-explorer.pdds
  3. If you’re on your mobile go to the 3 horizontal lines up on the home page top right corner... it brings up a menu With the option “STORE” ... select this.
  4. Hi @Lucky Phil.... you can join any approved car club. You don’t need the marque of the car to match the club. PCV for example is $200pa but many other clubs are a lot cheaper. as for criteria for registering PFA as a car club... don’t know that one. philbee
  5. At least yours are white!! Have you seen the VIC plates?? 🤯🤢🤮
  6. Thanks @lazydave.... love that sound!!
  7. Yes, I did just that and have just rinsed and wiped and popped the little guy back on. Happy days. Thanks to the brains trust above as mine is obviously not to be trusted!!
  8. I left my boxster alone for 3 weeks and then tried to start it and it was dead, even had PSM failure error on the display. After 3 days on charger back up & running!! 😁 I use ctek I’m now flipping between the 911 & the boxster.
  9. Auto-renew? Not in the last 3yrs...
  10. Ah the Alfa, the poor mans ferrari. Boy mine was high maintenance, things kept falling off or breaking or leaking. Otherwise it was great. thanks for the suggestion. Like it. But I’ve already pulled the button and trying @firstone suggestion. It’s now soaking as we speak! But a good backup plan.
  11. Yeah, I know him. I’ve used him many years back on my beemer. was just looking at a local option. But yeah, he’d be a backup if no success. Perfect, just what I wanted to hear. That was my guess. Thanks!
  12. Hi Team Boxster, Obviously a life threatening issue here... but the right side radio knob has gone kinda sticky to touch but the left one is ok. I want to just pull the little sucker off and push on a new one but is that how it works? Don’t wanna yank on it and then find I’ve broken it and need to replace the radio or the whole dashboard ( yes, my an ex-Alfa owner)! Any insights into a gentle and well informed way of removing me button will be appreciated. And am I right to assume I can then just order/buy a button from the local stealership (& be charged a small fortune I expect) and just push it on? simples. Or is it? 🤷‍♂️ And driving to the dealership to pickup said button will be an essential service and obviously exempt from isolation fines... 😇 philbee (Under button stress)
  13. i have the same problem on my boxster.... will be hunting down this puppy, me thinks. Love a good sill!! 😉 Thank for the tip, @Howe

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