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  1. @WGA... just curious, does a 964rs feel like an old time slug (or Datsun 180b) after zinging around in a cup car, gt3rs, etc? special? Yep, you said it, Hugh!!
  2. Just my experience... I bought a blank off the interweb and just gave my key for the dude to copy onto the blank... works fine. So, don’t be shy of the web, just get a local key cutter to make a good copy. especially cos an old SC key is not electronic or chipped or anything.
  3. Ok.. I’ve googled, tried 3 sites and still can’t work out what it is... can you help us out here? Curiousity is killing me... I may just need one and not know it! 🙂
  4. Not sure if this is a reference to the driver or the car.... 😱
  5. Take it from me @Tips you’ll never use it, its of no use Other than to complete the look. The sound you’re after is behind you... 😁
  6. Loving the black mate... and a touch of red!! My favorite - no bias there. Congratulations .. ! phil
  7. I took a pic at HB2 Of the back of your car.... glad to hear all is well.
  8. Yeah it would be a big 3.2 long standing issue to your point above, ... So hate to say this.... maybe there’s something else going on in the box or connecting to it..? 😢
  9. Great story, mate... thanks for sharing.
  10. Wow... I’ve never heard about this and my car is an ‘87 3.2 chassis, g50 box. I have no such sound luckily. Is this my destiny?
  11. When in shanghai, you gotta just be sure it’s a targa 4S: Ni Hao... PFA Chinese brothers!
  12. @Mike D'Silva great post mate. I have a 987 but luckily not suffering sticky switches yet. But this post is bookmarked for when I do! And I reckon plenty of pics for a novice like me could follow... (hopefully)!
  13. @Skidmarks Im with @LeeM... something close to period correct I reckon cos as time goes by there’ll be less of these around and would be nice to see some original looking cars on the road. The fact that the engine is not spot on gives you the freedom I feel to not have to go all OCD on the period (purist) aspect. Adding a few modern conveniences for example better brakes, suspension, etc
  14. I sure haven’t heard the words crayon & porsche in the same sentence before (😁)... Congrats !!
  15. We watch too many Chris Harris videos maybe.... but I certainly noticed the narrowness of the bitumen bit and the undergrowth nearby... I definitely sensed a level of heightened anxiety!!! 😱

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