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  1. Yep, that sounds about right. I’m in for a la Ferrari!!
  2. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    The time is nigh.... going in tomorrow for muffler scrape and cleanup! Excited... 😀
  3. Philbee

    SC Exhaust . What Are You Running?

    Yep, you got it !
  4. Thanks Steve, yes that’s what I was told way back.... so I called another independent authority just now and they confirmed same - 993 RS mounts for my car too much. But there are more intermediate ones not as harsh as 993 RS ones for my G car that might be more palatable.... 😋 Also, the 993 engine can be mounted in 2 ways in a G car - using G mount points or adapted to 993 points - apparently. So, need to confirm this on my car before proceeding.
  5. Always appreciate some motivational talk, thanks @P-Kay ! Car is going in next week for a muffler update, so might just add this to the agenda!! Ok... @P-Kay, @KG, @D-banger...anyone else, I’ve started checking out 993 RS engine mounts on the usual parts sites... Q: what aftermarket or OEM brand is the one you have or recommend? The price seems to vary quite a bit. suggestions welcome...
  6. No it’s not but when a professional advises, I listened I guess.. maybe naively. You have a point and if not expensive I might go ahead and try it... (I’ve heard a few good things too)
  7. The more solid, firmer mounts make the ride a bit harsh for road.
  8. Re: RS Engine mounts @D-banger... very keen to hear if you notice a difference to your car, Doug. I’ve been toying with this upgrade for awhile but got conflicting feedback which held me back.
  9. Philbee

    911 parts for sale

    Might want to say what year, coupe, cab?
  10. Philbee

    SC Exhaust . What Are You Running?

    I looked at SCART awhile back too... the $$ compared to dansk, Monty & MK kills it in my opinion. Re: Monty funny..., drivers with Monty’s say they’re pretty good overall, great sound, look good, etc.... but a couple of mechanics I spoke to about muffler options bagged the Monty! Said their build quality was crap. What is it they know that us poor end users don’t?
  11. Philbee

    SC Exhaust . What Are You Running?

    A bit of a side point but I’ve just been resurrecting my idea of updating to SSIs and a Dansk exhaust to get more growl & sound but have had 2nd thoughts now.... as it’s not a cheap update.
  12. What? you heathen! How dare you personalise your car....! That’s outrageous.... There goes the COA from Stuttgart. You’re not going Porsche Heaven...
  13. Very nice. So where’s the pic? Don’t be shy....
  14. Philbee

    AQUA WAX all your questions answered

    Good one Martin, inspired to do same. Couldn’t wait till weekend. just ordered a couple bottles online! $45 for 2 bottles - winning!!

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