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  1. If this issue is simply due to the lack of admin/mod resources manning the helm of the admin functions of this site I’m happy to volunteer to support this part of the forum. just need to be handed the keys and a lesson in how to navigate... If it’s purely a technical problem the site is suffering from I cannot help you I’m afraid...
  2. @NVS911... to your question, what to do? It’s what you get the biggest smile from... stay original, backdate, restomod. It’s really a personal choice. There’s a great reason to and not to for each if this thread continues with more comments I suspect. personally, even though I own a mongrel Franken-mod, if I bought an original car, I’d stay with it & make it nice. If it was already modded though, go to town and mod away. That’s my approach.
  3. But it goes so well with the interior..!! 😁🤪
  4. Finally got around to updating my fuel cap & flap in my hotrod.... out with the old... in with the new!! sometimes (actually most of the time) the little stuff makes me smile just as much..!! 😁
  5. Or preferably... I would like to see replies to this thread so the forum can learn about this as well. (That’s the point of the forum)
  6. 🏆🏆🏆 .... congratulations Jeff. I bought my car 4.5yrs ago and started on the forum watching your vids. Finally we all get to see the completion of this great story. my hat is off to you, sir. Well done. philbee
  7. Just glad to see a happy ending to the banter above... nice one boys!! 👍
  8. The pricing is on the website for the muffler and the headers.... it cost me about $400 in taxes and the install was sub 1k. would I recommend? Yes, of course but just check with Brian as my headers were specifically (at least I think they were) for a 3.6, that is the primary and secondary collectors inner diameters were a little bigger than SSI headers which are definitely good for 3.0 & 3.2 as an alternate great set of headers.
  9. Gee, it looks pretty damn good as it is ...
  10. Thanks mate, it spins me out too. Never expected the sound to be that good. I love it. 😊
  11. Yes, I love it, definitely fantastic for me. It is a bit louder in the cabin at constant speed but is quite reasonable I feel, ok for longer trips. It’s when you put your foot down or downshift is when the sound jumps up a notch...
  12. The vids ive posted above dont really highlight the difference as im a bit shy around the neighbours here at home, theres an elderly couple next door.... but to give you some further insight the MK exhaust is 5 times louder (?) & angrier sounding than my stock system i had. At full roar its echoes a mile away.... just what the doctor ordered! The cars stock exhaust felt (& sounded) way too docile for the RS badge stuck on the back. And I really love the angry tarmac rally car sound. And M&K delivers on that front big time. The car now drives differently as well, apart from the sound. The loud pedal is more responsive, the car feels more lively and has more a get up and go. As a result of the bewt sound I find myself downshifting more as I hit a corner and that helps my performance overall too. ( was a bit lazier with the quieter feedback). The better air flow overall has given the car an extra boost too i feel, it definitely feels a bit more powerful... 10hp maybe? I picked M&K over the SSI/Dansk soln as I read some conflicting reviews on 3.6 engines being restricted with SSIs that might be more tuned for 3.0 & 3.2 cars... As mine is a 3.6, i only heard good things for my setup with MK. I highly recommend for any G-body car if you want a bit more sound and more hotrod sound. But note, its loud and not a moderate update on the sound front!! 😉 Heres the site, select 'products' then 'M&K 911 products : http://www.rarlyl8.com/home.html My muffler is the MKM27 - 2 in, 1 out My headers are the "tuned long tube headers'. Email: rarlyl8@yahoo.com Contact: Brian Bodart RarlyL8 Motorsports / M&K Exhaust ph: 0011 1 (256)536-9977 Alabama USA Note: Brian is very contactable and replied to all my emails.... philbee 😁
  13. M&K exhaust now installed thanks to Nick at Cascone Autosports! Here’s a BEFORE vid.... here’s the AFTER vid with new MK EXHAUST.. 😊

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