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  1. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2009-porsche-cayenne-s-transsyberia-9pa-auto-4x4-my09/SSE-AD-6838081/?Cr=0 $185k for a 2009 Cayenne After reading all that blurb... I still dont know whats so special about it other than the decal stickers...!! 😲 Although, I think ive memorised the VIN!!
  2. Thanks @Arne Krix... the eibachs ar alot dearer than the HR ones. Not sure I want to spend more than I have to. Im sure the ride is great though. What did yours lower by? HR sag later? oh, that is not good. Thanks I better check on that... Hi @Apogee Or I could upgrade to a spyder...!!! 🥴 Yes, good point, maybe 35mm too much...
  3. Hi boxster dudes, My stock 987 (2008 S) rides high i feel. Heres a stock google image. Theres a lowering set of springs for them. Any recommendations or suggestions? The H&R ones i saw on design911 site drops it 35mm. Seems ok. Im not looking for performance or greater handling, my boxster is a daily/sunday cruiser only... Just looking for it to look a little better..... https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/pt65_236_-cma81-cmo82-ct293/Porsche/Boxster-986-987-981/Boxster-987-32-34L-2005-08-08/H-R-Lowering-Springs-for-Porsche/ Other than possible more front bumper scraps, any other down sides I should be aware of? Thanks in advance philbee
  4. nowhere yet... But next week if our beloved leader ditches the 25km limit I’ll be heading out to nowhere in particular.. just out, driving... me & my car with a side serve of visceral pleasure & a good dollop of happiness... 😎
  5. When I bought my 911, I just took it to Weltmeister in Richmond and they picked and arranged to get an immobiliser fitted. I’ve had it 4 yrs now and it’s never missed a beat and their guy knew Porsches so I felt comfy that it wasn’t installed dodgey! Ben is the classic Porsche guy there and was very helpful. I went with a 2 stage unit not 3, it was deemed unnecessary.
  6. Just curious.... if you wanted to buy an early 993, 3.6 engine... where would you buy one? Who sells em? How much are they?
  7. Agree with @hugh... also I think unlike lockdown 1.0, you can no longer drive for recreational purposes (even within your 5km zone)... As in “I’m just going for a drive, officer” (previously ok)
  8. Looks like a bewt classic! Hope it goes to a happy home, @remi. Good luck with the sale. love to see some interior shots...😊
  9. For what it’s worth.... Famous quoted me just a week ago $2500 for my 2008 boxster s which is dead stock, no mods, <5k kms. Whereas Enthusiast has quoted me about $800. Signed up.
  10. Great insight @Uncle... and thanks for sharing. Uptill now none of the story made sense even if you add the word crazy before the word money. I'll have to ask my mechanic about those "rebates".... hes been holding out!!
  11. Hmmm,... 1 yr on, Getting an itchy trigger.... might need to upgrade.

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