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  1. Philbee


    There’s a few threads on this, type “insurance” in the search field and read a few of the threads,eg. “All things insurance”... FWIW, I’m with Ryno.
  2. Top car and a top price to go! 😍 https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1989/OAG-AD-16185358
  3. Looks great, maybe only a few tweeks to get it right if it drives like it looks.... But whats that big cylinder thing on top of the engine? never seen that before... 😩
  4. Did someone say, 'hotrod'? Ooh yeah, looks the goods. Where do I sign up? Getty design duck? Who knew.
  5. Philbee

    I bought a 997! A 996 comparison

    Congrats @Simonk... A big well done from me.
  6. Philbee

    GT3 Touring Time

    As I said in my Autohaus post the other day, having had the privilege of being chauffeured for just a few mins in this car by the man, @itsujack... it’s a bewt, a great package of refined look in and out but with a tough hard drive underneath. Awesome! Well done, Jad. And it’s hard to pickup in pics but the clear wrap, ceramic coating thing that Jads put on the car... oh boy, the duco is like glass, like a mirror! It’s a perfect finish even the most fastidious OCD Porsche owner would be proud.
  7. Try acromann website...
  8. Not quite... getting there.
  9. Philbee

    All things insurance

    I'm with Ryno and they've been always helpful on the phone... Adam is great. I've changed my 2nd car from A to B and it was seemless & I claimed my 1 free windscreen repair earlier this year and again easy peasy! But no accident claim experience (thank god).... And they're pricing is great!
  10. Took the car to @JB's today for a quick facial.... it got a few scuffs on the bonnet last few weeks. Here's the man doing his thing. Result: Genius at work. Great result. Cleaned it right up, Highly recommended. @JB... I'll be back, mate, to do the rest of the car.
  11. Was No but now yes. Funny you ask, I dropped the car back again this wk and just had the centre console& switches removed. So, adding that to the mix: console, fan & thermo switches...an extra few$ needed as I understand that bit is a bit hard to come by, add $150. (Not sold separately at this time.)
  12. Great vid, Hugh, nicely said and hats off to the production crew... ! Well done.
  13. Hi, I’ve recently removed the aircon from my car - 1987 911 manual coupe. All condensers, connectors, tubing, compressor are there and are fully operational. The compressor sat on a 3.6 engine so its connecting bracket might not suit a stock 3.2. It was all professionally removed and is currently in a big box with stu at nineauto (Moorabbin) here in Melbourne. Looking to sell as a whole, $1500 or nearest offers will be considered too. could arrange transport if required (your shout)... Philbee
  14. Geezus, I dont know how you do that stuff, but it looks great.... !! I wanna go out and buy one...