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  1. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Muffler update: Muffler has had to be re-sized (go figure... I hear you, @hugh) and expected back this week, to be fitted and ready for this weekend.... Here's hoping. 😐
  2. Philbee

    Number plate wanted

    For what its worth..... I have the plate APD-729.
  3. Philbee

    Mexico Blue 996 Coupe

    good one! good colour..... me-hi-coh!
  4. Philbee

    Home built Hot Rod

    Re: build part 4 Hi Jeff,, was wondering if you'd contacted Porsche about their new bearing part and the notch on the wrong side to where your groove is. Seems incredible they could get it so wrong.... If so, any feedback? Has anyone contacted you experiencing a similar problem...?
  5. Philbee

    Hotrod to Outlaw

    I'm starting to think.... 🤔... yes, something's missing.
  6. Philbee

    Hotrod to Outlaw

    Love all the suggestions and what makes an outlaw... I didn't think there so much to it. but I've realized when suggestions were made about blackening the chrome bits on my car I kinda felt..."what, not my chrome bits!" Maybe I'm just not that outlawee...I'm more hotrod. All not lost, good info for future thoughts.... (When I get those Tatts & ripped jeans)
  7. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Muffler will not be ready this week... 😭 Out of Geelong 70th.
  8. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Yep, you said it.
  9. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Well, progress todate with 3 days before "Porsches on the pier" at geelong,... A/C has been deleted, new engine bracket installed, new tinware installed, new single crank pulley installed to make more room & muffler removed! All good. Also, getting a window switch replaced, started failing just last week. But the Bad news is... the muffler has gone back to the muffler guy to get tweeked, eg. The outlet needs to be extended to still finish up flush with the rear fender as the whole muffler is moving back. Now... Awaiting to hear back on return delivery and re-install of the muffler..it could take 2 more days or 2weeks!..
  10. Philbee

    Hotrod to Outlaw

    Symsy, if I went "full" outlaw, I think that would exactly be my car! Looks the goods! Boy, heaps of suggestions ... Thanks all! I did say a " light" touch, not full outlaw but there's obviously a lot more to outlaw than just a matt bonnet. Food for thought... Maybe I should start with the dreadlocks... @StevepGT3 !!
  11. Lately I've been getting into Magnus Walker and his fleet of outlaw cars.... You-tubing. And the the outlaw 911 look is starting to appeal to me. You know, where one panel is a little different to the others. See exhibit 1 below. So... Was thinking whether my gleaming glossy black hotrod could get a little more outlaw about him... This is me now... Was thinking something light, not too severe a change...just a satin black wrap on the bonnet maybe? Wadda you think? Don't touch a good look or yeah have a go? anyone with wrap experience? Does it come off easily? Does it cost much? Where in Melbourne do they do this? Any pros or cons to be aware of?
  12. Philbee

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    You're right, it's not being moved... That was my stupidity kicking in. Dropped it off today, muffler guy will be brought in to inspect his 'work de la rattle'... There may be something loose inside as well as external rubbing on the whatever...! the main gain in space is done by replacing the std 993 pulley (it's a triple pulley) which protrudes out the back quite a bit with a single crank pulley (from Patrick motorsports). To achieve this, I've decided to pull the pin on the air con. Weight gain benefit right there! Then a new engine bracket can replace the bent one in there now. @KG... A smaller muffler was considered but I'd start losing sound & performance..2 key attributes of a sports muffler. And I want it done right, not with a bent engine brace! Yeah, the parts abt a Kay, labour a bit less. Cha-Ching!
  13. Philbee

    Duttons Porsche Nirvana

    I think I'll model my next garage (dream home) on that front room... a boy can dream, right?