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  1. This is the one dimensional thinking by the state I hate .... we have 20000 cars per day, one idiot stacks and speeds are dropped to 60. It just frustrates 95% of drivers, sorry 99%.
  2. Warning? In Victoria that was fazed out 10yrs ago I reckon....
  3. Wow yeah, camera work & editing is great. The music... a bit too dramatic for me especially when they’re panning over the back seats... 😊
  4. Err... it’s supposed to be 10% I think.... it sounds a bit too big a jump? They’re not scamming u are they?
  5. What are you waiting for... pastel pink and hot green rims!! 😁
  6. No pics from me this time but just here to say it was a good turn out, plenty of cackling & coffee! It’s good to catchup with regulars and meet a few newbies too! Thanks @Kerry! 😁
  7. You know what, this thread is not dead. 💐R I P 💐 After all the investment of my hard earned and time on my muffler it’s still not 100% in my book. Performance wise, it’s ok & it sounds pretty good too now. But for my car, because of its looks, it needs 3elements whenever I touch it, ie. when the mechanic does their thing, performance, quality, visual appeal. The cars not a dirty rally mongrel, it’s kinda clean & presentable... so all work needs to maintain and upgrade where possible that clean good look. Even the bits ya can’t see so much! Because I know it’s there. so, my muffler (the exhaust), it has 2of the 3 key elements ok but the final one, how it looks, it fails. It looks like a bastard mongrel under there now.... not what I want. When funds and time become avail, I’ll post some before and after shots and an update. Yes, there’s an upgrade project in the wings. The story continues.... No, there’ll be no tartan involved! 😋
  8. So this is a VIC state govt tax... It’s Dan, not Scott! But this raises the question for me, wouldn’t ya just buy in Sydney and drive it down...?
  9. That looks like the RS at Duttons. Was there today walked right past it. Not a stone chip to be seen, orig 50k kms and a cute & practical price tag of just $729k.... waaa!! 😱😱😱
  10. As usually Lee, wish you'd speak ya mind. I cant work out where you stand !! hahaha.... :-) PS. Love ya work, mate!
  11. Geezus... I got this post emailed to me 8 times!! Kerry? What’s happening?
  12. @Raven.... keep up the good work here! Enjoying the visuals... ! 😊

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