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  1. Must be a typo, you mean lowered the ride ? I mean no-one raises their ride? Pls explain this lunacy ! 😜
  2. @Liamray.. that’s a great story & insight into the 986. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  3. Oh geez, it’s about bloody time... I’ve been waiting for the next instalment for so damn long... meandering through YouTube like a lost sole. Well done Jeff, great to see you’re back to 911-ing.
  4. Took a quick look early evening tonight.... they look great. A nice warm yellow light with great definition of light and dark areas of light in the lens ... they do appear a little brighter, which is great. Very happy.... 😊 Hoping @Lucky Phil is wrong and they last for a good long bunch of years! Fingers crossed.
  5. Finally settled on this H4 globe... after all the variants I showed earlier with all the extra intensity +90, +120, etc...I settled on one a little less powerful... +30 ! The LEDs are out and sold to a PFAer... and these babies are in. will update post soon once I’ve had a night drive....
  6. A con - vert - ible??? 😱😱😧 (shh... I’d go a targa 😊)
  7. Whale no whale... I had a 89 3.2 way back in dem good olde days...and it had a tail. For me that’s the classic 80s look. The clean line, no tail is yes, nice n clean but for me, it looks more 70s. being an 88, I’d go the whale if the budget allows and you have a fetish I mean passion for it - it’s a personal choice really! i can’t comment on performance with front lip, leave that for the others but seeing you say ‘ no track’ then it’s not an issue really.
  8. Decided to do a little emblem tweak on the black RS, gold to silver.... 😁
  9. Recently purchased and installed, now removed from my 1987 hotrod. Gave brilliant light upgrade to the original H4 lights. A cool white light and vastly improves the trajectory of light on the road at night. They’re awesome just not the look I wanted for my car. I’d hesitate to transport, so local pickup only recommended... Although, I could bubble wrap and box them up if you’re keen. Just add $10-15 to the sale price for packaging, posting, etc... $50 for the 2 globes.
  10. 👍... nothing like a new spray job! Feel like a new car. Congratulations @wilson59
  11. Some really good points there @autojack thanks... yep, I think I’ll avoid the high power ones, I was thinking same. And down the track, I might just give classic porsche a call on those led lights they’ve made up.
  12. Yep, done that twice now... still seem too bright.😟
  13. Help, any sparky knowledgeable people here? I’ve had my headlights updated to LED globes. But in the last couple of outings & driving at night I’ve noticed I don’t like the pearly icey white look on my 70s looking car and a couple of drivers have said that they’re too bright!! So want to change back to good old halogen H4s. But which ones? I went to repco auto shop last week and there’s a few of different intensities: this I think is the basic one for about $15 But then there’s 90% more: And even more - 120% And finally just a lot more: My default is to get the basic H4 globes at top (pic1).... but will these other ones be better? Or drain the battery? Or overheat? These more intense globes $30-40 each And what does 130/90W P43t mean? - pic4 Compared to 60/55W P45t? - pic1 😟... appreciate any feedback. philbee ps. I don’t have my original H4 globes
  14. Well that’s an experience I doubt I’ll ever have. More luck to those who will, do, have done...

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