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  1. 🤡... it wasnt me, it was the other naughty Philbee!!!
  2. Not that I’m in the market but..... posting ads 101....what’s the $$$$$$$$$$$$. ????
  3. You could try a melb spare parts place http://www.aporschapart.com/
  4. @patrick911... If you’re ready for a drive and meet Some of us, we’re driving this Sunday morning ... check out the SMT section!!
  5. @Peter M.... was not a PFA event. Also, happy for the delete post offer.... Feel free. With an opening line of “breaking the law” on spotting 1sec of footage... and printing the SMT bible at us is not what I call helpful and supportive... I feel there are Better ways to communicate your concerns...or to ‘help’ A fellow member. 😒 Philbee
  6. Im selling my 2008 black boxster s. Its an auto. Black/black Ive had a new roof put on by Porsche Centre Brighton, Melbourne. Its on carsales: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2008-porsche-boxster-s-987-auto-my08/SSE-AD-6284404/?Cr=26 Will certainly be favourable for a financial member of PFA to be interested. Its not without a few scuffs... its a day to day but has been without fault. Car is in bayside melbourne but I could help (not pay) arrange transport, etc for an interested interstater... philbee
  7. They’re 2014 issue - 36/52 front and 49/52 rear. Pics... front: https://flic.kr/p/2h9RX2C Rear: https://flic.kr/p/2h9R6HX
  8. FOR SALE - I have set of 4 Michelin tyres (Pilot Sport 3) These are stock size for an air cooled car, that is: front - 205x55x16, rear - 225x55x16 They are 90% tread, only minimally used. I Bought then locally here in bayside Melbourne from another Porsche enthusiast but they’re the wrong size for my car... Basically, I stuffed up. $450 for the set. Local pickup unless you’re crazy keen to pay for shipping. I’m in the Brighton/Hampton area. NB...Will post some pics soon Philbee.
  9. Must be a typo, you mean lowered the ride ? I mean no-one raises their ride? Pls explain this lunacy ! 😜
  10. @Liamray.. that’s a great story & insight into the 986. Well done and thanks for sharing.
  11. Oh geez, it’s about bloody time... I’ve been waiting for the next instalment for so damn long... meandering through YouTube like a lost sole. Well done Jeff, great to see you’re back to 911-ing.
  12. Took a quick look early evening tonight.... they look great. A nice warm yellow light with great definition of light and dark areas of light in the lens ... they do appear a little brighter, which is great. Very happy.... 😊 Hoping @Lucky Phil is wrong and they last for a good long bunch of years! Fingers crossed.
  13. Finally settled on this H4 globe... after all the variants I showed earlier with all the extra intensity +90, +120, etc...I settled on one a little less powerful... +30 ! The LEDs are out and sold to a PFAer... and these babies are in. will update post soon once I’ve had a night drive....

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