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    Philbee got a reaction from wilburforce in Where did you drive your Porsche today?   
    @Peter M.... was not  a PFA event. Also, happy for the delete post offer.... Feel free.
    With an opening line of “breaking the law” on spotting 1sec of footage... and printing the SMT bible at us  is not what I call helpful and supportive... I feel there are Better ways to communicate your concerns...or to ‘help’ A fellow member.
    😒 Philbee
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    Philbee got a reaction from Troubleshooter in Where did you drive your Porsche today?   
    @Peter M.... was not  a PFA event. Also, happy for the delete post offer.... Feel free.
    With an opening line of “breaking the law” on spotting 1sec of footage... and printing the SMT bible at us  is not what I call helpful and supportive... I feel there are Better ways to communicate your concerns...or to ‘help’ A fellow member.
    😒 Philbee
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    Philbee reacted to Damienb in [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19   
    Only took 6 months, but finally got around to it.  Really brightens the place up a bit - great stuff @Kerry 😁.  Now just need to find a way to secure that trike a bit better otherwise... 

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    Philbee got a reaction from Arne Krix in FS - Boxster S 2008 Auto black   
    Im selling my 2008 black boxster s. Its an auto.  Black/black
    Ive had a new roof put on by Porsche Centre Brighton, Melbourne.
    Its on carsales:  https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2008-porsche-boxster-s-987-auto-my08/SSE-AD-6284404/?Cr=26
    Will certainly be favourable for a financial member of PFA to be interested.
    Its not without a few scuffs... its a day to day but has been without fault.
    Car is in bayside melbourne but I could help (not pay) arrange transport, etc for an interested interstater... 
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    Philbee reacted to turboT in 911 R market watch   
    Saw an 'R' actually being driven the other day through Sydney's Eastern distributor. Have to say they look a lot better on the road than they do sitting in garages  
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    Philbee reacted to MFX in Home built Hot Rod   
    This is the easy way to measure valve clearance on an aircooled 911 engine.    
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    Philbee reacted to Liamray in Polishing   
    Mate of mines Dad worked for a Funeral place, and when I got a black car he told me that they used ‘BAKING POWDER’ mixed with water into a paste to polish their cars, I tried it and it worked a treat.
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    Philbee reacted to Liamray in IMSB problem or not?   
    Firstly I want to say that I’m not a Porsche expert. I’ve owned my 2001 Boxster for 3yrs now, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. And whilst I am not a Porsche expert, I am a retired aircraft maintenance engineer who still loves all things mechanical, especially fast cars!
    Having previously owned mainly Australian Muscle Cars, I was hesitant about buying the Porsche, especially after reading ‘forums’ that shone a light squarely on the ‘IMSB’ problem that seemed to be the archillies heal of the brand. I researched the Boxster for months and spoke to as many people as I could about the Boxster and it’s perceived problems, and I decided that based on the information that I’d gleaned from Porsche techs, mechanics and owners, I’d take a serious look at the Boxster.
    I ended up buying my 2001 2.7 Tiptronic, which had 140,000kms on it, but was owned by an 80yr old gentleman who serviced it to death, and the guys age didn’t hold him back, he scared the shit out of me when he took me for a test drive, so the car wasn’t idled around the place which I was told is one of the things that kill a Porsche.
    So 3yrs down the track and I get a Porsche Mechanic to carry out a major service on the Boxster (prior to this I carried out oil and filter changes every 5,000km or every 6mths). When the mechanic dropped the oil and removed the filter, he found a lot of ‘material’ in the filter (this had not occurred on any other oil / filter change). First thought was the ‘dreaded IMSB’, and there was talk of getting another engine to drop into the Boxster. Needless to say the service stopped right there and then, the mechanic put the filter back on and poured the old oil back into the engine. So now I had to make a decision regarding the future of my Boxster, rebuild or replace?
    After the mechanic left I sat down and thought about it, then I decided to pull the filter and drain the oil and drop the sump to get a better idea of what was going on in my engine. After draining the oil and removing the filter, I cut the filter open and washed all of the material in the filter into a clean container. What I discovered was that the material in the filter was not ferrous metal or alloy, in fact the material was like a hard rubber? And once the material was cleaned it was ‘dark green’ in colour? I rang the mechanic who said he had no idea where the material could come from, but after hours of searching I found a post on a forum about someone who had exactly the same material in their filter, and after exhaustive investigations they found that the dark green material came from the ‘variocam tensioners’, yep that’s right they had pulled their engine down to locate the source, and in the process discovered that the Variocam Tensioners weren’t operating correctly, they even cut the tensioners in half to show the green seals that had deteriorated and flowed into the oil system, yahoo! I’ve found my problem.
    This explained a lot of things for me, you see my car had the dreaded rattle on start up that I was told ‘was completely normal’, really? I know that the 5 chain engines have a reputation of rattling during a cold startup, but I still didn’t believe this was ‘normal’. So with the information regarding the Variocam Tensioners, I set about removing the transmission and engine. Now while I had the engine out I decided that I’d change the IMSB to be safe, the thing is that when I got the Bearing out it looked and felt ‘Brand New’, no deterioration and smooth as silk (it was a factory ‘dual row’ bearing), that was the good news.
    Now that I had the ‘Cam Chain’ tensioners out I tested them, and 2 of the 3 were defective (I wonder if that might be the source of the dreaded rattle!). But after the Variocam Tensioners were removed I cut them in half and found that the ‘green ‘o’ ring seals’ were intact, but. In the Variocam Tensioners there is a large ‘phenolic’ seal, and this seal had worn the bore of the Tensioners to the point were they were allowing oil to bypass the seals, hence the tensioners weren’t doing their job. Add to this the fact that the wear pads on the tensioners were badly worn as well (the Cam Chain Tensioners wear pads were in great condition and the mechanic said that that was because the tensioners weren’t pushing the pads onto the chain hard enough to wear them).
    So, after replacing the IMSB, the Variocam Tensioners and the Cam Chain Tensioners, the engine and transmission were fitted back into the car. On the initial start up (after removing the fuel pump relay and turning the engine over a few times), the engine started with not even the slightest sign of a rattle! And after driving the car since the overhaul it has not rattled once even after leaving sit for a week without starting it! So when someone tells you a rattle on start up is ‘normal’, I can tell you from experience that it’s not!
    What did I learn from this experience, well I learnt that there are what I believe are more pressing problems that need attention in a Boxster engine than the IMSB, and I’m not saying that the IMSB isn’t a problem (but it seems that engines fitted with the ‘dual row’ factory bearing aren’t as susceptible as those with the ‘single row’ bearing), and a catastrophic IMSB failure is a death sentence for an engine. But if the Tensioners in your engine fail, then the end result will be the same if not worse than the IMSB failing.
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    Philbee reacted to Andy73 in What did you do to your Porsche today ???   
    Well this may not sit well with the purists but made one last change last week. Always been a big fan of the RS America as well as the 964’s I’m seeing on social and Youtube from LA. So the retractable wing has made way for a Whale Tail… 

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    Philbee got a reaction from MFX in Home built Hot Rod   
    Oh geez, it’s about bloody time... I’ve been waiting for the next instalment for so damn long... meandering through YouTube like a lost sole. Well done Jeff, great to see you’re back to 911-ing. 
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    Philbee reacted to Merv in H4 globes - which is ok/best?   
    The Phillips ones have a reputation for quality of their filaments and tighter coil winding, over their Chinese counterparts. May not be true but the US guys swear by them.
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    Philbee reacted to Merv in H4 globes - which is ok/best?   
    Another way to improve your lights (any light) that I have used is to add a relay (or two - Hi and Lo beam) in the head light buckets.  Cheap fix and the voltage and output to the lights is significantly increased. To test measure with your voltmeter the output at the head light connector and then the outputted from your battery.  A surprising difference due to the route that the current has to take through harness, switches, etc. Relays are a good way of getting the full voltage, at the bulb and using the switch - as a switch only.
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    Philbee reacted to Lucky Phil in H4 globes - which is ok/best?   
    Yes they seem to be ok (Phillips).  I put these into my daughters car.  Seem to be better quality.  @Philbee be aware that the brighter globes don't last as long as standard Halogens as they run pretty hot.  I have to put a new set into my daughters car about every 12 - 18 months.  Keep the old standard globes in the container for when one of the brighter globes blows as a temp fix and also buy another set (Phillips) when they are next on special at Autobarn or Super Cheap.
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    Philbee reacted to P-Kay in Home built Hot Rod   
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    Philbee got a reaction from SC 3.2 in To spoil or not to spoil?   
    Whale no whale... I had a 89 3.2 way back in dem good olde days...and it had a tail. For me that’s the classic 80s look. The clean line, no tail is yes, nice n clean but for me, it looks more 70s.
    being an 88, I’d go the whale if the budget allows and you have a fetish I mean passion for it - it’s a personal choice really!
    i can’t comment on performance with front lip, leave that for the others but seeing you say ‘ no track’ then it’s not an issue really.
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    Philbee got a reaction from Andy73 in What did you do to your Porsche today ???   
    Decided to do a little emblem tweak on the black RS, gold to silver....
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    Philbee reacted to LeeM in What's for sale (Internationally) that's interesting Thread   
    😂😂😂😂😂 Wait, theres more
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    Philbee got a reaction from wilson59 in 76 911S repaint   
    👍... nothing like a new spray job! Feel like a new car. Congratulations @wilson59
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    Philbee reacted to ANF in H4 globes - which is ok/best?   
    130/ 90 in most cases is illegal for road use. 90w on low beam is just too bright! They used to make a 100/ 55 which kept the 55w now beam but improved high beam.
    You really do need relays to get the best out of halogen lights
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    Philbee reacted to firstone in H4 globes - which is ok/best?   
    I have leds in the boxster. They're from J.W. SPEAKER. They have two diodes at 180 on the stem. I've only been out in the dark four times so far. The first time i had the old windscreen with zillions of chips in it. I noticed the reflection of road signs on these chips dazzling the eyes. New windscreen wow, really nice light. So far i haven't had any flashes from oncoming traffic and they don't light up the rear screen of traffic ahead of me.
    There are a couple of small shaded patches but it's close to the front of the car so no big deal. Ventilation of the heatsink could be a problem if not well considered IMO.
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    Philbee reacted to firstone in H4 globes - which is ok/best?   
    If you have metal reflectors and glass covers you can use the 130/90w but you will need a regulator each light. A double is usually used. If they're plastic it will burn from the added heat.
    I've done this years ago. Very nice lights. 😉
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    Philbee reacted to Bluegus73 in [For Sale] EOI 1969 911 T   
    Bejeezuz @hugh ..... I frickin love this car.
    I might have to see some stuff .... and face a divorce. 
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    Philbee reacted to Uncle in [For Sale] EOI 1969 911 T   
    <<< Closes computer. Runs away before any P.M could be sent. 
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    Philbee got a reaction from hugh in [For Sale] EOI 1969 911 T   
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    Philbee got a reaction from Skidmarks in Where did you drive your Porsche today?   
    Yeah, I noticed that... my clock over 30yrs and going great!!!

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