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  1. had dinner with a mate last night that sold his 76 sporto targa off market last week well north of that price....... he just couldnt resist the money being thrown at him
  2. yep very excited and cant wait. The new heart being built will match the great look the PO created...........
  3. Tips

    WTB 996 C4S

    always had an eye for a fat arse, the 6.1 cab was just a filler based on price and spec. Loving the cab lifestyle and its now very well sorted, but if the right large arse comes up I am all in........
  4. Yep guilty. I will be in Adelaide in the next few weeks to sort some stuff out so will let you know. its a well known car in Adelaide circles. Still haven't set eyes on it, purchased sight unseen and then it was rushed straight off to have some fettling done on the motor. Should have some photos over the coming week and ill do a thread on it. I can share its definitely not a car for purists as its heading down the tarmac rally route 🥰
  5. Tips

    WTB 996 C4S

    absolute compliment. Agree lets find him a car. And certainly not hijacking and avoiding any confliction on searches, but If anyone trips over a C4S Manual Cab I am in the market.
  6. Tips

    WTB 996 C4S

    Love your fat arse KGB 😍
  7. Yep love the off market right now, sold my 80 SC and bought the 66 912/6 all within a week off market in the past few weeks, gotta love this close knit community 👍
  8. Was doing the national park run early this morning south of Sydney with a few mates and the speed yellow 996 turbo recently sold on car sales joined us for a few km. Color I have rarely seen in the flesh but the turbo wore it well
  9. My thought exactly, considering original seller didn’t mention and actually told me wasn’t sure of the IMS situation, now it’s not a problem......🙈 a bit like my quest for a hardtop. People’s opinion of what’s great condition to mine is very different. One was sitting outside in the weather for a month, mould and not disclosed before I drove to Newcastle, the other had a chunk of paint off it where he had ripped the black wrap that was put on it (not mentioned it was wrapped then tried to take it off before I got there😒) and still wanted full wack....... just makes me wonder....
  10. Interesting this is back up for sale within a fortnight by new owner. I was chasing this as a potential low ball if they were desperate to sell, HK car. Watched it go from $78 to $68 spoke to AH who did the servicing and they gave only a little info but had just completed major service. Interesting that the owner never disclosed replacement motor so still well overpriced in my opinion. When it showed sold the owner advised me it had gone for a PPI (don’t know where) so then obviously sold. I wonder what has surfaced either financially or mechanical? Trying to sell around the price it was purchased for. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-porsche-911-carrera-4s-cabriolet-996-manual-awd-my04/SSE-AD-7145424
  11. Tips

    Window issue

    I responded to your other post, believe it’s the window regulator had same issue with my 996 and fixed it last weekend
  12. Tips

    987.1 window issue

    Did mine last week in 996. I changed door handle micro switch ($60) first as thought that was the issue, wasn’t ended up changing window regulator($400) that fixed it. ‘what I read from research is if window drops when you pull handle and open door then when u release it goes up again while door open, it’s the door micro switch as it cant tell when door is open or closed. If it won’t drop at all it’s the regulator.
  13. Spotted the green beast again at C&C this morning @mal911 but not the man 😉 I was in my 996 cab with the gaggle of transaxles in the left paddock
  14. So what is the motor build going to be? I’m working through a 2.7 build at the moment
  15. I started the journey today by replacing my engine mounts with turbo mounts from AH. So far the best $550 and 90 minutes invested in the car.. Completely transformed the gear shift and vibration at start off, particularly reversing. ‘I’m sure once the rest is done it will be magic Done, thanks. I’m still waiting for mine

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