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  1. I’m not saying anything, just a casual observer of life and politics 😉
  2. Talking to someone at AH he mentioned they had just sourced a 964 for a client with a specific build in mind. I believe the quote with car supplied is already well past the $200 mark. I’m sure about 60% is doner car before they have turned a 🔧 i do agree with Lee there is a potential risk of any import with the interpretation of the import laws by the customs officer on any given day then the individual state registration laws, gotta love bureaucracy 🙄 and as we all know on here, the purist in Australia would flag it as a a bastardised import that has a 20% price reduction against it if you tried to sell 😂
  3. Red 928 city bound at Northbridge Tuesday morning, gave and received the P wave 👋 anyone here ? PS love using the SC on daily duties atm 😍
  4. I was looking at targa’s which I really like however a great AU coupe came up that I couldn’t resist. I’m very happy with it but still do lust after a targa, especially an early narrow body, they look so much better in my book. if you’re not overly worried about AU and matching numbers that black HK Import that Mike is selling looks great value as a potential hot rod for anyone.
  5. I ended up ordering the continental unit TR7412UBOR. I will do a DIY install when I get back from OS later in August and ill provide an update.
  6. Welcome @Moobs Im in Nth SYDNEY and recently picked up an 80 sc using it exactly as you intend. I’m currently driving it daily as I just sold my Macan and totally loving it. I would also go the white targa as a narrow body car. Simon is a really great guy who is the seller and has been around prestige and classics a while so he only picks good cars. He’s had it a while and turn over is key for small dealers so he may be able to do you a better deal. Hopefully you are in one soon and joining us on a drive
  7. Thanks gents appreciated the feedback. I will keep the hirschmann And hopefully keep it wired up to operate when the radio is turned on/off as it does today. If I ever paint the car will then do an arial delete
  8. I’m going to order mine early next month so let me know if ur selling. I was thinking the standard over dab as it’s more the Bluetooth feature I need for pairing a phone rather than radio (I just listen to the flat 6 tunes 😉). do you know when reading up if it transmits google maps voice over the bluetooth pairing?
  9. @bumbleDid you end up putting the continental unit in? I’m looking for a replacement for the aftermarket in the SC that will do Bluetooth phone and music.
  10. Pilko I’m looking at the same unit as an upgrade to the current aftermarket. Any feedback on the unit or installation?
  11. Tips

    993 manual C2 or S

    Thanks. If you could pm me some details I will ask the question.
  12. Very nice looks in great nic, enjoy it
  13. Steve I tried to contact the seller multiple times when I was searching in April with no response. At that price a part of me wants to grab it and hot rod as it’s already been messed with😉. The rear guard treatment was one of my questions. Just on observation they look like fibreglass rather than steel as the wheels don’t look centred well enough for factory and steel. But I’ve been wrong before.
  14. Sounds like a nice purchase, some photos would be fab when you get a chance. havinng bought cars from Dutton’s it’s always hard as they source cars from both owners and wholesalers so they don’t always get the history. One I purchased was from a deceased estate via a wholesaler and whilst it had a lot of documentation I had to do a lot of calling around and google to get some of the info. If you can trace where it’s been recently serviced you could start there to back track it. I would even try and contact some PO if details exist as I’m sure they would love to chat. Good luck with the search, in my book it’s half the fun of a classic.

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