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  1. Picked the SC up from Sydney premium detail in cast hill and drove it home. Couldn’t be more pleased with how the paint correction expel bra and ceramic looks.
  2. +1 for autohaus. For detaling I use Mitch at Sydney premium detail he also does xpel wrap and ceramic coating. Based in castle hill but worth the drive. Picked my car up today and looks amazing.
  3. I liked S1 and 2 was good but got a bit dark in its story line towards the end. Ill take a look at 3 and see where it leads, nothing else to do....
  4. A mate purchased two collector quality 993's last week for 20% off their listed price as sellers became very motivated. Apparently they would rather loose money on their cars and fund their margin calls....
  5. Yep, don't add the sports chrono on the 4 banger, it's an expensive clock.
  6. Yep I had the same issue, so got her an old CX5 and me the car I wanted 🤣 Glad to see you made the decision and went Macan, assuming the 4 cyl
  7. That was my experience at SSPC and It was terribly underwhelming @deano don’t do the base car u will be disappointed for life. Good luck and can assure you, no, and the dealer won’t admit it was an issue to start with. Took some demonstration that I knew what was going on before he would talk reasonably about it. But seriously if ur ok with new tires every 10km it’s an awesome package. Don’t listen to Kurt, I loved my 21’s Ok well maybe half listen to him 🙄 I was also thinking SQ5 as well. I know a few on here have them and looks like a great all rounder for a Smelly diesel
  8. Totally agree with @edgy the 4 cyl IMO is a dull version of what is a fantastic SUV. Had the petrol S for 3 years and loved it to bits. Sold it to make room for the 911 and I still find myself longing for another. As many have said in this thread find a 12 month old well specked S or even a GTS if it’s within the budget. The mrs has the GLC43 and It rips, sounds good and is well optioned In its base model. All we added was red belts and stitching (free option) and carbon fibre for a few hundred. We have done 10k in 2 years. It’s mainly a short hauler daily and a few weekend trips. I’ve driven both the macan and 43 to Coffs from Sydney only stopping for petrol and found both cars great comfortable tourers. Only one disappointment on the GLC is the steering. It’s a well known bug, being the steering was built to negative camber the front wheels to improve the turning circle. We tore up a set of front tires in 10k. Just had it serviced and was told they have provided a retrofit for the non AMG GLC’s but not the 43. Apparently not enough complaints. I’m in the middle of writing to MB to try and get some sort of compensation on the tires, dreaming I expect. I never pay full price for a car so we negotiated and played Syd and Mosman off and was able to get the car at $105k drive away on a list of $119. Again I’d be looking at a demo to improve the price. If I had them both side by side and was happy to have the tighter leg room and lower rear roof height (no or small rear passengers) I’d be driving the Macan S or GTS. If you need the space for a family the 43 will more than fill your boots as an all rounder.
  9. We leave for Cape Town on good Friday April 10 which has been a bucket list trip and decided to go for mrs 50th as a treat. At this stage low reported cases and we are both in businesses that have confirmed any travel means you work from home self isolation for two weeks. Happy to suck that up to do the trip. I work in a start up Neo bank with lots of contract resources and primarily tech build going on so our office implemented a new policy from Monday. If your sick or have health issues, cold flu symptoms, respiratory problems like asthma you can work from home until at least mid April. If you need to be at work some days but can work remotely on others that we implement a two week rotation of half the team on site other half work from home. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks to see if our remote working capability is up to it.
  10. Someone saw value at $35k after over 6 months down from close to $60k it’s gone
  11. It's an artistic shot, in the reflection 😏

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