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  1. Tips


    Have the same in my SC. The alignment was done with a 1.25% camber and recently tracked it and found it turned nicely into the corners.
  2. Great outcome @LeeM. Some good news for us too, as we found out last night our neighbour is in remand until his hearing next month. Cops are still formulating charges but as it’s now classified as a major incident and siege, and as a 3rd offence they expect some jail time (again). They are also talking taking an AVO out for his mum that will stop him coming back to the complex for two years. Plenty of time for us to be sold and gone 👍
  3. Something new to share Dave??
  4. Thanks @LeeM agree it’s everyone around them that suffers. Unfortunately his mum and dad the most from the abuse and violence as well as the embarrassment of the impact on neighbours. It all ended after 9 with him bundled yelling and screaming by 8 tactical response guys into a paddy wagon. Mate they are big, heavily armed and don’t take any shit. Cops told us he will be charged with minor stuff and back home this morning as there is nothing they can hold him on. Neighbours are talking AVO’s but as you say I worry you become a target. I feel for a family that just moved in next door, downsizes buying their dream home 😮. It ends for us at Xmas as we have bought another house and will move into it in the new year.
  5. @LeeM just a quick change of subject to your other pet rant, the dopeheads across the road, neighbours... im fortunate to live at my Mrs place in Neutral Bay which is a nice nth city suburb and reasonably affluent. Live in a town house with an absolute dickhead ice addict of a son that lives next door with his folks. It’s been getting worse beats up his folks and abuses neighbours has had avo and been inside twice for it. kicked off again about 5 today and we are all now locked in our houses and road blocked off (major city link) with 4 heavily armed and suited guys with a battering ram hiding around our front fence. Just went out to wee the dog and there are about 12 other cops outside and around the back. The guy is a tool, told them he had a gun 🙄. Nearly 4 hours later and all I can think is the cops that could be doing better things with their time than a dick head drug addicted f wit. As I type they have just brought the black Mariah van around the back so they can go in over the back balcony as well. So much for a quiet sat night at home 🤣 Ok rant over back to normal venting.
  6. Keep your dignity Lee as in my book whilst it feels good it’s only your own brand that gets damaged. As you know it’s amazing where people turn up in the future. I know each city is different however I’m struggling to find a tiler in Syd to do 40sqm of tiling. Out of 6 Tiler’s I called and messaged only 3 called back and two turned up to quote and the be is available. I get frustrated that so many tradies don’t even call back. we have tried to get small jobs done at out town house block and as always job too small no one calls back or they quote themselves off the job. Whilst you can put up an add on gumtree, Fb etc a S uggestion might be to hit airtasker and hipages to see if any small jobs that suit your skills are on offer from joe public so you can cut out the management later? Also suggest have a chat with some local realestate agencies to see if they have need for odd jobs etc as they do turn over tradies regularly and types of jobs vary. Best of luck and having been in the position of job hiatus myself it’s about staying active in the market and catching up with people in your network as it’s amazing what is around when u have people looking out for you as well as time to look and think clearly.
  7. Thanks Coastr. I was told by prostitch that apparently the foam inside comes away from the centre board and expands and deteriorates. They have a process where the slit the visor remove the board and put in new foam and then glue it all back together. $450 a pair was the quote.
  8. One thing I was happy about the SC was the amount of documentation that the previous owners had retained with the car. This gave me a great back log of work that was done, where and when. One surprise to me was I actually knew the second owner in 1984. He was a former business client that I hadn’t seen for 20 years. I reached out and we finally got together this week to have coffee and catch up on life and our shared 911. He still drives Porsche’s and was blown away to see his old car albeit looking a lot different. It was good for me to understand what the factory spec was on the car as it has gone through a transformation during its 6 owners of interior/exterior colour, front and rear spoilers and wider Fuchs. He’s going to try and hunt me down some photos of his short but memorable ownership. For me I enjoy how the passion of Porsche’s bring people from all walks of life together
  9. So thought I would share the trim updates. new sun visors going from puffy to slim New door bins as old were cracked and bulged in the centre. Passenger side was a lot worse old bin where it was broken and separated from the door handle area New bin fitting much better. These are also lined with felt on the inside so much quieter as the garage door remote used to bounce around. Drivers side old bin was a lot better than passengers and whilst in the photos it looks negligible (old to new) certainly was more noticeable in the flesh Certainly worth the investment in time chasing new ones down and only took about 2 hours to install everything.
  10. I have been working on the 911 slowly fixing small trim things. Mrs doesn’t venture down to the garage much, but my little mates always giving me a hand, or not, pinches tools and loves chewing screwdriver handles🙄
  11. Lizard green RS 😍 Neutral Bay
  12. Hi and welcome. Give pcss a call u might be surprised (good or bad) at the dealer service cost on a modern Porsche. They did my Macan and it benefited from the dealer knowing any maintenance recalls or bulletins that require to be done. Not knowing how long since a dealer service was done on your car or it might not be a benefit. They often have a fixed price offer. The other upside is u get free Porsche road side assist if the dealer does the annual service.
  13. Long hood Monday as I took the SC out for a morning coffee with a mate. long hood shell in primer with some viper green or similar colouring showing in patches on a flat bed heading down lane cove road this morning. Then very nice slate grey long hood in Artarmon, sounded sweet as he squirted it through an intersection in the back blocks.
  14. I’m thinking there were 26. Someone did an overview of the order colours etc earlier in this thread. I see the PTS ivory one regularly at coffee events around Syd. Mate has one of the white/red that has done limited driving time, mostly sits on the trickle charger in his shed 🙄 but he did throw it around the farm one day which was a bit of fun. His current view is more about rarity and a manual than extracting a premium, as it’s not being sold in the short term.
  15. Looks awesome love the earlier narrow body. As you say, you need to get out and drive it more to really appreciate the work you have put in. We do need a Syd SMT towards the back end of this month as the last one I did was May 🙄. I know there are some recent purchases in town that need to get out and certainly if your available make sure you bring the Targa. Will post an EOI for dates over the weekend, keep an eye out

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