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  1. Was talking with Anthony at AH last week whilst picking up the SC. He mentioned they had Just recently sourced one for a build they are doing for a client so potentially from shaking the tree they know where a couple of others are.
  2. In case you need to top up Niko, if u are a Repco vip or join for free they are doing an online sale of Autoglym. It finishes today I believe https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/autoglym/c/1379177815?cid=email-2019_5_20_VIPSALEAUS&dm_i=4MG3,Y74,M9U1R,2JKG,1
  3. FYI if u are a Repco vip or join for free they are doing an online sale of Autoglym if it’s your preferred finishes today I believe https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/autoglym/c/1379177815?cid=email-2019_5_20_VIPSALEAUS&dm_i=4MG3,Y74,M9U1R,2JKG,1
  4. Nice bike sorry art!! Is that a Cullen ‘dog’ in the background @wilson59
  5. For those that like to frequent the above drives and around thunderbolts way and would have been around the time that @Ian718 was heading up that way. https://www.northerndailyleader.com.au/story/6132454/police-clock-four-men-driving-195kmh-near-walcha/ bloody Macan drivers
  6. For a resto novice with a dream of a long hood at some point in the future is it significant structural work to return to its former self? Im thinking interior incl dash but outside of rear guards is it bolt on nor has inner guards floorpan or front body been changed?
  7. Next to an SS my favourite bike, love it,but alas no cash. Assume AU delivered? GLWS won’t last long
  8. @rafikdous looks great for the age of that paint. I have posted it on the MB fb page which is a closed group and see if I can get you any interest. Will need to have the VIn and a few more details on if it’s petrol, diesel gears etc and contact details so I can post in the MB forum if you would like me to.
  9. Shoot me some details if you like, I have some connections in the MB community if you would like to offer it to enthusiast first as there is a lot of pontoon love, prior to auction.
  10. Gaffa tape works well mate, give it a shot 🤣👌👍
  11. Glad everyone acted quickly and found the culprit, so many go without a conviction. Brother in-law house was robbed by 3 x17 yo took his BMWX5 he had the car app with find my car running so they found it. Cops caught the guys within a few days returning to the car to use for another job. They have been in juvenile detention for 3 months playing x box and learning more. Apparently they were well known and now linked to a crime spree but being <18 will get a wrist slap 🙄
  12. Let’s hope, bring on Sunday 👍
  13. Probably always told ‘don’t touch the car’!!

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