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  1. Interesting there is no negotiation in it, particularly if the previous PPI may have picked up concerns. If he was willing to negotiate maybe a quick call to Buchanan’s with his permission maybe enough to remove any doubt. I did this with mine, good owner, good paperwork, car as represented and a call to AH whom had maintained it was all it took for me to put the cash down, no PPI no looking back.
  2. Pretty sure this is the one that was sitting on car sales circa high $60's be interested what it acheives
  3. pretty much my situation too. can never have enough 'just in case' items in the cave
  4. Saw that today, ridiculous. My view is you would probably need to Reseal the engine as it’s been pretty much sitting around for 24 years doing nothing.....🙄 If anyone is after a lowish km black on black 993 turbo I know one that’s about to go on market in Sydney
  5. Stance looks amazing and as always Dave has nailed another good set up. He did a full refresh on my SC last year and I receive lots of feedback on its stance and the car is amazing to drive hard and fast. It’s great to find someone that knows what they are doing with these cars and listens to how you want it set up for your driving style. look forward to seeing it on a drive soon
  6. I note the blue X51 in Melb is now on hold. Be interesting to know how close to ask it went for
  7. Having an older 911 the PO used the optional plug that hard wired directly to the battery and is then just tucked away in the frunk when not in use. I find it quiet easy particularly as the car has a soft cover over it when not in use.
  8. A mate lent me his C4S for the day. I fell in love and can see a wide body in my life at some point in the near future
  9. blue long hood previous of @hugh in Neutral bay this afternoon, Still looking awesome...
  10. Tips

    Tyres now

    it was something i was thinking as well Pete, either way after two track days I will be up for a new set of tyres. Maybe go for the best track use tyre on this change (Advan) and then put the Re003 on when i get the boy racer out of my blood.
  11. Tips

    Tyres now

    popped into Bridgestone this morning. RE003 205/55 Fronts available but 225/50 rears out of stock and not expecting a new shipment until 30 Sept. Quote is $668 fitted for 4 but not including alignment. Other options were the Yokohama's (Advan 107) at $922 fitted which is better than the P zero price of $1648. I didnt get a price on Advans Being I have 2 upcoming social track days and tyres will cop a hiding and will probably need replacing after the second day. Price wise I'm leaning towards the RE003 if i can get stock in time. If not might have a crack at the 107's.
  12. Tips

    Tyres now

    Just about to order a set of tyres. These are on the list. What are your thoughts Merv?
  13. I listened to this today, great chat about the T50 and back through Gordon’s history with f1 etc.

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