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  1. Probably more than price. If you want a very well sorted 996.1 manual cab hit me up as about to reluctantly list mine
  2. Yes lee the double row in the 98 was a much lower failure rate. IMHO age has now increased the failure rate. As Jeff suggests I did mine when the clutch went at 125k earlier this year and it was starting to spuw the grease and would have failed at some point. The chain tensioners have now also become an age issue and 2 of the 3 in mine were cactus. I’m told that when the chain tensioners start to go this puts pressure on the ims as well. They have seen failures in some cars not long after the ims has been replaced. so a 22 yo car that has the original ims it’s definitely worth monitoring closely.
  3. Yep, not too difficult YouTube and also a good guide on pelican. Make sure you mark the window glass position on the bottom clamps before u undo them as it’s critical on ensuring thee window height is correct. More important on my cab due to window drop etc should take about 2 hours but take ur time
  4. Asked the same question of a sales guy at a PCSS event a few weeks ago. His comment was all good they still deliver cars every month it’s just a long tail of orders
  5. getting an allocation for a build slot on most 911 models right now puts you at mid to late next year. I’m not knowledgeable on panamera but would say expect similar. I hear just getting a dealer to guarantee a build slot can be challenging as with all manufacturers key parts such as chips and wiring looms etc to build new cars has been impacted by well documented recent events. So getting a discount right now, I would say no chance, lucky we are not like US and UK who have been paying over mrsp since early 2021. I know a number of dealers are also buying up 991 and 992 good 2nd hand stock from existing clients and even carsales to have something on the floor to sell, but expect to pay a premium or close to price of a new one..
  6. Looking for a set of electric sport seats for a 87 Carrera Targa. Car has black leather but colour and overall condition not an issue very happy to re trim. thanks Steven
  7. Tips

    Macan Transfer case

    Mate in Syd has the same issues initially PCW changed the computer and the second time the transfer case was changed. He had jerkiness then couldn’t select certain gears such as reverse. I think his is a my2016 model petrol S. that said never had an issue in 3 years of ownership with my 2014 Macan S
  8. guys just shaking the PFA tree to see what drops out off market. Looking for an impact bumper Aust delivered matching numbers manual Coupe for a mate. He is based in SE QLD but willing to travel the eastern seaboard or regionally to look at the right car. We have looked at the current crop of cars on car sales but none at this point fit the bill so no need to send me those links. Blows me away with the lack of disclosure on many cars being advertised in this market 🙄. He is looking for an honest drivers car for his first foray into 911 air cooled ownership not a concours example but not a rough PoS either. I am not as worried with KM travelled as long as maintenance has been completed and there is documentation to support it. Colour is a preference for it NOT to be guards red but everything else is in the mix. I am thinking 76-84 3L with a preference for 81 onwards for the higher HP motor but not wedded to it. Like everyone here I know the market has shifted and I am not expecting 2019 prices, so willing to pay the current fair market price for the right car. If you have an 85 or 86 3.2 that would certainly also be of interest but would need to be <140k km with full documentation to justify the higher value, but certainly keen to see one if you have it and pay the price accordingly. I look forward to some banter as always on my request as well as a couple of good cars to consider.
  9. I’ve seen the invoices and they add up, lots of go fast bits added during the rebuild. He didn’t pay full ask and for him he sees the value vs many others that have been advertised lately that needed money spent that would have taken some of those cars in excess of what he paid. Would I have paid this much for a 964? No, but it’s not my money and the new owner is happy so think that’s all that matters.
  10. Yep a few hours. On its way to Sydney next week a very happy buyer he’s been looking for the right car for a while and this ticked some box’s
  11. Annoys the Fu<k out of me when I have to read through all the history of Porsche to try and find out what I really need to know about the particular car 🙄, and all to often the really important information is not there. 😡
  12. Yep in a couple of hours, a mate was trying to get it if sale fell through. Looked to be a great well priced example
  13. Tips

    Sell or hold?

    I did the top half of thunder bolts way from uralla to Inverell a couple of weeks ago. Magic piece of road and that stretch was in good shape. No wildlife or radar/cameras I believe the lower section from Gloucester to Uralla is crawling with the later 🥹
  14. As per topic looking for a straight no rust good condition deck lid to suit an 82 SC. No whale tail just clean deck lid. im Sydney based but interstate dosnt scare me so let me know if your tripping over one that you would like to sell.
  15. Bill at BM leather creations in Melb look like they do a fantastic job, might be worth at least seeing what a pro would charge..... I did get a leather kit from these guys and the colour match was excellent but not sure what you are trying to repair https://www.colourlockaustralia.com.au/colorpusher/index/coloursbymanufacturer/id/PO

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