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  1. Congrats mate. As per our call a couple of months ago, I was very interested to see what a colour change would do to saleability. You just demonstrated right car, well priced, is always going to sell. where did the seller come from, here, gumtree or fb?
  2. @Nikos I have used Alex +61 437 208 806 a couple of times he is mobile and does a good job but it’s really only the face of the rim. If you want a shop where you can drop them and get a full front to back refurb try Ben in Artarmon 0414 380 969 also refurbs older Fuchs. Atlas panel shop use him for client and their personal cars
  3. If you can't put a deal together let me know
  4. Price at bottom of the page, yep. Ouch https://www.porschemelbourne.com.au/pccm i have the continental in my SC works fine but about to add an amp as it's pre amp is gutless find the cabin noise kills it Hi Russ any update and what car did you fit it to? Mate has a 993 and needs Bluetooth
  5. Literally an oil change and check over before a 3 day tour but they do have some older guys trained on air cooled. Motivation was NRMA charge a fortune for roadside when you are greater than 50km from home and if you do your annual service at Porsche it's immediately covered by their roadside program, no limits. As most of my driving is weekend runs I'm always further than that from home or a trusted Porsche mechanic so should the worst happen and it broke down I wanted the option that it would be taken to a dealer wherever I was. Any major work I take it to a specialist. It was <$400 and great peace of mind for an annual oil change and check up. Due for one next month.
  6. I sourced mine from PCW, they printed it off the database for me. Had the car in for a classic service as I wanted the porsche free road side assist that comes with it, handy security on long country drives.😏
  7. Welcome, Probably time us Sydney Siders took a drive, so keep an eye on the SMT thread. We don’t discriminate, we also let some of the water cooled folk join in
  8. Have just done the reverse trip. Alan's just delivered a mates 993 to sydney from Melb this arvo and it heads to Autohaus on Friday for a Indy up. Alans were great and always find the team at Autohaus fantastic. Grant and Anthony were great taking calls around questions, giving advice. Enjoy the C4S, have seen it in the flesh a few times and love those big hips 😍
  9. Skip straight to the 993 with Mitch from Sydney Premium detail. Based in Castle hill but very good at his craft. Check on insta and fb pages https://instagram.com/sydney_premium_detailing?igshid=1c845j7r4nofu last few cars he had done I know the owners and very happy.
  10. Did an early run on Sunday to Saddles via wisemans ferry. 15 cars, a real mix, 3 Porsches, mclaren, 2 rs6 wagons, 1 lambo, GTS AMG and 8 Ferrari's. Certainly the slowest boarding of the punt I have seen for a while 🤑
  11. I don't know the car but seller is a dealer also has an s2 for sale. kollector cars on Insta
  12. How good was this weekend. Some relaxation of covid we had dinner at friends last night, drove the SC to coffee with mates today, hosted friends tonight and see family for a birthday tomorrow. Is this the new normal? I'm lovin it

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