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  1. Now the Duttons of Sydney. I hear they finally just acquired CTS. Hard to play them off against each other on similar cars now. 🙄 Just really leaves them and Bunnings, and i wont be rushing to Bunnings based on some of the questionable stuff I have seen
  2. Tips


    Thanks Lee. I’m that kid at the servo asking mum to take a photo with the car 🤣 i do love the comment ‘like not sleeping with ur girlfriend so she’s good for the next guy’ puts the term garage queen to shame
  3. No he needs one of those new front loader models also needs to get all 4 corners balanced as they tend to dance about a bit on those high speed spins
  4. Probably delicates then
  5. Is it now a twin tu(r)b(o)
  6. Oh, very dry...
  7. A mate used one of these companies a few years back in Vic. His wife hired a Feza for his 40th on a weekend in Melb. Organised for car to be picked up from the hotel and the guy didn’t show. They needed to leave and get to the airport so sent a text, left car in forecourt and keys with consierge of a well respected hotel. Next week gets an abusive email and $5k charge on his card for gearbox damage. Disputed it but didn’t win. Company also had a number of simillar complaints against it. Just straight out dodgy guys in some of these short term rental places and most have gone belly up.
  8. In Melb today doing the final tyre kicking for a mate on a car in Duttons (Merc not Pcar). As I’ll be in the shop for a few hours, I’m keen to have a good look around as it’s been a while since I was there. They have some quality cars in at the moment.😍
  9. Looks like what will now become another garage queen. Tangy will rule I think
  10. @edgy OMG I fear I will now be the loan Macan on SMT’s unless Tom buys it for his mrs 🙄 what are you going to tow the trailer with?
  11. Tips

    WTB 964 tip tip tipper tiptronic OR C4 manual

    Congrats but .....
  12. Tips

    Windscreen Replacement Cayman 987 (Sydney)

    But they will at least warrant the work with guaranteed Porsche parts and if there was an issue I would rather be dealing with PCSS than being in the middle of an unknown glass repairer and insurers
  13. Your safe @Troubleshooter as I’m told most millennials live at home and spend dads money anyway, if you ain’t buyin he ain’t havin 🤞
  14. A millennial will buy it as apparently that’s the colour for this year according to a presentation I have just seen by a well known designer. So dig out those yellow cars and get the millennial speak ads going and price at a premium...