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  1. As your Melb based you could always pop down to Dutton’s and test drive this 964 to see what you think of an air cooled car with some go faster bits is like. Yes it’s priced up there but it’s been sitting for a while so you never know they may do a straight swap on the TT. https://duttongarage.com/1989-Porsche-911-964-Carrera-4-Manual-Credible-Singer-Clone-~50255
  2. Thought the same thing when it popped on my alert, dreaming. It’s well spec’ed but there is a 997 manual for not much more if someone was spending $80k for a more modern manual.
  3. Are they new inserts or covers over the existing? Seen them a couple of times in ads. I think I like my eggs fried not poached 😉
  4. Lucky your a financial member Lee that looks like a lightly veiled for sale ad 🤣.
  5. I’m with you Gav on the two for one pricing. Battling this myself at the moment. 996 tipper maybe manual for the daily commute over the bridge and a not overly expensive AC for Friday’s and weekends. Plenty of choice on the 996 front, challenge im finding is the lower cost AC. Cheap entry could also be money pit. I’m not adverse to an import and preference is RHD over LHD or converted. I have also found that there are many temptations that look very tasty and are pretty much sorted, which will be the entire budget. There is a good basis to go down this path as a 50k 35 year old air cooled car is going to probably need money chucked at it, how much is as they say a slippery sliope once you start. I have found when you start looking at good 3.2 and 964’s most have already been refreshed or have good history. For me I like the 2 for 1 idea I just don’t know if the right 2 cars are going to present themselves. Maybe though in this market where things appear to be cooling maybe it might work for a patient man, which I am.
  6. Was looking At this and was sold and not updated for a while. Also keen to see if it was someone here. My AC plans have been dashed by the HK bubble. Idea was to find a cheap 996 manual convince @LeeM he needed it so badly and switch it for his HK car👍🤞😂. Problem is now that some of these HK cars are going back at strong prices he probably thinks it’s now a reasonable swap for a manual 997 Turbo😮🤗. I was messaging a HK AC car the past few weeks trying to low ball as it had sat awhile, and seller finally got back to me saying he is now dealing with a HK buyer. Like that 964 a few days ago, looks like they are trying to buy the HK cars back one by one 🤣
  7. Not Vancouver but pulled in to get petrol today and spotted this. A female driver reversed over the garden and on to the access road. Flat bed towie was there for ages trying to work out how to get it onto the flatbed.
  8. How cool is that car and a great story. Love the sound of the patina refresh to keep most of the originality. I would rather that than a resto where it’s just too fresh. Enjoy the first drive.
  9. Agree $80 is a big number for a car that has a 2.7 engine, 930 wing and SC badges!! based on the sons comments an owner that doesn’t want to be disturbed so I think you would struggle to get it taken for a ppi. I agree $60 is probably a fair price if it all checks out ok. He’s got my number but I don’t expect a call back. somethings are selling though And probably puts that $80k into perspective
  10. Having inquired on one of those and another one just outside of that price bracket over the past 2 weeks with absolutely no response from the seller it looks like they are not very motivated either 🙄
  11. Yeah ok u caught me there mate. By the time I got the phone out she wouldnt repeat it, something about my turn to walk the dog 🙄
  12. Watched the rest of this series last night, really enjoyed it. Surprised to me was the mrs sat down and watched the last 2 episodes with me 😲. She liked it as it wasn’t over technical quite entertaining with a good mix of racing and the behind the scenes stuff. She then shocked me with a comment of “maybe we could try and include a GP on our next OS holiday”..... 😍 love her words....keeper
  13. I’m with you. I see it every election in retail sales people stop spending worries anout what the new govt will do on tax and benefits. Some investors are pulling the trigger on property as they are concerned that post election there maybe changes to negative gearing. There are still what appear to be bargains in property vs prior market, but slim pickings as vendors take them off the market due to low interest. There will still be some opportunity here as potential investors release stressed assets. Agree though, people are just being wary of spending on big discretionary items like cars and investment property, as they are not sure what the economy is doing short term. Talking to a friend on the weekend that is pretty senior at one of the investment banks, his view is there will be an economic correction as some point shortly, within 12 months, as it’s a cycle we are due for... maybe people are wise to hold their $ and wait for opportunity as distressed assets hit the market with investors needing to cash up.👍

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