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  1. If u can document the dealer swap, actual K’s and it’s priced accordingly (discounted) and you are not looking to sell in the next 2-4 years and it ticks the box’s, it’s only you that has to be happy don’t worry about others.
  2. Assuming there was no disclosure by the seller are you just guessing as to what the issue was around the engine replacement? Are there other items you should be concerned about as to the cars authenticity and documentation? Have you checked the write off register to see if anything g else didn’t match? im a big gut feel person and if things don’t line up or I feel it’s not quite as I was told I’m out of there. Plenty of Boxters on the market at all price points.
  3. If it was black on black i would be paying Lee a spotters to do the transaction for me, good lookng car Congrats on your sale @Hunter Porsche what are you looking for now Stephen? Or should that be Porsche Hunter?
  4. Disappointed I missed it @Typ9xxI think I spotted that red 997 heading on to pennant hills road close to lunch. Made me realise I do like a red G body but seem to ignor modern Porsche’s in red. It looked great and might have changed my mind. ?
  5. That’s a tough one. The wheels I did were white walls and had a soluable blue wax on the white rubber to protect it. Definately wasn’t hot water and soap as recommended by the supplier ?. Of course most wax is heat based melting point and without seeing what it looks like I can only suggest boiling water poured over it from a kettle or potentially heat gun and scraper and rags. Either way a slow and laborious job that will consume a few hours and half a case of beer ?
  6. Harvs u must be a judge, u notice the small things ?
  7. Correct Adam my bad I use both for different jobs, the ct14 is the degreaser the 18 works a treat under guards and engine bay for general cleaning every couple of months
  8. CT18 bilge and engine bay degreaser, dishbrush, karcher dirt blaster nozzle and 30 min to do 3 scrubs per wheel.
  9. I know there are a couple of ML/GLE owners on the forum. PM if anyone is interested in a set of OEM roof racks in great condition suit a w166 ML350. Over $600 new Happy to part with for $250 ono. steven
  10. Tips


    That’s why I tend to donate smaller unwanted stuff to Salvos/Vinnies rather than eBay etc just can’t be arsed dealing with the idiots. just sold my house so unwanted furniture is being picked up by a furniture dealer, whilst probably half of what I might finally get on scumtree it’s picked up and gone in one load for cash ?
  11. Tips

    Spotted Thread

    All white day in Neutral Bay white gt3 at around 11 giving it a boot full up Ben Boyd Rd and then a nice white 964 around 6:45 this evening definately not a stock exhaust and sounding sweet.
  12. Mike it was formerly hunter hall VGT and recently taken on as pengana I was on a high growth fund with local and overseas shares.
  13. You can try Kelvin @ PANEL ONE in Alexandria +61 414 666 991 same thing happened to my daughter and taking it there next week to quote. Recommended by a friend that knows his stuff.
  14. Tips

    What kinda hose you got ?

    Yep have one of those agree with Niko. my other hose is a pope (5 year warranty) as per Raven. Bought one 5 years ago but is now my 4th hose. Yep I’m the cheap bastard that keeps his bunnings receipts and the packaging and returns the hose for a new one on warranty every 14 months when it breaks?. Never an issue but you needed to copy the receipts as the thermal paper went white afte 3 months. Now they email them to you ?