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  1. Took the SC on an early run out to northern beaches with the 22yo car nut daughter and the pup who loves been out in the 911. Spotted a Talbot Yellow SC😍 on the way at Roseville. Found out that 7:20am is way too late for akuna bay west head run, we just got stuck in a long que of cyclist traffic so turned off and did cottage point Bayview to Newport. Landed at Bilgola beach for bacon and egg rolls coffee and sand between the toes. Did the serpentine and bilgola plateau roads then back up through wakehurst parkway. Spotted the same Talbot Yellow SC on the side of the road, checked in, fuel pump and flatbed on the way so we headed off home. Nice 4 hours of aircooled soundtrack, twisty roads, coffee and father daughter time, doesn’t get any better than that in my book.
  2. Wow looks pretty awesome 😎
  3. @JWMwill be keen to see some photos and your thoughts on the outcome. Include some photos, hope you got some before's!! I had Mitch look at the SC but the 20 yo black paint was going to need way to much time to paint correct all of the po's neglect and the quote was outrageous. I did a 4 step Menzerna process myself with my orbital. Whilst not perfect as its still has a few very light swirl marks, it looks so much better and it gets driven regularly, so good enough for me.
  4. Tips

    Tyres now

    I hear you Pete my thoughts exactly. A morning at the farm with new suspension soon cooked mine and they are now hard as. I feel every bump and they skate in corners now 🙄
  5. Tips

    Tyres now

    My car came with Goodyear eagles that are now circa 6yo and a bit heat cycled 😁 so will do a tyre change shortly. Keen to see how the feedback goes as I was a bit clueless on what would be available
  6. @JWM you wouldn’t be getting your paint corrected and Geyon quartz applied by Mitch’s team at SPD would you? Just spotted a familiar car on his insta feed 😏 I know Mitch well and have had him wrap my car as a few other friends. Great paint correction work but slightly on the high side of price for xpel otherwise I’d be sending @edgy there with his new paint!!!
  7. great to see u cruising through Potts point this morning in the Tash, it was looking good. Mrs spotted you before me, wondered what car it was 🙄, at least she knew it was a lambo.
  8. Wow that’s hefty and expect it’s more than GST, I wonder why. Was it a large parcel of bits? I have a mate heading up to UK shortly for a quick business trip and he could bring it back as luggage if it’s not too oversized
  9. Will be my First summer with a black car no AC and already feeling it. Do you mind sharing landed AUD cost and timeframe from order?
  10. Bugger, it was a quick trip as we had a family lunch at Newport, next time. I was told my07 and up was the best model so thanks for confirmation. Mrs and I saw a couple at PCNSw concourse and she gave it the nod as she also misses the Macan, loves her P cars. Hope to get some inspiration here
  11. Kurt if that’s xpel I think the rates are very good as they have really hiked the price in the past 18 months
  12. @itsujack and I were only discussing this topic on Sunday at a c&c meet. I’m sort of in the market for a suv that can be used to manage a big Reno and ferry shit from builders yards, Bunnings and nursery. I have a 2006 face lift turbo in my sights. I just think @ circa $25k for a good low km one they are such good value, awesome bang for buck and super competent, and for me a much more pleasant drive than a SR5 or Ranger. The topic on Sunday quickly moved to mods and yes safari styling, lift kits roof cage were all mentioned. I will follow this thread with interest.
  13. Great thread @Mike-S was going to start a similar one in the next week or so, thanks👍👍 I’m fighting with nth Syd council over 2 off street parking spots across the front on my new place. We have an existing car port so I’m thinking if we can’t get 2 side by side approved, that I replace the current single flat roof carport with a taller pitched roof version with a 4 post hoist. I need a 4 post so the Mrs can park her GLC and still have easy access to the car with the SC on the hoist. @pocketscience I see you have a pitch in the corner did you happen to do the height measurement on the rh wall regarding the wall height and roof pitch to fit a 911 on the top of hoist at full height? Do you think you will be able to freely walk under the hoist at full height? also what budget should I consider for the tufflift and keen to have your thoughts on it
  14. Tips

    HK 911

    Thanks guys the stock look is what I would be after as I have the centre console fitted

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