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  1. Looks good James and fair price, everyone needs a little transaxle love in their lives…GLWS
  2. Yep same. Purchased an Adelaide car that was on historic and all I did in NSW is pink slip. Sent that and $100 to a club I was told about in upper Nth shore (I’m sure We use the same club) and they completed all the docs via email and mailed me the final originals which I took to service NSW and rego done. Pretty simple. if I wanted full rego it was going to be much harder would entail blue slip and in my case an engineers report.
  3. Tips

    Safari Cayenne...

    I am aware of the red one well known Sydney dealer, $45k for 211k km 😳 there was another on car sales with 145k km for $27.5. I’ll bide my time still enjoying the 996 which stays until the 912 gets up from Adelaide late Jan😁 been a while since we perused a wine list, need to do something new year
  4. Tips

    Safari Cayenne...

    i have been pondering the same project for a while now and at the stage of looking for a good starting base. Spoke with my panel guy who has some space i can use and was going to have a crack this week at what appeared a cheap GTS in Melb however it sold yesterday. I'm not sure if that's an omen 🤣 I have always like fast wagons and I think these are such a good base for a daily toy to drive. Good Safari parts appear to be available ex US and shipping prices are not stupid if buying all of the gear together and combine with some local fabrication its not going to be a huge money pit for the look. Am i mad? I will keep an eye on market and see if i fall over a good base V8 even if i dont safari it is a good daily to keep parked in the street.
  5. i removed mine a number of times attempting the MFX clockspring fix but just couldn't get it right so bought a new one. I didn't have this issue but did find that some of the older fittings were a little loose when putting them back so really needed to check all 3 plugs in my case sat properly. It sounds very much like an earthing issue. If fuses are all good, I am thinking if it was me I would be going back in and confirming all plugs have stayed connected. its only 30 min to do it.
  6. 996 has been sent to me by a mate at least 6 months ago thinking it’s in Surry hills. id be dropping a note on that SC
  7. Looks great @Saxon. Have you thrown it on the scales? With mine I’m Be keen to understand what the weight will be.once it’s done. Aim is lightweight great power pure driving pleasure
  8. I sold my SC when I mentioned it to a guy at cars and coffee then a week later bought my next one off someone that reached out through instagram. Alternate market place is strong as no one wants to deal with dicks on CS if they don’t need to. Let people know what ur chasing make a bit of noise, it’s surprising how many cars get offered
  9. Update, just spoke to Sean (PCW) at coffee he said Macans are hard to get, orders are slow if u have the opportunity take it
  10. Talking to PCW DP this week it maybe a case of what you can get as he expects stock to be difficult after Xmas. I had the 21 turbo rims on my S and really liked them. Ride was fine. But try to negotiate, all they can do is a polite no and offer u another coffee 😂 if it’s being delivered assume you have called the other dealers to see what’s in stock?
  11. Congrats Kurt looks great welcome to the artic silver C2 club😆 and look fwd to seeing it at some future coffee catch up
  12. Send it to @Mike D'Silva won’t beat professionalism and value
  13. whisper i heard was that Singer are looking to offer a 993 based car from next year. not sure how true that is but would expect that would see both 964 and 993 prices staying very strong and buyers of doner cars are not as worried about the providence as long as they are straight
  14. Not sure how many times you have cycled the roof after installing the rams. The noise sounds like mine with low hydraulic fluid and was very slow. I had to cycle and refill mine 3 times after reinstalling. It’s a fidgety job as you have to keep pulling it apart to refill and then refit and cycle the roof 1-2 times after each reservoir top up. I didn’t have the clash issue. Possibly it’s time for a Porsche specialist or dealer intervention

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