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  1. Tips

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    Chris I could be wrong however I think it has to be continuous not opt out and then opt in later. Also cuts off after a certain age so maybe confirm with the dealer before you finalise your decision. Not not sure if the assist is wrapped into the warranty. I was told by the dealer if I have my annual service done by them then the assist is thrown in. Again all from memory not facts in front of me so I could be wrong. I’m sure someone will home in and set us (or me) straight
  2. Tips


    Spoke to my mate last night that purchased his 996.2GT3RS through Richmond’s. Same as uncle great experience organised transport etc. he has also purchased through Dutton’s and said that Richmond’s were certainly streets ahead and would deal with them again. Kurt If they treat their buyers well I’m sure they would look after sellers just as well. Im was told by Dutton’s they have a high repeat customer where they often sell the same car a few years later. Its often a revolving door at this kind of level.
  3. 🤣 I was going to suggest I pay $1k over @Dave986 $25k offer and he wouldn’t even need to wash or vacuum it for the sale 😉
  4. Poli if he I s looking to price it well and look for a quick hassle free sale it might be worth getting him to post on PFA prior to Carsales as there are a few 996 buyers here and removes the attraction to drop kick low ballers and fraudsters.
  5. Tips


    I’m a sheetie by trade but would never attempt too big a resto with out the right tools and space. I’m looking at the initial thread pictures thinking this is the bravest soul I’ve seen in a while, then I read you are a panel beater, big sigh of relief. Love those coupes so good luck and keep us posted.
  6. Tips

    Carport design...

    Agree with @LeeM.on subing it out. I provide finance for a lot of these prepackaged products. High margin for manufacturers compared to what you would anticipate. I always work to a 50/50! Ratio of material to labour on most prefab product. It comes back to how much you can get the labour discounted and retain a quality job? Sugested to a friend recently if you want a cheap carport and happy to compromise, go to gumtree get a second as fixed size you are happy with then find some one to install it for a price you are happy with. Not sure how much of a discount you’ll get
  7. Tips

    GT4 Warranty Extension worth it

    Same for me, no charge for the pre warranty inspection mine was a fsh with PCSS and they did the warranty. Last service they found a crack in the exhaust and a few other little things all done under warranty 👍 I’m a believer for peace of mind and future wallet proofing
  8. Nice watch. Monte carlo is probably the only Tag I would buy. Just finding the right one is hard as the low number or old pre tags are just sooooo expensive in comparison to other watches on my bucket list.🙄
  9. Tips

    Spotted Thread

    Nice whit 928 in Neutral bay tonight one for Adam 😝
  10. Tips

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    @twoheads I had a similar experience with the same model just prior to Xmas helping a mate shuffle some of his collection. About an hour in Sydney traffic (unfortunately) so the forward driving position on heavier clutch came in to play for me with constant use. The comfort to me was surprising as i was expecting a harsh ride similar to some other GT cars I have driven, albeit we were on city roads for most of the trip. I’m just 6 foot and found the driving position and seat comfort perfect for me. I get the whole looking in the review mirror 😍, glad you also had the same awesome experience. 👍
  11. Tips

    The Pet thread

    @LeeM always tough when the pets are suffering. Hard to do temporary pain relief. I’m sure constantly doing 8 tabs a day like you are must be hard on everyone. I know no dog (or cat) likes getting one let alone 8...😷
  12. Tips

    The Pet thread

    Mine had a hernia op so was wearing a blow up donut rather than a cone. Took him for a walk this morning and a lady asked if it was some new cooling ring with a frozen core. also been very spoilt sleeping in the bed 🙄 Maybe I should get some made, people spend a fortune on pets if my mrs is a comparison
  13. Like your 52 @MARTY I have.a 52 as well. It was my dads given to him by my grandma when he turned 21. Unfortunately I don’t have the original band but constantly looking for one. Nice watch @sleaziusit’s not one I was aware of but just had a read up. I’m looking for a watch for daily and whilst traveling and Thought about a GMT. Might look into this one a little more, thanks
  14. Picked up this little gem, 1920 Rolex Oyster. Wasn’t really looking for another watch but stumbled upon it and couldn’t resist. I suppose I don’t have to put too much thought into the Mrs Xmas present, she’s already wearing it 🙄. keeps perfect time and just a very nice watch
  15. Tips

    Spotted Thread

    Exceptional looking black 356 cab cruising down Ben Boyd rd in Neutral bay early this morning looked amazing HS356 plates on it.

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