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  1. good question i couldn't find a definitive answer, just had mine fixed by Autohaus 2 hr job. PO had used brown bostic contact and made a mess of it.
  2. I hope so for you as well Dave, chatting on Friday they did have strong interest and didn’t expect it to last the weekend. Hope u get to share in any price upside.
  3. cant believe the ASX was down all Monday APT has had a stella run and certainly some longer term opportunity in Z1P . All the BNPL are down today off the back of the ASIC report yesterday. pretty standard trading pattern everyone is worried what regulation will do to volumes and potential revenues. it will be back up next week because of black Friday and Cyber Monday massive sales coming up in US over thanks giving.
  4. James I have also looked at this issue for my black SC coupe but still not pulled the trigger and pondering what to do this summer. There are a bunch of threads (below) that cover all option pro's and con's as Coastr points out. In my case I wasn't doing a DIY due to lack of tools and space so my pricing was based on an installed system. In my investigation: Option 1 most cons out way the pros, particularly using 40 yo technology in Australian summers, hence maybe why a number have been ripped out of early cars and are available Option 2 I explored and spoke to autohaus as they had a retrofit option they sold they did suggest option 4 below was a better way to go for optimum spend and performance Option 3 was my thought and at $5452 (2,995 quid) plus freight and then install, it was getting expensive. Again some experience on here (search threads) around finding someone who knows how to install it properly. https://www.classicretrofit.com/products/air-conditioning-kit-for-classic-911-full-kit Option 4. Autohaus suggested now they do a retrofit of a 993 system which they have done in a number of cars but its a circa $10k+ fix but the best option for max performance they have been able to find. Maybe see if any members in and around Sydney have done the above options that you can check out prior to pulling the trigger.
  5. I’m hearing a lot is happening before it’s even hit the web....😉 but not with me 😩
  6. Lovely Yellow 356 LHD cruising off the bridge this morning towards Nth Syd 😍 Had Vic plates maybe just still driving after freeing lock down 😂
  7. Congrats. if it has service history call the shop and ask about it. A hoist always makes for a better inspection, call them to check.
  8. I’m with you, just send Symsy with a wedge of cash to kick its tires and report back but alas I’m cash poor right now, unless someone wants a mint SC quickly
  9. As the advert says on this 930 bitsa, not for the faint hearted 😳 https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0001-20007209/classic-cars/1988-porsche-930-turbo-manual-coupe?spr=true#&gid=1&pid=59
  10. Yep have to agree Ronnie. Spoke to two manual 997.1 C2S sellers today that both sold last week in the $100-110k price point both had multiple interest and sold quickly out of NSW into Vic during lock down. Suggestion was FSH and ability to call the specialist/PC workshop to validate history of cars did the deal. Looks like it's a sellers market for the right P cars at the moment, who wants my SC🤣😂👍
  11. Interesting even the tippers are seeing some action, a few on my watch list are also seeing interest/selling in the high $70’s
  12. Agree, not money I would spend but for others money is no object when bringing life back to a car you love and in percentage terms of its value only enhancing an investment that you like to drive regularly
  13. $11k mates rates 😮 and has given the guys plenty of work having a number of cars and collector mates as well. I drove the car up there it was so dull and really just was filthy inside and out, never really been detailed in its life. Picked it up with him and the car just gleemed. One of the best paint restorations I have seen. Great thing is it gets driven, so PPF is definitely required.
  14. A good friend gave his newly acquired 993 to Mitch at Sydney Premium Detailing to rejuvenate 24 years of neglect. Full detail including underneath plus PPF. Great to see the work these young guys can do https://www.facebook.com/sydneypremiumdetailing/videos/268530244503506/?vh=e&extid=0

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