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    Tips reacted to JonoF in EOI - 1982 911 SC (Aussie Delivered / Guards Red)   
    Trust me - there is a heap of heart ache in this.  But I have an opportunity to buy a mint long hood project! It's my favourite long hood model and my absolute favourite colour!! And and and it's a legit Aussie delivered car too.  I have saved a bunch of cash, but need to $80K to make up the difference.  It's possible it might fall through, in which case, I'll take my lovely red head SC off the market. 
    Meanwhile - how is KLASSSSY? Where...is....the....roof!? 
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    Tips got a reaction from TINGY996 in What's putting a smile on your dial?   
    Congrats love a winner, what u going to spend it on? Financial membership 😮😂
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    Tips reacted to 1q2w3e4r in Prospective Cayenne Turbo or Turbo S Buyer   
    Brakes have been fine on mine.  I bought it as a daily in 2011? with 56k on it, its now done 165k as it doesn't get as much use.
    The only two issue its had in the entire time apart was one of the door entries for the keyless entry and drive went which kept draining the battery.  This took a fair bit of labour cost to track down.
    The other was that the water pump from memory went on it and it was leaking fluid.  I can tell you that you won't kill the engine as I urgently had to get somewhere in mine so was of the view it was either going to get me where I had to go or I was going to run it till it stop and then leg it to where I needed to be.  I reckon I ran it for 25-30 minutes with the water temp out of the normal operating range.  It ended up tripping the oil temp out of range also (so essentially everything was flashing red).  Got me where I needed to go.  Once parked it wouldn't start as I was hoping to get it somewhere to have it towed to Porsche.  Tow truck dragged it on the flat bed as it wouldn't start after I turned it off.
    Long story short, when it arrived at Porsche it would start, they drove it off the truck.  Diagnosed water pump issue, replaced it and job done.  No engine issues or anything.  I was gobsmacked as I did say to the SA who worked there at the time who's a mate that I figured they'd just trucked in an expensive piece of immoveable art as I figured  it needed a new engine I didn't want it back, to his credit he did say upfront he didn't reckon it would be an issue (this was before they worked on it).  That must have been 3 3 1/2 years ago now.
    A good alignment will see you get about 40k out of a set of rears. I think I've only down both front and rear brakes once in 7 years, it may have had a set of front rotors at some point half way in that time but I can't really remember. 
    Air suspension isn't really an issue, it also uses the same system as in the Touareg so if there's an issue buy the VW module.  
    Service costs Porsche have done all the annual services, I can't remember off hand how much they are but I guess its like $600-700 for a basic and somewhere around  $1500 maybe for major, could be more with spark plugs etc.  I wouldn't go off this, I'd either ring Porsche or PR Tech (or whoever else you'd use) and ask.
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    Tips reacted to mhh in If you ever visit Maui   
    Give the road to Hana a crack too!
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    Tips reacted to RwGreeny in 911 Safari   
    I took it for a good shakedown on the weekend to test it out in the snow and mud. I even managed to find a couple of little river crossings. But it was in the mud that it was really impressive. The level of grip and the way the car ‘hooks up’ in the deep stuff was amazing.


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    Tips reacted to wilson59 in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Trump just tweeted about it . It’s out there 
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    Tips reacted to Merv in Suspension   
    Did the front shocks today.  I was interested to see what was inside the struts.  Unlike the rears (Koni reds), the fronts were (also quite new) Koni yellows.  The settings on the front were just off soft (as they should be for street use). Have re-adjusted them and then did the suspension heights again.  Quite happy now with the handling and ride quality. Alignment next and corner weighting if possible. 
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    Tips got a reaction from clutch-monkey in The Pet thread   
    I have been working on the 911 slowly fixing small trim things. Mrs doesn’t  venture down to the garage much, but my little mates always giving me a hand, or not, pinches tools and loves chewing screwdriver handles🙄

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    Tips reacted to LeeM in VENT!   
    Nice one @Tips I bet you can breathe a little easier now mate 👍 Fingers crossed the judge use their brain and locks him up for a long time. If he does it again, they should just shoot him and do society a favour.
     For us, just having the feral element near our home and seeing all the crap they leave outside, plus the drug dealing that's been going on has been more annoying than us being in fear. I spoke to the developer who is building next door to us last Friday, and he told me when the house he bought there was vacant for a week, it was completely stripped of all wiring and plumbing. They even stole the laundry sink he installed weeks before, so instead of paying $20k or more to fix it all, he decided to knock it down and build 4 small houses. I have absolutley no doubt whatsoever the guys across the road were responsible.  I'm more relieved about not seeing shopping trolleys all over the place!  
     On that note, council have kept me up to date recently, and they may force Coles to install electronically tracked trolleys so that they are alerted immediately and recovered or receive $100/trolley fine. They should invent an electronic 'smart trolley' that locks the wheels once you cross the border of a carpark...or electrocutes the thief if they try to carry it off site. I'd pay to watch that! 😁
     I have a friend who is now a manager at my local Coles, and she has said they know who is usually doing it, yet are powerless to stop them due to OH&S policies. You can imagine some bogun throwing a tanty if they tried to stop them from walking 400 metres to their home with a trolley instead of carrying some bags, so they leave them alone.
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    Tips got a reaction from LeeM in VENT!   
    Great outcome @LeeM. Some good news for us too, as we found out last night our neighbour is in remand until his hearing next month. Cops are still formulating charges but as it’s now classified as a major incident and siege, and as a 3rd offence they expect some jail time (again). They are also talking taking an AVO out for his mum that will stop him coming back to the complex for two years. Plenty of time for us to be sold and gone 👍
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    Tips reacted to LeeM in VENT!   
    It's looking good mate. They were loading loads of stuff into trailers and cars most of the day including loads of electrical wiring (and probably all the other crap they have stolen), and I havent seen them since. The house they've broken into next door has had loads of activity from electricians, plumbers, painters and business suits visit all day, so they'd probably stripped the inside of anything they could sell
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    Tips reacted to LeeM in VENT!   
    Woke up this morning to the sight of our neighbours filling cage trailers with all their furniture and other crap, so we're hoping they're moving out! 👏👏👏👏
     The builders and painters are in their next door house that has been trashed for the past couple of months whilst it's been vacant and used as a dumping ground. I've lost count of how many times I've called Housing SA and the local council about that place
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    Tips reacted to Timbo911 in 1969 911 - IROC   
    Here's some recent photos

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    Tips reacted to OZ930 in 1980 SC trim items - found   
    Does this help?
    I was going to have a go at fixing mine, but because of a friends recommendation, I had an upholsterer do it, cost $85 each.  
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    Tips reacted to Skidmarks in 1969 911 - IROC   
    Hi all.
    Gulf Blue.
    IROC series spec.
    3.6 that is as good as my 3.6 was when it was, well, a 3.6 ... 
    Full cage.
    Log booked.
    This is not my orange car but one I built.  It actually beat my car at Winton last year.  
    This would be the ultimate track day/club/race car.
    $100,000.00 ONO
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    Tips got a reaction from Raven in Spotted Thread   
    Lizard green RS 😍 Neutral Bay 

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    Tips reacted to Niko in BURNS & CO AUCTION   
    LOT 15 might be of interest. 
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    Tips reacted to LeeM in VENT!   
    That's my problem. These drugfu..ed idiots cause so much grief and use all those emergency resources, and for what? To be let out to do it again? 
     Sadly, it now happens in areas that usually dont house that kind of demographic, yet drugs are affecting all walks of life. I hope for his parents sake he sorts himself out, yet they're usually doomed to a life of drugs and crime that will bound to end getting locked up and the parents disowning him.
     Roll on Xmas then ay @Tips? Until then, just have a bat by the front and back doors like we have...and my ex kickboxing missus who can look after me 😁 "Honey, beat the shit out of this idiot please!" 
     All the best 
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    Tips got a reaction from LeeM in VENT!   
    Thanks @LeeM agree it’s everyone around them that suffers. Unfortunately his mum and dad the most from the abuse and violence as well as the embarrassment of the impact on neighbours. It all ended after 9 with him bundled yelling and screaming by 8 tactical response guys into a paddy wagon. Mate they are big, heavily armed and don’t take any shit. 
    Cops told us he will be charged with minor stuff and back home this morning as there is nothing they can hold him on. Neighbours are talking AVO’s but as you say I worry you become a target.
    I feel for a family that just moved in next door, downsizes buying their dream home 😮. It ends for us at Xmas as we have bought another house and will move into it in the new year.
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    Tips reacted to LeeM in 1980 SC trim items - found   
    Well I've been in the wrong trade! 
     Hmmm...I have a Stanley knife, some expanding foam and super glue...👍
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    Tips reacted to LeeM in VENT!   
    @Tips Cheers mate, good advice I appreciate
    I hear all the time of trades not getting back to the clients, or outpricing themselves, yet those guys are usually the ones who will have a cry bout a lack of work. I recently quoted someone for 3 robes as a cashie after I saw their quotes from 3 different companies, I bettered them all by a good margin yet the client asked if I can do it cheaper than that? Well no actually, and I've left them be. Ofcourse they call back with their counter offer of "Can you do it for this much?" Again, no, sorry. I've had that for so many years I now expect it when I do a quote, yet I stick to my guns now, and if people don't like it, then that's their problem.
     It works both ways with clients and business owners trying to play the "I'm so broke" card when they drive a Ferrari or whatever and live in a wanky suburb, so I'm not entirely stupid to know they CAN afford it, but choose to not want to pay. Same thing with builders/developers in that they want to maximise profits and don't care how they achieve that, which is usually at the expense of those who have the experience to provide such a task.
     In all honesty (and this may offend some viewers), the main reason people are doing it tough in this industry is the imported workers doing big jobs for bugger all money. I know one crew of ten painters who are on $8-10 per hour and they work 10 hours a day for one imported bloke who is ripping them off blind, yet the large and very well known Australian home building company don't care, as they're making more money and getting the job done. One solo painter who is very good at his job recently told me he has to buy all of his paint from one Dulux supplier. No Bunnings or Mitre 10, not even a sub branch of Dulux. He pays top dollar for paint, and for every sale that every painter puts through their warehouse, the 'large building company' also receives 10% commission. When some houses take $3000 worth of paint to complete, thats a lot of money being handed back to the builder! Now I ask you, does that bode well for the average bloke just trying to earn a living? 
     All in all, the company I have trained with recently doing waterproofing and silicone gap filling (I'm very experienced in the latter) have contracts now and lined up, so it's just a matter of time before my ball starts rolling again.
     In the meantime, I wish to offer a little advice to those who want jobs done around home but don't want to spend much. Do you pay top dollar for your Porsche to be tuned and serviced/repaired, or do you have 'Joe Bloggs back yard enterprises' 'Have a go' at it and hope for the best? The same goes for building trades. If it's cheap, it's usually shit, so a $5000 job will not be done for $500 just because you don't want to pay that much, and tradies don't want to work for $20/hour. Same goes for employers. If you want good trades, PAY THEM ACCORDINGLY or do it yourself.
     If the company I contracted to are reading this...Go .... yourselves! 
    There, I feel better now 
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    Tips got a reaction from Jason A in Scratched the itch   
    One thing I was happy about the SC was the amount of documentation that the previous owners had retained with the car. This gave me a great back log of work that was done, where and when. One surprise to me was I actually knew the second owner in 1984. He was a former business client that I hadn’t seen for 20 years. I reached out and we finally got together this week to have coffee and catch up on life and our shared 911. He still drives Porsche’s and was blown away to see his old car albeit looking a lot different. It was good for me to understand what the factory spec was on the car as it has gone through a transformation during its 6 owners of interior/exterior colour, front and rear spoilers and wider Fuchs. He’s going to try and hunt me down some photos of his short but memorable ownership.
    For me I enjoy how the passion of Porsche’s bring people from all walks of life together 
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    Tips reacted to Rick V in Old records found for ‘85 Guards Red Carrera   
    A spring clean has turned up an envelope full of service records for my ‘85 Carrera at Buiks during my ownership & Chateau Moteur prior to that. I sold it to a guy in Sydney 12 years ago (waaaay too cheap in hindsight! - geez I miss her!). I think he may have moved it on, possibly up Brisbane way.
    It had an unusual combo of guards red with dark blue interior with Porsche Logo linen seats. VIN WPOZZZ91ZFS103441.
    Just putting it out there in case the owner is on PFA, or someone here knows the owner..... happy to send the envelope on.  

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    Tips got a reaction from Dave986 in Recommend a workshop for PPI - Melbourne   
    @Dave Brennan is your man
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    Tips got a reaction from Airhead in The Pet thread   
    I have been working on the 911 slowly fixing small trim things. Mrs doesn’t  venture down to the garage much, but my little mates always giving me a hand, or not, pinches tools and loves chewing screwdriver handles🙄

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