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  1. So I've finally gotten around to finishing this video and I have to say I'm really happy with it, hope you enjoy it.
  2. Some of the crew hit the Flinders Motoring Heritage event, hope you enjoy the cars.
  3. Delux Kustoms a quality restoration shop in Melbourne, the work done here is cracking.
  4. Chasing Cars and Coffee events this past weekend with the kids (Bulldogs)
  5. Just to help people it isn't an Australian Targa but it is a LHD matching numbers original car. Have I just opened myself up 🤣
  6. Well an RWB hits the channel. I've been thinking about converting my targa, what do you think?
  7. Thanks, nearly crashed the drone a couple of times and then nearly dropped it in the drink Really nice lad
  8. Its a lovely car. I'm going to catch with them in Sydney but the engine is stock, just the exhaust and the quality of the engine creates an amazing note, especially about 1cm away from your head 🤣 And you 👍 Might leave the 356 at home next year and bring the 930
  9. Luftwasser weekend, hope you enjoy this video as we are very proud of it. Please give it a thumbs up and drop a comment on YouTube to help us out.
  10. Kicking out some content recently and I have to admit this video won't be for everyone, but, take a look and let me know what you think on the car in our comments section on YouTube, its an interesting car.
  11. Hi So I'm working on a few projects for my channel, Porsche and aircooled VW related. I'm looking for a strip or private road for a couple of private short runs with a couple of cars. This isn't an event but a private 2 car video. The intent is to have match ups against similar or newer cars. Very similar to what you probably see on YouTube with newer cars except with older cars, for example, I have lined up a modified 36hp Ghia and a stock 36ho Ghia, I know, this might need a calendar rather than a stop watch but I'm trying to do something different and a little fun. Plan is to also do this with some friendly competition and comparison of 911's and other Porsche's. I'm stuck for a location so if anyone has any suggestions or can help can you please send me a PM The intent is to compare some cars and for the owners to have some fun and experiences in theirs cars that they wouldn't normally do. Any help would be great.
  12. Porsche Club of Victoria show, great day out considering all the rain in the morning.
  13. New video out today with a Pre A Jade 356, love this colour.

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