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  1. Something different with the Porsche built Audi RS2
  2. Hi Yep I organised this drive, its had a few changes but its now locked it. https://www.facebook.com/events/370935801554094 Melbourne Drive for Luftwasser on Friday 1st April. NEW PLAN Meeting here at 10am and leaving at 10:30am sharp to head to our second meeting point: bp Truckstop https://goo.gl/maps/CLdoo5bKVq4tTXJ57 We are then heading to Yea to get some lunch and plan to be there by 12. Further drive details will be shared later in the week.
  3. In Sydney for the weekend and having some fun with Ron Goodman
  4. A recent ash Porsche Club of Victoria event as we hit Sandown in our 356
  5. If you missed it, here's our day at the German Auto Show
  6. Last of the videos from Winton, brilliant day as always
  7. Last of the videos I did on the day. I'll dig out some photos as well as I had a couple of good ones.

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