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  1. Another short video but this time inside Jame's Cup car.
  2. I think that's the car, this one. just read that, CS clone but still cool
  3. Hi I'm trying to find and contact the owner of the Carrera CS, I assume they are on here, can the owner or someone drop me a PM please 👍
  4. A video from the Track Day at Winton, what an amazing day.
  5. Tuesdays thumb nail with a video of the track day and I hope to have something together for next Thursday showing James's lap with me holding down my chicken burger I'll have more photos soon, I've just been working on the video's
  6. Brilliant day yesterday thanks to Sven and Rohan for the track day yesterday and to Hugh. Had an absolute blast and loved every minute of it. Thank you!
  7. Hi I can't find the original post but I'd like to say thank you to the organisers and everyone involved for an amazing day at Winton yesterday, absolutely brilliant day out. Thank you so much for the time, effort and money that was put into this day, loved it! Massive thanks. Scott
  8. I love this, I had the chance to visit the Tuthill workshop and get the full tour, what they do is amazing
  9. New video out with a replica Speedster Into sure how people feel about them here), and right at the end of the video a lovely convertible 356A turns up, that was a surprise.
  10. I don't mind the 915 box, its just a different driving technique. Most have been great to get out on the road after 15 months Had the car washed at Muck Off today as a Xmas treat for her. Bless them, they do an inspection of the car before washing for scratches and bents, the poor guy just looked confused at my 356 🤣
  11. This 911SC is really cool. Turbo upgrade and launch control, what more could you want in an aircooled 911?

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