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  1. Yes this Keith's old car with some changes and is still a weapon
  2. Its a reluctant sale but apparently I can't have two and I need more time for one as it is... I have a couple of details I'd like to complete before I put her on the market but I thought I'd put it up here before hand. Based on a 1980 Porsche 911 SC left hand drive imported to Australia from Japan in 2007 and extensive documented history since. Over $100k receipts in development work. Engineered for half cage and full registration. Import approval held from the Department of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS) which allows registration in all Australian states and territories, (30-year rule). All major mechanical work completed by Simon Greenwood and his team at Autowerks Charmhaven NSW, with less than 10,000kms on work completed. FIA Group IV Body kit imported from DCC Motorsports Belgium comprising Duck Tail, wheel arch extensions and front (gravel) spoiler. With a full spare replacement kit. Engine 3.2l (1984) with 98mm barrel - capacity is at 3.4 litres JE high compression 10.5:1 pistons ARP rod bolts and Supertech (USA) engine bolts and fastenings used throughout Uprated valve springs with titanium collars / retainers High lift and duration G60 camshafts European Racing Headers (USA) 1 3/4" O.D with a custom built collector and muffler system from TM Performance and Exhaust, Erina NSW PWR customer oil cooler mounted in front guard Heads have been twin plugged and the ignition is a JB Racing (USA) 12 plug distributor. Twin MSD6 igniter packs 46mm PMOs Transmission Fitted with a 1985 model 5 speed 915 gearbox with external oil cooler Sachs sport rated clutch and pressure plate KAAZ plate type LSD (8:31) Close ratio 3rd 4th and 5th gears from Albins Gears Rennshift performance short shifter kit fitted to a Rebel Sport Racing (RSR) transmission tunnel raiser kit (which moves the gear lever back and up approximately 4”) straight RSR gearstick and Stromski Racing precision shift coupler Brakes Rear - Porsche 930 turbo 4 spots with the calipers modified by RSR to fit standard 911 rear arms Front - Porsche 930 turbo 4 spots with full floating slotted discs from Vehicle Craft INC (USA) Twin cylinder system from Patrick Motorsports USA mounted in place of the original booster Brake bias control is achieved by a Tilton adjustable dash mount Braided lines and cold air ducting EBC Yellow pads Suspension Bilstein shocks revalved to suit tarmac rally events Uprated rear torsion (26mm) bar Adjustable rear spring plates from Sway A Way Elephant Racing Poly Bronze bushes throughout RSR front (through the chassis) and rear adjustable sway bars Turbo tie rods WEVO rear engine mounts Corner weighted and set up for Targa events the car is very neutral in its handling Wheels 16x9 (replica) and 16x8 (genuine) Fuchs on near new Khumo KU31 in 225 /55 and 245/50x16 Interior Cobra Imola Pro FIA approved seats, stamped and in time. Mounting points fabricated to allowing seating as low as possible as per Porsche Cup cars 5 Point racing harness 1 x Willams and 1 x OMP (not in time) Navigators alloy foot well / foot brace Wired for Rally Safe transponder, required in Targa or rally events CAMS approved fire extinguishers and first aid kit Heated front and rear screens 6 point bolt in cage RS lightweight carpet kit Other Brand new Dansk fuel tank Brand new bosch fuel pump Full braided fuel lines Fuse block and relays uprated to current blade type fuses and modern relays Spares - not part of sale with car but would separate Fuel Cell ATL Foam Filled FIA FT3 compliant 85 ltr capacity in custom made container Carter fuel pump Full DCC Motorsports Group IV kit - SOLD 16x9 and 16x7 BBS rims with Khumo V700s 15x11 and 15x9 rare Gotti rims $90,000
  3. Would have loved to come down for that but unfortunately Im away this weekend - at least i'm in the same location as the SC and got the club reg sorted today which was a good result! I'll keep my eye out for the next event though, keen to get out and about.
  4. Hi all, Having stalked the site for some time and spent many years dreaming of owning a 911, I finally picked up my first Porsche. Spending most of my time recently in off road 2 wheel motorsport I've been waiting (read saving!) for the opportunity to get back into 4 wheel Motorsport and found the perfect 911 to do it - a GRP 4 replica SC. My plan is to run tarmac events with it and have fun, but right now just looking forward to driving it! I've got plans for the car and making some changes in the near future, and no doubt will post up a lot of questions here. cheers, Mike
  5. I would have thought it depends on a few things; local vs international, or what you intend to do with it (drive it hopefully!) or is the question do you get your money back? As I can recall quite a few 'modded 911s' have changed hands for big money on the international market and were far from original. The Bearded man and Singer build desirable modded 911s - agreed thats on the upper end of the market but the point is that there is a market none the less. Even Flyin.Hawaiin (dont recall his actual name) pulled $220k for his RSR tribute http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1984-porsche-9111973-rsr-recreation/
  6. Happily I can confirm the car did go to Melbourne - well almost, its just south of the border! I will start another thread to share my plans for it, ask a few questions that i'm sure the crew on here can help me with and sell a few parts as well.

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