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  1. Learned something from my ausie ex mechanic NBN guy, hook your modem and and NBN box up to a UPS as even the smallest bump in power can root the box and the long reboot time if it’s not stuffed is because your box powers the pit( well it does in our case anyway ) and the long reboot time is the power is traveling along little wires
  2. After at least 10 hours on the phone with every bloody one of them convinced they could sort it out at their end via computer I had them divert my business line to my mobile and the house line to my wife’s mobile as it was the only way to get calls, finally got someone who knew what they were doing up to sort it when I gave them a deadline and said that after 40 years I was switching to another carrier if not fixed
  3. NBN stands fo No Bloody Network, taken the bastards since October to sort out our phone lines since hooking it up, finally got an ex mechanic Ausie up last week who was prepared to actually physically test the lines back to the pit rather than using an iPad and saying it should be Ok when it clearly wasn’t That’s part of the problem I had, two lines out of the modem and the one going to the house wasn’t wired into the junction box under the house properly so the lazy bastard set it up electronically so that the business number would ring the house line as well as in the workshop and the house number would only ring if the business line was busy on some sort of rotation system
  4. It’s assembly paste, not just grease and one would hope that Porsche do it properly at a service, but I found that not to be the case and was told that the clicking noise I was hearing was everything from worn hubs to wheel bearings to uprights and even the Diff, but turned out to be that the center lock nuts just needed to be serviced correctly
  5. Not today, but this is something all center lock equipped GT3 owners should do, or learn how to do as it definitely won’t get done at the tyre changing shop, and from my experience is also not part of the scheduled servicing, but it is something that needs to be done periodically. I do mine if getting Tyres or when doing an oil change , whichever comes first. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLjBgLjFngr/?igshid=16baosowlait
  6. at least we get a free pass with speeding tickets
  7. Not tricky at all,only 4 parts per nut, just time consuming and messy,I do it every time I get Tyres or take the wheels off for some other reason, it really needs doing as the paste dries out and goes awol
  8. Center lock service https://www.instagram.com/p/CLjBgLjFngr/?igshid=1rcqiif52jl60
  9. Sorry to hear mate, been there a few times and the only relief Is to get another quick smart
  10. Again today @Arne Krix on the tourist road, I tooted and waved as I went past on the bike
  11. I did the same, they are a pain in the arse

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