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  1. I remember reading decades ago that on some 2 ton Nascar or other American Race car that moving the Battery from the front to the back of the car was the same mass redistribution as moving the complete engine and trans back 2 inches.
  2. Back up a bit, that could go both ways
  3. It would be far more palatable with a really quiet exhaust, If something sounds shit, don`t amplify it.
  4. My mate of mine had air fitted to his GT40 race car, his mechanic was horrified at the thought, but conceded to it being a good idea In the end as lap times didn’t go up but enjoyment and usability did
  5. Ironically I was listening to a Smoking Tyre podcast yesterday And Matt was talking about a GT4 cup car that had the dual zone air con still fitted and whoever the guest was, I think Justin Bell was saying that virtually all race cars have air con these days
  6. Yellow 996 GT3 with black GT3 script on the doors on ridge toad Mount Dandenong yesterday sounded good
  7. I heard on the Chris Harris Podcast that 928`s have the same Drag Coefficient forwards or backwards, it was discovered accidentally when someone put the car in the wind tunnel backwards
  8. I had some seats with airbags shipped from the U.S.
  9. I have a set you can try for size, but not fitted to car if that helps

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