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  1. Don’t get tempted to add more than having the gauge midway as it will then be overfilled and eat that oil pretty quickly down to midway again
  2. The good thing about it though is that once you correlate it with the dipstick you can top up the oil while looking through the back window and get it spot on without having to piss around trying to read the dipstick and not overfill
  3. Only to be looked at when the engine is up to temperature, on the flat and has been idling without moving for about a minute, ie the best time is when you park after a drive, at any other time the gauge shouldn’t be looked at
  4. And being a dry sump a bit down doesn’t matter at all
  5. Swiss watch, not the fastest, but the one that is burned into my memory more than any other I’ve ridden
  6. This is interesting https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a36731909/2022-porsche-911-gt3-california-ban-manual-transmission/
  7. That’s like telling a lady to use plain old soap on her face that actually does a better job than the $300 per gram magic creme she uses, agree WD40 works as well as anything, but Inox works a little better
  8. Agree 100% mine looked worse after 1000 km than the original paint was after 30,000
  9. pretty hard to sneak out pre dawn or drive through the city with the valves unplugged
  10. I was going to remove the sharkworks as even with the sport button not pressed there is zero muffling from 4 k on, which is great in some circumstances, but not all ,this gives you the best of both worlds
  11. I recently installed one of these as the sport button only gives you a burble at idle and then shuts the valves again as soon as you move until 4K, with this activated combined with the sharkworks bypass it sounds like a cup car from idle, and with the valves closed they don’t open at 4K so you can pass joe public without sounding like an arsehole http://www.carnewal.com/products/987/p97084/PSE-Manual-Control

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