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  1. https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/licensing-and-registration/motor-car-traders/running-your-business/obligations-used-car-sales
  2. Well it does say oil change, most would assume new oil, but what the hell, its been changed
  3. Just what are you bringing to the table?
  4. I love the perpetually outraged , they make my day
  5. I got some cheap HID lights that were crap compared to the expensive( but still relatively cheap) ones that I had in my 993 which were brilliant. Could be the same situation with LED that you get what you pay for, I have been looking into it a little and it seems that filament, or the LED diode positioning is all important, which makes sense, have a look at this website. http://www.norbsa02.freeuk.com/goffyWhyNotLEDs.htm
  6. One thing that has been done with the .2 engine is replacing the hydraulic valve adjusters with a fixed valve clearance, meaning no shim adjustment even. In the “ unlikely “ event that adjustment may be necessary, a range of followers will be available to make the necessary adjustments. Doesn’t sound cheap or convenient to me.
  7. That’s if you do it before it goes bang
  8. I actually do this as I know I’m not as good as I think I am,or wish I was
  9. well, get your shit together then
  10. A magnetic parts bowl and an orange road cone in front of the car that doesn’t get moved until the parts bowl is empty can save this from happening, your not the first and won’t be the last

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