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  1. Pretty sure the10 year engine warranty only applies to the GT3, not the RS
  2. StevepGT3

    Optimol Paste

    If anyone who does their own Centrelocks needs Optimol, this link will save you a fair bit, I just ordered two 100 gram tins and inc postage from the UK, it was $44.12 compared to $64.00 for one 100 gram tube from Porsche. https://www.motobins.co.uk/
  3. StevepGT3

    996 GT3 Purchase

    that one is in melb owned by a PFA member
  4. StevepGT3


    Eff them and their excess, these things have a habit of growing another leg that then becomes gangrenous, put it through the insurance which will come with a guarantee of works carried out.
  5. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    nitpicking accountant
  6. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    I bet you did as well, although I got good money for it back then,around 10 when an ordinary one was 3-4 from memory
  7. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    Could be, it was a beautiful thing, that’s for sure
  8. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    I sold mine, I reckon 91-92 to a guy that didn’t hold onto it for too long and traded it in on a hoggley doggley at Peter Stevens, who apparently kept it for their collection, but I don’t know for certain what happened to it.
  9. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    had one back in the day with a PITA factory fairing ( the headlight moved inside the fairing ) great bike that had the right amount of everything
  10. StevepGT3

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    semi solid mounts on a G series chassis is in no way comparable to RS mounts on a 993, the advice you were given is correct, and should be listened to, RS mounts on a 993 is not an unpleasant experience.
  11. StevepGT3

    Gas standby generator

    Might live in the Hills, but the names not Billy
  12. StevepGT3

    Gas standby generator

    got gas
  13. StevepGT3

    Gas standby generator

    I work from home and regularly get 8 + hour blackouts which is most inconvenient .I like the idea of this one being hooked up to the gas line.

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