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  1. StevepGT3

    Smart Roadster

    FWIW, the guy that owns that one had a mint, gen 1 MX5 at the same time as the smart and one had to go, he didn’t tell me his choice of which to keep and asked my opinion, I drove both around the hills and picked the smart by a big margin, which he had also done and ultimately did by selling the MX5.
  2. I work from home, but since this Covid shit hit the fan I’ve been using the bike instead of couriers to go and pick stiff up
  3. Back in the 80`s was the last time I did my own pickups, glad I still ride as it would be a pain in the arse in a car
  4. After dropping off jobs on Wednesday afternoon I was really surprised just how much traffic was on the eastern freeway, looked more normal than quarantine
  5. StevepGT3

    Smart Roadster

    Here`s my Mate`s little fella
  6. StevepGT3

    Smart Roadster

    A mate of mine has one that I have driven a few times,not for sale as he loves it, it`s a pisser of a thing
  7. Shorter stoke and larger bore for the same capacity = lower piston speed for the same revs, hence the ability to raise the revs to get more power for the same piston speed,and with a larger bore There is more room to fit bigger valves
  8. The butt dyno is as accurate as the name implies, quite often a drop off in midrange followed by a steeper rise to where you started, and sometimes lower, Multiplied by the dollars you spent gives your butt the answer it was looking for
  9. I Did some testing ( just for my own peace of mind)years ago on the K&N and found that when oiled properly it was more restrictive than the Std paper element on my Ducati 851 and the oil gummed up the altitude sensor in the airbox, and when run with no oil it made zero difference to performance, I personally think the have their place in super dusty conditions , but not for performance gains, just a personal opinion and results may vary depending on Bla bla bla bla bla
  10. Those hot air intakes crack me up
  11. I had the Bilstein HD with the H& R Springs and they worked as well as , if not better than PSS10`s on the road as slightly more compliant, by all reports the Koni`s work very well and I would try that setup if I was doing it now.

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