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  1. StevepGT3

    EPA Vic charges PCM over oil spill

    The storm water drains probably run down to the river
  2. StevepGT3

    Baskerville raceway Tassy

    Much speed begets much maintenance
  3. .2 has the upgraded heads, with better oil supply to the cams and followers and doesn’t rely so heavily on magic coatings to stop things wearing out
  4. StevepGT3

    993 Interior and other bits

    All gone except the seats Currently on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/232965602316
  5. StevepGT3

    Mick Schumacher

  6. StevepGT3

    928 Market Watch

    He probably saved it from a trip to the tip.Not to mention not dreading the dark, wondering if your headlights were going to pop up or not.
  7. StevepGT3

    928 Market Watch

    If it was a manual, it would be a Pissa of a car.
  8. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    No way could anyone who thinks that that`s a good idea be able to answer you
  9. StevepGT3

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    was thinking the same thing
  10. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    Should have been, bloody scary
  11. StevepGT3

    Texting whilst driving

    It’s funny, I watched a few car crash TV on foxtel, mostly set in Russia and proclaimed to the GLW that I would never drive over there. Cut to Aussie dashcam on you tube and the only differences are no snow and that there is only one Aussie adjective, and it’s starts with F
  12. StevepGT3

    Show us your Motorcyle(s)

    May be right, Adam and Jamie have retired, so we can’t get the real myth busters on the case