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  1. Yep, the install cost as much as the generator, the maintenance scheduled is pretty intensive, including new oil,plugs and valve clearance after the first 25 hours running, but not as often after that, the good thing is it`s a simple pushrod air cooled V twin motor with good access, so it will be pretty easy to do. looks like after the first service it will only be a once every two year job, going by past outages, but even if more often it looks like it will only take an hour or so to do.
  2. This is going to be one of those , shit I wish I hadn`t sold that car, down the track
  3. Italian cars cop a lot of shit for their electrics, but old Porsche’s seem to fly under the radar while having the same crappy fuses, housed in an equally crappy fuse box, good PR me thinks.
  4. https://www.total911.com/1967-911r-prototype-story-of-r4/
  5. Not acceptable at all, make them refinish them all, I know it`s not convenient for everyone, but I always take my wheels off at home and clean them and remove the old weights and just take the wheels to be re tyred
  6. bet the person parking and the person paying are not the same person
  7. look out Mrs Symsy when he comes back from his first Sharky drive

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