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  1. Charlie Battisti, I and others I know were happy with his work
  2. A targa is the one car I would try to avoid doing this with
  3. You had the opportunity last summer, but drove your old shitter instead
  4. all the mezger engined , steel subframed GT`s will be the last ones standing.
  5. There is going to be a lot of pissed off people in a few years that didn`t grab these when they could have.
  6. I did my first 750 GT motor rebuild in a spare bedroom of a rental house back in the early 80`s, I did have double tarps down though.
  7. my 2003 Audi has the same shit coating, they all came to their senses late 2000`s and did away with that crap 7.2 doesn`t have it
  8. Varta in a V8 Chrysler 300, without the trickle charger it goes fl;at after about 3 weeks
  9. FYI my wife`s car has only done 29,000 km since purchasing new in 2005, it has been plugged in to a projecta charger 100% of the time when it`s not being used, which can be months of inactivity, Drum roll, it still has the original 2005 battery, which tests perfectly.
  10. Don’t tell @Niko that, he will have to put a mezzanine in his garage if he adds one more car care product to the stash
  11. StevepGT3

    Electric Harley

    The only thing that sounds worse is a 500+ single with no muffler

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