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  1. I did that with my Lexus and still have a 20 liter container with quick release fittings up on the shelf, but recently did my Audi and it would have required too much disassembly so just dumped , filled, dumped, changed filter and refilled, looks clean but plan to dump. and fill at next engine oil change.
  2. No one gets it all out unless they pull it apart, the ones I have done end up taking about 50%
  3. Actually saw John needham restore my old next door neighbors Riley falcon’s preselector box, was 40 or so years ago though, bloody weird thing to use
  4. Tried them in my 993 and pulled them out after one drive, added too much NVH for my liking, with zero noticeable benefit ,if you wear your baseball cap backwards you might think they are fully sick
  5. It would be gone if it said K Mart or Target
  6. I remember how disappointed I was when I found out I had been conned for years by that film
  7. hate to burst your bubble, but it was shot from the front of a mercedes sedan and sped up and dubbed
  8. we`ve already got it mate, just need to cull the the crazies
  9. It’s our fault for letting them get away with it

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