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  1. A targa is the one car I would try to avoid doing this with
  2. You had the opportunity last summer, but drove your old shitter instead
  3. all the mezger engined , steel subframed GT`s will be the last ones standing.
  4. There is going to be a lot of pissed off people in a few years that didn`t grab these when they could have.
  5. I did my first 750 GT motor rebuild in a spare bedroom of a rental house back in the early 80`s, I did have double tarps down though.
  6. my 2003 Audi has the same shit coating, they all came to their senses late 2000`s and did away with that crap 7.2 doesn`t have it
  7. Varta in a V8 Chrysler 300, without the trickle charger it goes fl;at after about 3 weeks
  8. FYI my wife`s car has only done 29,000 km since purchasing new in 2005, it has been plugged in to a projecta charger 100% of the time when it`s not being used, which can be months of inactivity, Drum roll, it still has the original 2005 battery, which tests perfectly.
  9. Don’t tell @Niko that, he will have to put a mezzanine in his garage if he adds one more car care product to the stash
  10. StevepGT3

    Electric Harley

    The only thing that sounds worse is a 500+ single with no muffler
  11. StevepGT3

    Electric Harley

    Sounds better than how the rock apes make theirs sound
  12. https://www.dscsport.com/product/dsc-vplug-n-play/ get one of these and like will blossom into love
  13. Yep, the install cost as much as the generator, the maintenance scheduled is pretty intensive, including new oil,plugs and valve clearance after the first 25 hours running, but not as often after that, the good thing is it`s a simple pushrod air cooled V twin motor with good access, so it will be pretty easy to do. looks like after the first service it will only be a once every two year job, going by past outages, but even if more often it looks like it will only take an hour or so to do.
  14. This is going to be one of those , shit I wish I hadn`t sold that car, down the track
  15. Italian cars cop a lot of shit for their electrics, but old Porsche’s seem to fly under the radar while having the same crappy fuses, housed in an equally crappy fuse box, good PR me thinks.
  16. https://www.total911.com/1967-911r-prototype-story-of-r4/

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